Monday, September 28, 2009


My second "favorite" after Stevie Nicks!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


What's up y'all? (I can say "y'all" since I am an official red neck now!) It's HUMP DAY boys and girls and a storm is brewing over Atlanta!

We've been a little lax maintaining "The Corner." "We're" not even sure anyone "stops in" much these days. (I blame Facebook... Now EVERYONE is a blogger!) So if you are reading this, THANKS!

Actor Patrick Swayze passed away yesterday from pancreatic cancer. He was 57. From what I understand, he had a three-pack-a-day smoking habit (not sure why I am mentioning this other than the fact that this seems super excessive). DON'T SMOKE. It isn't good. Anyways, rest in peace Patrick. I thought you were cute.

Is everyone watching the new Lifetime hit, "Drop Dead Diva?" I'm hooked. Love it. The premise of the show is that Deb, a pretty/thin/vapid aspiring model, is killed in a car crash. She is turned away at the gates of heaven (I believe) and returns to earth as attorney Jane (an overweight, cat loving gal with not much of a life). No one except two people know that Jane is really Deb in Jane's old/fat body. (I admit, my recap is not stellar, but watch the show anyway. It's a nice way to end the weekend because it airs on Sunday evening.) The show also stars Margaret Cho who I just love AND saw perform in Nashville at "Zanies!" this past weekend. She was hys-ter-ical AND the show is filmed here in Peachtree City, Georgia, about 30 minutes south of the A-T-L.

Prince Harry (isn't he the "cutest") turned 25 yesterday and inherited the $10.5 million his mum left him from her estate. That's serious bank. I love him even more.

Kathy Griffin's book, "Official Book Club Selection, A Memoir According To Kathy Griffin," was released last week. I got it. I read it. I loved it. Among her many acknowledgments, Kathy thanked the entire gay community. Anyhoo, buy her book. You will like it.

Next up, Ted Kennedy's "True Compass." Can't wait to read it.

"Kev" (lame third person reference to myself) is now registered for not one, but TWO marathons here in Atlanta. The first is a "half" (13.1 miles) and the second is a "full" (26.2 miles). The half takes place in just 3 weeks and the full will be on Thanksgiving Day. You might even call me Atalanta! (The Greek Goddess of Running and Romance...) I have to say, they are quite addicting! Nothing like the rush of running with 45,000 people (pushing, shoving and kicking your way to the finish line before 40,000 of them... hee hee. I'm not modest). I have to be honest and tell you... when I register for these things, I never worry about the race itself. I will do great. I DO, however, worry about what I will wear. I have learned that you never mix and match brands. It doesn't work. If you wear a Nike shirt, you have to wear Nike shorts.

Alright, I think "we" will call it a night. Enjoy the rest of your week folks!

Drugs not hugs. I mean hugs not drugs. Whatever.


THIS stupid song is playing in my head (forgive me for sharing it with you) and I think this l'il hooker is annoying. ENJOY!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Proof Is(n't) In The Pudding

What's UP bitches? You're here, I'm here - wipe your feet, c'mon in and let's get to it!

THIS is our 660th post here at "The Corner."

Did everyone watch the Presidential Address on Health Care Reform this evening? You did? Great! Can you please explain it to us? My head hurts. Did you hear the congressman yell "LIES!" Sounded like the House of Commons. I love watching the House of Commons, with all the wig pulling they do. I think these politicians should throw real/physical punches. It's why I love hockey. I think more people would watch (and get excited) if they roughed each other up a little. These are important issues. It's warranted.

Where did the phrase, "the proof is in the pudding" come from? This crossed my mind today/not sure why, but I hate it. Bothers me somewhat. Seems like the "proof" should be in something more scientific/substantial, like a lab test, x-ray or equation. I do, however, really enjoy pudding. Can you think of another expression or phrase that makes absolutely no sense?

Okay, you heard me complain about my new "40 HDTV (and how it was too vivid/seizure inducing, etc..). Turns out, I did not have the proper equipment so it was not performing at its' full potential (like me...). I am happy to tell you that it now works perfectly AND I have Bravo! I can't leave the TV! It's like an old friend that I have missed for a very, very long time and we are getting reacquainted. "Flipping Out," LOVE IT! "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," can't get enough of those bitches. "Hoarders," riveting, compelling, edge-of-your-seat entertainment! Anyway, I hope YOU are all tuning in to the fine programming cable has to offer.

What are YOU all reading? "We" read "The Meaning of Matthew" this week and "we" could NOT put it down. A real page turner that "we" read from cover to cover in just one night. Judy Shepard's book takes us in the life and death of her son, Matthew Shepard, who was tied to a fence, bludgeoned and left for dead in Laramie, Wyoming in October of 1998. Well-written and poignant, the book moved me. "We" give it the highest recommendation, which is 5 David Beckhams. That's how we rate books here. Just a very, very sad story. "We" have added the link to "The Matthew Shepard Foundation," formed by Matthew's family, here at The Corner, so YOU can learn more about the organization.

"Kev" (and friend) caught Britney Spears' "Circus Tour" here in Atlanta last Friday from the 10th row. For this show, 10th row was just perfect. Britney "brought it." She really "represented," if you speak my language. A great view of Britney, her fabulous costumes (shiny/sparklie) and her dancers/circus performers. Britney looked (and lip-synced) GREAT!

Alright. I think this brings us up-to-date.

THANKS for stoppin in!

Au revoir bitches!


A very special (and HOT HOT HOT) friend reminded me this week that THIS song is their song for ME! What a nice sentiment, although I am not certain what the song is about. "We'll" assume it means something nice and post it here.

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