Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On Break

WUT UP!?; Welcome BACK!

How is EVERYONE? "We" hope you enjoyed the holiday, you know, Christmas.

"Kev" is back from Chicago and had a fantabulous time. (It was a really nice, much needed "break" from the office.) THANKS to "Princess" for hosting/entertaining me. It was a lot of fun, as always.

Okay, the purpose of this post is to "announce" that "we" (always, still me) are taking a break from the "Corner." Truth be told, at the moment, I have nothing to talk (write) about and it isn't fun for me, or you, when I can't think of things to share. Also, I will be traveling again for 10 days. SO, "we" are going to take an extended break for now but "we" will come back at some point in January ("we" always do, right?).

Until "then" (whenever that is), "much love" (everyone knows that's a Stevie Nicks reference, right?).

Be safe on New Year's. "We" will be back in '08!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Love


Well, it's time to say goodbye until AFTER Christmas. (Just been too busy to write.)

I hope you ALL have a GR-EAT holiday. Be good, be safe, enjoy, etc... I will be back on the 26th.

Oh, ya, today is Jake Gylenhaal's birthday. (He's swell, isn't he?)

Hugs and Christmas love (whatever the hell that is),


Monday, December 17, 2007

A New Day

Hey EVERYONE! Welcome BACK! ("We're" excited, "we're" shouting.)

"Kev" is taking the evening off, but please enjoy this contribution from our friend, who is super cute and fun. (And also new to the "Corner.")

Please put your hands together, stomp your feet, shout "bulyah" and give a warm welcome to, um, "Hadley..."

My review of the Theatrical Broadcast of Celine Dion’s A NEW DAY, the Vegas show of hers that recently closed. I saw it in a Regal Movie Theatre.

I really hadn’t had tons of exposure to Mz. Dion prior to this little FATHOM EVENT ( . Now my opinion is informed after going on a much delayed second date with this guy I met a couple of months ago.

First, I’ll admit she has a phenomenal voice. However, I really DON’T know why she does that covered nasal crap thing that destroys her tone and annunciation in one fell swoop. But it does give the comedians something to imitate. Her show was lush and lavish, with spectacular dancers. They had to be. Face it: No matter how much you worship her, you have to admit that 4 of her songs back to back (not to mention 20) have a soporific effect, unless perhaps you are emotionally unstable and they send you into paroxysms of racking melancholia.

Not that I was anywhere close to falling asleep. The sobbing drunken fan next to me who had seen the show live was busy: a) flinging her coat around every 4 minutes, b) missing the cup holder and ramming her rum-smelling coke bottle into my crotch, c) sobbing and sniffling, and d) recounting everything from her unique perspective of having seen it live, and pointing out to her date exactly where she sat when the camera panned the audience. Oh.. least I forget: e) singing the songs, even the French ones. Tho when she had to get up to pee all the alcohol our of her system, and then almost fell into my date’s lap, causing the little old black lady on the other side of my date to laugh hysterically, … well… it livened the show for some of us.

Otherwise, Celine just did not connect with me. Her movements are stilted, and looked like her blocking was done by a drag queen, however Celine just doesn’t have the same flair. Her scripted heart to heart words with the audience fell flat. And some of the choreography was… was….. ODD… even by Cirque standards. The two clowns, whose roles in such productions are to forge the connection with the audience, had to be employed to pick up the slack in that department, but against the floating lamp posts, zombie dancers and hovering grand pianos, I’m not sure even they succeeded. Mostly the clowns were utilized as just PROPS, standing there, looking on at the aseptic madness that was Celine. We might call her Saline, instead….a ‘sterile solution’.

Tho I’m not a fan of Dolly either, I’d have to say that Mz Parton connected more with her audience, and used 1/100th of the production that Celine needed to be entertaining.

I hope the bitch is going back to Canada.

Or maybe I was negative because by the time we got to the theatre, I had recalled WHY there had not been an earlier second date. Ah well. Gosh the nights are cold.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Love Al Gore

Today marks our 390th post boys and girls! Welcome BACK!

The pictures you see today were sent to us by a fathful reader (and my "favorite" aunt). "We" hope they help you get into the holiday spirit.

Between my lost shiny shirt, shopping (mainly for myself), the new David Beckham underwear ads (have you seen them... heaven), it's been quite a week.

Unfortunately, we have had no volunteers to take over the blog while "Kev" is away, so the "Corner" will be dark for about two weeks, which I don't like, but hey, what can we do? ("Our" last post for 2007 will be later this week.)

Anyone watch MadTV last night? Perhaps you caught the following clip, which I think is both hysterical and educational. (And for the record, I love Al Gore.)

That's it for today my friends.

I hope you all have a GR-EAT Sunday!

Hugs and Christmas love -


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Simply Adorable

This shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S (Gwen Stefani).

Welcome BACK! How is EVERYONE today? "Kev" (that's me) is s-w-e-l-l.

"We" wanted to share this picture of our niece, "L'il Kitty." The picture brought a smile to my face (as all of "L'il Kitty's" pictures do). (I just love her. She's simply adorable.) THANKS for sending this our way.

"We" hope you all have a GR-EAT Saturday...



Friday, December 14, 2007


A picture for you... (And you...)

"Kev" is taking tonight off.

Hearts -


This is probably one of the worst songs/videos ever made. I don't know why I am posting this, but I hope you dislike it as much as I do. (Turn around bright eyes... What a silly song, sung with such conviction though, huh?)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Welcome HOME (Shiny Black Shirt)

"Kev" was going to take the evening off BUT he felt compelled to stop in and share the following...

First, "we" would like to welcome home our (my) shiny black shirt that went missing last week. I never thought I would see it again. A dis-believer, if you will. Anyhoo, "Kev" was just about to make his (my) daily follow up call to the cleaner inquiring about the progress of the search, any leads, tips, etc..., when the dry cleaner phoned indicating that the shiny shirt, as well as three other missing items, had been located. (I think the "missing/reward" posters I created really helped.) Imagine my relief. Miracles do happen! I will say this... The worst part about the experience (other than losing my favorite shirt) was that the Gasian didn't believe me and referred to the shirt as the "suppos-ed missing shirt," to which I said, "don't refer to my shirt that way," (like I had nothing better to do than accuse him of losing my clothes).

Second, and this is the BEST... In today's mail, I received a large envelope adorned with holiday and, hold onto your skirts, STEVIE NICKS stickers! Inside the envelope were no less than 50 holiday cards with Stevie Nicks photos and quotes. I have, over the years, used Stevie-inspired stationary and return address labels but I have never received anything like this myself, so it was really "special" and actually gave me goose bumps on my arms (and who says I am not "gay enough"). THANKS to our friend, Alicia! (I really appreciated it!!) The photos are GR-EAT and it was very thoughtful of you.

Okay, that's it for today friends. (I don't know what is going on in the world and frankly, if it's important, you probably already know about it.)

We will be BACK tomorrow!

Until then,

Much love -


Wednesday, December 12, 2007


"Kev" is in the ha-ouse! (That's ghetto-speak for "Kev" is here. And you're here. We're both here.)

Ike Turner (you know, the guy who bashed Tina) passed away today at the age of 76.

Ricky Martin was "accidentally" (on purpose) "outed" (as if we didn't already know). (Call me!)

It's STILL in the high 70's in Atlanta (and I am startin' to wonder what's going on here).

"We" are looking for a contributor (or contributors) to the "Corner." You see, "Kev" is going to be gone for 10 whole days (that's a lot) so we are countin' on you (any of you) to take over the "Corner." Just think... you can choose your own "HOT Guy" each and every day of the week. Write about whatever (whoever) you want. It'll be fun. Anyhoo, let us know. "We" will be out of town December 29 through January 8.

Okay, it's late, I'm tired, so I am going to say goodbye for now.

"We" hope you all have a GR-EAT remainder of the week.



Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dreams Unwind

Alright, welcome BACK! C'mon in. Take your shoes off, no snacks on the sofa and don't touch anything. Aw heck, YOU can have snacks on the sofa ("we" don't care).

First, "we" would like to wish one of our BEST friends a super happy birthday. "Our" friend David, who is also the best ex-BF in the world (cuz he still talks to me) is celebrating his "special day" today... Happy birthday. "We" love you.

Yesterday "we" told you to stop back in today because "we" have a "special treat" for you...

If you can believe it, "Kev" is NOT Stevie Nicks's #1 fan. Despite the life-long obsession, 45 concerts, autographed photos (and photos with Stevie herself), concert tee's, concert programs, a Stevie cigarette lighter (no, I don't smoke), a strand of Stevie's hair and even a restraining order, "Kev" does not rank at #1. "We" (for those of you new people - "we" just means me. I like to write in the third person because I'm gay and it's fun.) Anyway, "we" (again) would like to introduce you to the enchanting gold dust woman herself, Stevie's #1 fan, ALICIA! Alicia and I actually met at either a Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac concert several years back (it's like a club - you all get to know one another) BUT here's the funny part... Princess's husband works with a man whose wife is a "huge Stevie Nicks fan." When Princess told me this, we figured I may have met her. Low and behold, that fan is Alicia! (It's a small world, isn't it?) Anyhoo, Alicia has far surpassed me as a fan. She has been to many more concerts and has met Stevie many more times than I, and she is always so gracious about it. Not me. I brag every chance I can and whilst at the show, make sure those around me know that I know more than they do about Stevie (unless I am talking to Alicia). As you see below, Alicia has quite a shrine. I love it. (I did have one - ask David when you tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) SO, please give a hearty welcome to our new friend, Alicia, and THANKS for always sharing your pics!

I would like to take a moment of silence in remembrance of someone, er, something, very special that is no longer with me. You see, last week, my shiny black shirt went missing from the dry cleaner who doesn't believe I left it in his care. He even referred to the shirt as "the suppos-ed missing shirt." (Why do bad things happen to good people?) I loved that shirt, tailored to fit me, and am still trying to cope with the loss. I can only hope that the shirt has a great new life filled with parties and campaign rallies, "hot" dates, and African safaris, OH, and concerts. Anyhoo, R.I.P shiny black shirt. I will miss you.

I had a dream last night that I want to share (it was off the chain, crazy, science stuff, that I don't normally dream about) and I have thought about the dream all day (even tried to go back to sleep to see how it ended, it was THAT good). Anyway, all of the planets that orbit the solar system, including the sun, lost whatever keeps them afloat and they all started coming towards the earth, especially the sun. The earth went dark and life as we know it ended. I know I am not re-telling the dream very well (I am tired, I didn't sleep well last night) but the dream was like a movie. Anyhoo, enjoy the YouTube clip below as well, which I also could not get out of my head today...

Okay, I am going to bed now. Please enjoy the pics below!

Love and hugs -


Monday, December 10, 2007


A stitch in time saves nine. You give me fever. River deep, mountain high. Workin' on some night moves. Okay, I'm delirious. I don't know what I'm writing about. I will try again tomorrow!

OH, you WILL want to come back tomorrow... "Kev" (yes, still "me") received a few photos from a Stevie Nicks "super-fan" (the "superest," if you ask me) and I can't wait to share them with you. I will tell you all about our friend and super fan, and share her pictures tomorrow!

Until then, Hugs!


What kind of a self-respecting gay references Bob Seger music, anyway? Not a very good one, but perhaps someone will enjoy this video...

This is a little better/gayer/what you expect here, right? (Yes, it's in my iPod.)

(Oh, no, I didn't write the word "perfection" across David Beckham's photo above... I am not THAT silly... This was swiped from Perez Hilton's blog.)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

In The Spirit

What is UP everyone? "We" hope you are enjoying YOUR Saturday. Lest you be jealous, it is currently 75 degrees in the A-T-L! "Kev" had a GR-EAT day lunching, shopping and walking through the park with dear friend "Kitten." THANKS, June, er, "Kitten" for spending your Saturday with me. Everyone should be as fortunate as me to have a "Kitten" in their life (although, oddly enough, I don't like cats). She's a ray of sunshine when the skies are grey (and even when they are not).

Yes, we know we shared the photo above previously, but we like it and wanted to share it again. It really gets us in the "spirit."

Okay, someone sent the following YouTube clip to us and we think it is on the mark with how "we" feel about Christmas, although I did open my 4th gift to myself this afternoon (Madonna's "Confessions Tour" DVD), which I am enjoying lots. It really is the season of giving (to myself). THANKS me!

Anyhoo, I hope you like the vid (that's slang for video) as much as we do. And THANKS to the person who sent it!

I am not going to sugar coat things or mince words today. I am busy, as I am certain you are, and can't write anything else today.

Come back tomorrow, would ya?

Lots of love to you -


Friday, December 07, 2007


They try to make me go to rehab, I say no, no, no!

It's FRIDAY everyone. Welcome BACK!

Who died and went to Heaven? Lot's of folks (or no one - I don't know, I'm not a prophet) but today let's just say ME! I know you are all going to be uber (that's "super") jealous, just green with envy, so brace yourself. Ready? Okay. "Kev" is super excited because "he" (just "me") snagged the David Beckham mug you see below. I would love to have "coffee" with David, wouldn't you? (Let's do the math. "Coffee" = "sweet lovin'.") Anyhoo, David is on his way from the U.K. (where the U.S. dollar is worth about .48 GBP) and I am looking forward to his arrival. I love the holidays, don't you? So far I have received 3 gifts (from myself) that I could not wait to open. I have really good taste and I know exactly what I want. Never disappoint. I get myself the BEST gifts...

Okay, what should we talk about today? Did everyone see Kiefer Sutherland's mug shot? I have to say, it's the best mug shot I have seen in a long time. I like Kiefer (he's cute, right). Kiefer is serving 48 days (and nights) in the Glendale California jail for charges stemming from his 3rd or 7th DUI. (I don't know.) God-speed Kiefer. Don't drink and drive. (Call me!)

Nothing else in the news I care to discuss today.

"We" need your ideas for topics to write about! Better yet, why don't YOU write something and we will post it here. As always, we would LOVE contributors (these posts don't write themselves you know). I am already receiving those annual letters people send along with their Christmas cards. Perhaps I will scan and post them here in the coming weeks. These letters always crack me up. They're insane. I won't soon forget the letter I received depicting the writer's 3-year-old son's botched circumcision. I'm not making this up - I wish I were. You know what I am talking about. People feel compelled to share just about anything they can't bring themselves to tell you throughout the year. Just write it up in a letter, add some clip art of a snow man or candy cane and include it along with a card and send it to family, friends, co-workers, distant acquaintances, etc.

"What a year, huh? Billy reached puberty, is excelling in science class and has developed a fondness for wearing his sisters panties. He's absolutely, bar-none, our brilliant little star. (WAY TO GO BILLY!) Betsy's fella is out on parole after serving time for robbing the "Quick n' Go" and we're just praying he doesn't muck it up this time. Poor Betsy cried her little eyes out the last time he was sent back to county. Heart breaking, for certain. Stan didn't work again this year but we're "hopeful" the new year will bring new opportunities. (THREE CHEERS FOR NEW OPPORTUNITIES!) Waddles, our beloved Lhasa-Apso, was, sadly, trapped under the right rear tire of Bob's Toyota (which reached 100,000 miles in September and is still going strong! YAY TOYOTA!) We'll miss you Waddles. We'd like to announce the newest addition to our family, Wiggles!"

You get the point - these letters are crazy. Nuts. Crazy-nuts. (I like combining words to make new sayings. It's fun.) Anyway, "we" love these letters. As a matter of fact, it's time for another contest that none of you will probably participate in. Here we go... The person who sends the best holiday letter (i.e., the one that makes us laugh) will receive (drum roll) a "Kev's Corner" tee.

That's it for today friends. I hope you ALL had a GR-EAT week and I hope you ALL enjoy the weekend.

Hugs -


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Groove


No, no long post tonight. (Mama's goin' dancin'. Gotta get the Christmas groove on. Okay, not really dancin', but you get the idea. Holiday party tonight...)

I hope you are all having a GR-EAT week.

Hugs and love -


Tuesday, December 04, 2007



Hope you are ALL having a good week so far!



Monday, December 03, 2007


"In the web that is my own, I begin again." WELCOME BACK. Those words, of course, were written and performed by Stevie Nicks and are the lyrics to her hit (okay, I am not sure if it was a "hit") "Edge of Seventeen." "We" really don't know what she is talking about, especially because it was written light years before the Internet was invented, BUT "we" like it. "We" like her. You knew that. Try using this sentence at your place of work (or home) - just for giggles. Whether in the classroom or courtroom, or when selling whatever it is you sell, you will definitely garner the attention of whomever you are talking to. They will think you are "smart." Or crazy. Crazy-smart, perhaps? (I don't know.) We do not recommend using this if you are a scientist, unless perhaps you consider yourself a mad scientist, then, by all means, incorporate it into your findings. Shout this at the kids. Add a "swear" or two for emphasis. They won't know what you are talking about and will simply behave. Anyhoo, Stevie Nicks is performing two benefit shows in California in February, which is super exciting. Visit "The Nicks Fix," Stevie's official site, (which is her own) for details by clicking HERE.

Let's see... TODAY is Ozzy Osbourne's 59th birthday.

I was going to ask if everyone is gearing up for the holidays BUT "we're" not going to ask since "we" have decided the "Corner" will be a HFZ, "holiday-free zone" (at least for now or until "we" feel the spirit, which may be tomorrow or next March). You know what I hate the most about this time of year (besides the wreath adorning my neighbor's door)? I hate the loud, clanging, "give me your money" Salvation Army bells strategically located at the grocery store entrance/exit. I want to kick these people in the knee caps. (I hear that hurts.) There's no need for all that noise. We know it's the season. We know you (I am talking about the Salvation Army people here, not YOU) want our money. Anyways, I wanted to share this video that I just LOVE (I watch it all year around as a matter of fact as a sort of "pick me up"). Sharing this video, however, does not imply that we endorse the holidays, since this doesn't reference "Christmas" or "Hanukkah" or "Kwanzaa." It's simply what we cherish most whilst living in a downtown high rise. While the video's quality is poor, I think you will agree that it is very inspirational. Feel free to close your eyes (after checking out the hair and the hat, which I also LOVE) and sing along, wave your hands in the air, etc..

That's IT friends. I hope you are ALL having a good week so far.

Hugs and love,


Watch this too... (I found this AFTER writing tonight's post, so it made me laugh - I had never seen this before.)

Finally, for those of you just here for the pictures...

Sunday, December 02, 2007



"We" hope YOU had a GR-EAT weekend.


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