Wednesday, May 30, 2007



Don't you love these short weeks? It's ALMOST Thursday!

Is everybody as sick of hearing about Lindsay Lohan as I am? Crimeny.

According to the L.A. P.D., one person is killed in a DUI-related accident every 22 minutes in this country. Those are staggering statistics, don't you think? Do what I did - move next door (or in walking distance) to your favorite bar/club/"waterin' hole," saloon, etc.. Walk, take a cab or, if you are rich, hire a driver. I don't understand why these young Hollywood-types don't hire a limo for the night? Even the folks here in Atlanta have enough sense to take the "Fur Bus" (which accommodates you and 23 of your closest, "ghetto fabulous," albeit wasted, friends).

Anyhoo, GOOD LUCK Lindsay! (Stay in rehab please.)

All this talk has me outraged (I need a drink).

We, (yes, just "me") are getting super excited about next week! Three nights of Stevie Nicks! (And a couple of nights at "The W!" - could it get any better than this?)

What else is in the news? Have you heard about the Atlanta man with the rare (deadly) form of TB who traveled on two cross-Atlantic flights? He is now back in Atlanta under quarantine at Grady Memorial Hospital (the same hospital James "I FEEL GOOD/KNOCK ME OUT" Brown died at) which I can see from my living room window. I have had a suspicious cough all day as well...

Anyhoo - GOOD LUCK TB guy! (Don't cough on anyone.)

The two "wayward" humpback whales near Benicia, California are making their way BACK to the Pacific Ocean. (I love how they are defined as "wayward" as if they ran off to have a clandestine affair.)

Anyhoo - CONGRATS Whales! (I have been to Benicia - there's nothing there to see, except you, of course. Whales in Benicia is BIG NEWS!)

Okay, that's all I have today folks!

THANKS for stoppin' in!



Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It's TUESDAY! (Don't you LOVE how we always tell you the day of the week, as if you did not know?)

We are taking today off but wanted to share this picture "we" came across. (Oddly enough, it came up whilst searching for Annie Leibovitz photos, along with the photo below, although I do not think this is an Annie Leibovitz...)

Also, you may have noticed that "we" have added links to the official Presidential Election sites of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards. These sites contain information addressing where the candidates stand on the issues to help YOU make an informed decision. You can also sign up to volunteer your time or donate your money. "We" hope these links will be useful for you.

Have a GR-EAT Wednesday.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

It's MEMORIAL DAY (yes, I'm shouting).

Here's some history for you (and me).

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday that is observed on the last Monday of May. It was formerly known as Decoration Day. This holiday commemorates U.S. men and women who have died in military service to their country. It began first to honor Union soldiers who died during the American Civil War. After World War I, it expanded to include those who died in any war or military action. One of the longest standing traditions is the running of the Indianapolis 500, which has been held in conjunction with Memorial Day since 1911.

One notion (thrown out there by right-wing Republicans) is that if you are an opponent of the war in Iraq, than you are not supportive of the U.S. troops there or the U.S. military as a whole. This is, of course, completely crazy. It is because of the concern for the troops (we think they're "HOT") and the value of all human life that people like me (and I suspect MANY of you) are outraged. (I am not a very good "political" writer, and languished about this post, but felt I had to write SOMETHING about Memorial Day. I know there are many of you who can articulate more effectively on the topic of this war.)

For the latest statistics on the war in Iraq, click HERE.

To those who have lost their lives serving our country, we remember you on this day. To the family members of those lost, our hearts go out to you.

For those of you with loved ones fighting now, we wish them a safe and speedy return home.

To everyone else, HIT THE POOL (or a parade).

BUT, before you go, "we" would like to share some photos (slide shows) from the May 4th Ricky Martin concert here in Atlanta. (Thanks to Flory for sending them, albeit almost a month later...) Click RICKY, MORE RICKY, and EVEN MORE RICKY. Flory, who was sitting in front of me, did a nice job. Yes, these pictures are all from the same show (Ricky changed his "get ups" after almost every song. I loved the creme colored pants with the silk stripe down the leg. (The gays to the left of me agreed.)



Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Photographer's Life

Welcome BACK! (I won't say "bitches" since it's "Sunday." All bets are off tomorrow though.)

We hope you are ALL enjoying your weekend.

For those of you here in Atlanta, Annie Leibovitz's exhibit, "A Photographer's Life, 1990 - 2005" is on display at the High Museum of Art. "Kev" caught the exhibit today and wanted to say, "WOW" and "AMAZING." Annie's photographs are simply stunning. You may already know that several of the photos posted here at the "Corner" were snapped by Annie Leibovitz, including many of the David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio pictures you have seen.

I have to say, I am not an art gay. I say, "No way" to Monet and "I don't think so" to Picasso. (That sort of rhymes, right?) One more? Okay... I also say, "Van Gogh-away. Now." If you are a regular reader here, you might remember that I prefer the porn (magazine) kiosk outside the Louvre in Paris to the actual Louvre (sorry, the Louvre is very boring).

"A Photographer's Life, 1990 - 2005" will be on display here in Atlanta until September 9, 2007. You can also purchase a book in the museum's gift shop which contains all of the photos in the exhibit. I hope you get a chance to see it. Click HERE for details.

Please enjoy these photos by Annie Leibovitz. (For better viewing, double click on the images to enlarge them.)

Finally, Stevie Nicks was on "Entertainment Tonight" yesterday. Here's the interview...

That's IT for today folks. Please "stop in" tomorrow (if you feel like it).



Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lady From The Mountain


Welcome BACK everyone!

Today, our "May Celebration" concludes with a "finale" of sorts.

First, while I do not typically write about "children," I have to break that rule and say "HEY HEY, CONGRATULATIONS" to my oldest nephew who is graduating from high school TODAY. No, my nephew doesn't "stop in" at the "Corner" (it's for the best) but as you know, his mother (my big sister) does. So please raise your glass to my nephew (he's a super cute and charming guy and I just love him).

We have had a good time celebrating some really "special" people this month. People we know and people we would like to meet. Who knew so many AWESOME people were born in the month of May? David Beckham, Lance Bass, Cher, my sister, "HOT Guy" Mr. C., our friend Gina (I couldn't remember WHICH day her birthday fell on, so I was "remiss" in writing about her, but she is as cool as Cher, trust me), and so on... We also saw Ricky Martin up close (remember the "wink") and met Leslie Jordan and Anderson Cooper. And yes, "Kev" finally turned 40 after talking about it for almost a year. I have to say, it was a lot of fun. We also made a new friend. All in all, a pretty good month.

Now, before we conclude our celebration, we have to say "Rock On Gold Dust Woman" to...


That's right, Stevie was born in Phoenix, Arizona on this day back in 1948, making today her 59th birthday. (Doesn't she look GR-EAT for her age?) I couldn't think of anyone more suiting to end our month-long celebration.

If you stopped in yesterday, you know that our "Corner Contest" asked three Stevie Nicks-related questions! (We knew TODAY was her birthday which is why we did that...)

Here are the answers from yesterday's "contest" -

#1. In her words, what does Stevie Nicks say her song "Rooms On Fire" is about? "Rooms On Fire is about when you're in a crowded room and you see a kind of person and your heart goes, 'Wow!' The whole world seems to be ablaze at that particular moment." Stevie Nicks, May 1989.

#2. Who has "Kev" said he thinks of when he hears "Rooms On Fire?"
"My "song" for Tim is "Rooms On Fire" which is about someone so attractive and captivating that there is magic all around them. Gay? For sure! But it is true." "Kev," August 2006 (We would have also accepted David Beckham, Ricky Martin, Rusty Joiner, Brad Pitt, Reichen Lehmkuhl, Lance Bass, Andy Roddick, Justin Timberlake, Leonardo DiCaprio, Neil Patrick Harris, George Clooney or Jon Bon Jovi. While not stated anywhere on the blog, it's implicit don't you think?)

#3. Who is the baby Stevie is swinging around in the "Rooms On Fire" video? This was a TRICK question of sorts... While we "reported" the baby in the video was Stevie's niece, Jessica, this is not correct. (Although "Princess" got this right because she read what we reported.) If you purchased (and watched) Stevie's "Crystal Visions" CD/DVD combo, Stevie states that the baby is actually her goddaughter. I was stunned that I reported an incorrect Stevie Nicks fact (can't even blame that one on one of the "staff")! I hate speculation and conjecture (basically, mis-truths) and always try to share the facts, so please accept this retraction.

"Kitten" was the first to "weigh in" with one of the correct answers, naming her husband, Tiger, as the person to whom "Kev" thinks of when he hears "Rooms On Fire." For answering the question and for enduring years of relentless harassment of her husband, both she (and he) will be getting "Kev's Corner" tees! (I love you both.)

If you would like to send Stevie your very own birthday greeting (like "Kev" does every year), visit her official site, "The Nicks Fix" by clicking HERE.

I have to tell you (and this is true) that when I lived in Phoenix, my friends there were very aware of my, um, let's say "fascination" with Stevie Nicks and they would ALWAYS ask me on May 26th (without me prompting or reminding them) how Stevie and I would be celebrating her special day. (Do you think they were teasing me?)

The only reason I ever wanted a child was so I could name it (him/her) "Stevie Nicks." Probably not the best reason to procreate, right? Maybe I'll get a dog instead (a real fabulous one). "Come here Stevie Nicks," I would say. "SIT, Stevie Nicks, no biting." (I mean that as the sincerest form of flattery. Maybe I will just change my name to Stevie Nicks.)

Anyhoo, please raise your glass once again as we wish Stevie Nicks, the "lady from the mountain," a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Now, turn your speakers WAY UP HIGH and DANCE (although this is a slow song, about drugs, which isn't anything to dance about, but we like the song nevertheless).

That's IT for today. Again, be SAFE this weekend, whatever you do!



Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday's HOT Guy...

We made it! Another week, DONE!

How is EVERYONE today? Welcome BACK. Except you. You get out of here. (I am crackin' myself up here.) I am only kidding. YOU can stay (whoever you are)...

It is Friday once again. Any plans for the Memorial Day weekend? However you spend it, be SAFE. This is the #1 weekend in the year to be hit (and killed) by a drunk driver (no lie).

We want to share some "housekeeping" items with you... We WILL be putting advertisements BACK on the blog in the coming week or so (basically, whenever I feel like doing it). No more "apartment for rent" or "would you like this fedora" ads here, however. No sir. We will be "featuring" sponsors including Ginch Gonch (the underwear guys) as well as other ads we think you will enjoy. (Okay, ads we think "Kev" will enjoy.)

We are also working to change the header of the blog because it is, well, super boring. (I'm tryin' people, I really am.) So look for that in the coming weeks too.

Okay, it's time for another "Corner Contest." As you know, Stevie Nicks is currently touring the country and it is nearly all I can think about. Today's "contest" is about, well, STEVIE NICKS! The first person to correctly post the answers to the questions in the comment section of the blog will win a "Kev's Corner" tee shirt or mug! The answers to the questions can be found in previous posts. Hint - use the "search" feature. Here we go...

#1. In her words, what does Stevie Nicks say her song "Rooms On Fire" is about?
#2. Who has "Kev" said he thinks of when he hears "Rooms On Fire?"
#3. Who is the baby Stevie is swinging around in the "Rooms On Fire" video?


Today's HOT Guy is tennis ACE, Andy Roddick. (We haven't "featured" him lately.) You know who he is - I don't have to tell you. We think he is the "cutest."

Finally, our May celebration will continue tomorrow, when we pay tribute to someone I am certain you NEVER get tired of hearing about. Bake the cupcakes and put on your party dress (and be sure to come back).

Much love,


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fall From Grace

Welcome BACK you filthy varmint! (How do you like that greeting?)

Did everyone catch American Idol last night? A real let down if you ask me. Jordin Sparks was named American Idol 2007. CONGRATS Jordin! (Melinda should have won.) The most HYSTERICAL performance was Sanjaya and Joe Perry of Aerosmith. You know Joe was thinking, "what am I doing here?"

TODAY is a "special day" for our friends "Princess" and "Hottie." It was on this day, 20 years ago, that they first met. I think that's AWESOME. They are a "fabulous" couple and they are "royalty" here at the "Corner."

What else is happening in the world right now? (That's a real question since I don't know.)

Here is ANOTHER Stevie Nicks video (I know she is growing on you, right?). I would like to tell you that although the eBay bidding was FIERCE (oh ya, it got nasty), "Kev" did win the auction and has secured a FRONT ROW CENTER seat here in Atlanta (in addition to the totally crappy seats I have for the night before). YAY ME!

I hope you all have a great day! Remember to "stop back" on Friday for your chance to win an authentic "Kev's Corner" tee!

Until then,


Here is "Fall From Grace."

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Raise Your Glass One More Time!

(Insert your FAVORITE greeting here.)

What's up folks? We've ALMOST made it to Wednesday!

I told you that our May celebration would continue today, so get the chips, strap on your party hat and get ready to dance.

Today is another "special" day here at the "Corner" because, you see, it was on this day 39 years ago that our friend, "Mr. C.," made his entrance into the world (and I can only imagine he arrived in style in a Nissan 280Z). "Mr. C.," you might recall, was one of "Kev's" BEST friends back in high school (which was a super long time ago). For those of you who are new here at the "Corner" (and for those of you who may not remember), this is all you need to know about "Mr. C." - he's HOT. (Why mince words, right?) He is super nice, super smart and super fun (and it doesn't hurt that he has a killer smile and infectious laugh). He is someone, after many years, I have not forgotten. (It's also really FUN when your "secret" high school (heterosexual/married) crush finds out that you had a "secret" crush on them. Now I can just shamelessly embarrass him, until he, or his wife, beat me up).

On a "serious" note, Mark is someone I both like and respect. (And there's a difference, you know...) He is the kind of person that I would say, "what you see is what you get" (no pretenses). After all these years, he hasn't changed much. (He even still has all of his hair.) He made life better for me when it wasn't so good (a long, long, time ago) and I credit him (as well as the others I "ran" with back then) for the positive peer pressure I received. (Don't get me wrong - we did some underage drinking too. We weren't losers you know...)

So, again, raise your glass (you big bunch of drunks) and help "us" say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our friend, Mark, a tremendous human being.

I have a LOT of pictures of Mark from "back in the day" but I failed to secure a signed release form from him prior to this writing, so I am sharing pictures of Brad Pitt (cause he is HOT like Mark is).

Our "party" will continue in just a few days. The "finale" celebrating the month of May will end on Saturday, when we "celebrate" someone else "Kev" l-o-v-e-s. Any guesses?

Mark shares his "special" day with "super" model Naomi Campbell, who, unlike Mark, is a real bitch. Naomi was born on this day 37 years ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Naomi. Try a little kindness this year, okay? Maids don't like when you throw cell phones at their heads.

Finally, turn your speakers up high, and click HERE or HERE for some classic songs (that remind me of Mark).

Much love,


Monday, May 21, 2007

If Anyone Falls In Love

"Kev" really is taking today "off" but wanted to say "HEY" and "HOW ARE YOU" to each and every one of you.

"Kev" is getting super wound up because, as you know, Stevie Nicks is coming to town. As a matter of fact, I already have the set list! Exciting stuff, right?

While we won't do a "COUNT DOWN TO STEVIE" like we did in December (because we got a lot of feedback that you had, well, enough), I do want to "share" some of the songs Stevie will perform on her "Crystal Visions" tour.

Here is "If Anyone Falls In Love" (which I would like to dedicate to my new boyfriend, Anderson Cooper, and to, of course, all of you).

Visit Stevie's official site, The Nicks Fix, for tour DATES (and to purchase your VERY OWN Stevie Nicks 2007/2008 CALENDAR! YAY!).

We will be back tomorrow to continue our May "celebration."



Sunday, May 20, 2007


Welcome BACK. It's SUNDAY.

Our "party" continues today!

We would be remiss (and lose our "gay card") if we did not tell you that TODAY is the one and only Cheryl Sarkisian LaPiere's BIRTHDAY. Yes, to the world, she is simply known as CHER! Cher was born on this day back in 1946, making today her 61st birthday. (This should be a national holiday, don't you think?)

So, once again, raise your glass (we know you all drink, a LOT), hoot and holla as we wish Cher a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Wouldn't it be "super" if she read this?)

Among her many accomplishments in music, television, and film, Cher has won an Academy Award, a Grammy, an Emmy and three Golden Globe Awards (while looking "fabulous" all the while).

Cher is an icon to the gays, and I can only speculate that this is because of her "rags to riches" journey, fine fashion sense (i.e., Bob Mackey gowns), her "take no prisoners" attitude, and her illustrious career in music and film. She has survived in the entertainment industry for more than four decades. She exudes cool, don't you think?

While I haven't met Cher, I have seen her in concert five times over the past ten years. I heard a "rumor" that Cher will be performing at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on a semi-permanent basis (to replace Celine Dion). If you get a chance to catch her show, "we" recommend it.

I also have a super funny "Cher story," but I can't share it here (it's actually NOT about Cher, it's about me, but Cher is "implicated"). I can't share it here because this is something I am saving for that book I keep telling you all about.

Also, since we are discussing Cher, I want to take this opportunity to tell you that my new nickname for my friend, whom I call "sistah," is now "Britney" (as in Britney Spears). He has blond hair and is very silly, so "Britney" is PERFECT for him. I know, you're thinking, "what does Britney Spears have to do with Cher?" You see, he replied by calling me, "K-Fed." Can you imagine my horror? By way of this post, I am requesting that my friend, "Britney," now refer to me as "Cher" (because, again, she is just very cool) and never, ever, never refer to me as "K-Fed." (J-Lo would also be acceptable.)

Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to spend with "us."

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend and that you ALL have a TERRIFIC week!

"Kev" is taking tomorrow "off" but please come back on Tuesday as we "celebrate" someone who is even MORE cool than Cher (if that is even possible).

Much love,


(My "favorite" Cher song... This was popular in 1996 when I lived in Phoenix, so it reminds me of that time. Do you remember it?)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kev 360

Hey Hey, it's YOU (and it's ME)! We're HERE!

Happy Saturday EVERYONE! I hope the weather is as beautiful wherever you are as it is in HOT-lanta today. Our May celebration continues.

Last week we told you that "Kev" would be meeting a "HOT Guy" previously featured here at the "Corner." I am happy to report that the "meeting" has taken place.

I have to say, while several (at least 7) people asked who I would be meeting, not one person guessed correctly, which surprised me just a little bit. (Most people thought I would be meeting David Beckham. Yes, I'm working on it...) I suppose I was surprised that folks didn't have a clue, because out of ALL of the "HOT Guys" featured here, this "hottie" seems the most obvious that "Kev" would meet. Let's just say we have a LOT in common. You are going to slap your knee, and proclaim, "Man, I should have guessed that" once I tell you who it is.

Here are some "clues..."

This guy is uber sexy. "Kev" is (the opposite of) uber sexy.

Both "Kev" and this guy were born in 1967. (May 3rd and June 3rd, respectively.)

This person may (or may not) be gay. "Kev" may (or may not) be gay. (It's simply a comparison people.)

This person is a journalist and author. "Kev" would LOVE to be (or sleep with) a journalist and author.

This guy has his own nightly news program. "Kev" watches his nightly news program. (Monthly.)

This guy came from a super rich family and lives in Manhattan. "Kev" (in no way) came from a super rich family and has (never) been to Manhattan.

This person works for CNN. "Kev" has TOURED CNN.

His mother is Gloria Vanderbilt! "Kev's" mother wore Gloria Vanderbilt jeans!

BOTH have blue eyes. (The similarities are eerie, aren't they?)

You got it now? Okay, without further adieu, let me tell you about my afternoon with... ANDERSON COOPER!

CNN's "HOT Guy," Emmy-award winning journalist, Anderson Cooper has been broadcasting his show, "Anderson Cooper 360," from the Atlanta CNN studios this past week. Anderson has also been making the rounds signing his book, "Dispatches From The Edge," which Anderson very graciously signed his hard cover, first edition, unabridged version, to me, and well, all of YOU! (He's the nicest, isn't he?)

This guy has the life I want. Well-bred, well educated, good looks, world-traveled, great career, good looks (did I mention that already) and so on...

While "Kev's" CNN friends enjoyed a private reading/book signing yesterday at the CNN Center, "Kev" joined the masses at the Barnes & Noble in Buckhead to meet Andy today.

There was pushing and shoving, name calling and hair pulling BUT "Kev" was not involved in ANY of the altercations. Honest. (I am going to stereotype here, so please forgive me in advance...) "Women" really take their Anderson Cooper VERY seriously. (Some women had been waiting since 8 a.m..) Oh, it got ugly. Worse than THIS Tyra Banks outburst (watch it, then come back). One woman shouted to another, "I can only imagine what a horrible mother you are" because the woman (being shouted at) would not make room in the front for the other woman (who was shouting) who just arrived (when the rest of us had been sitting there for an hour). After saying to the other two gays there, "Can you believe this," I intervened (I thought it prudent). "Ladies, ladies," I said, "Please. No need for slanderous accusations. I've known Tiffany here for about an hour now. She has shown me every picture ever taken of her two (not-so) beautiful children, Evan and Devon, (no lie) and I am CERTAIN she is at least a marginal mother. After all, Anderson isn't going home with you. Anderson is GAY. Now take your seat in the back with the rest of the people who just showed up (late) and kindly stop talking." (Okay, I made that part up. Here's how it really went down...The bitches were fighting, I did have to endure pictures of Tiffany's children, to which I told her, "Strangers don't want to see pictures of your babies. It's not fun." Other than that, I didn't say a word.) I have to ask, is that what women do - attack the parenting skills of their victim? I guess you go for the jugular. Gays go for the jugular too - you know, they'll attack your hair, weight, or shoes. (And they try to steal your date while you're in the bathroom.)

I WAS the first to spot Anderson outside the bookstore. (I know where they shuffle these people in). I told the ladies, "Behave. Andy is here." Anderson was dressed casually (as was "Kev") in jeans and a maroon polo-type shirt. He spoke only briefly (not even 3 minutes) which was okay with me, since I really just wanted a picture and the chance to touch him inappropriately a little bit. He spoke about the "thrill" of realizing his dream of traveling the globe, reporting on people and events that make the history of our world, as well as becoming a published author.

A CNN friend asked if I was surprised by his height (he isn't very tall). Actually, he is taller than I am, so, no, I wasn't surprised by his height. What I didn't expect was his very huge hands and biceps. Anderson must be bench pressing something or someone, because he is in GR-EAT shape. He shook my hand (firmly) both before and after signing his book. Whilst signing, he said, "Hello Kevin" and "Where are you from?" I thought he asked, "Where do live," so I replied, "Why? Do you want to come over?" (He smiled. Awkwardly.) I told him I have friends who work for CNN and then rattled off each of their names as he tried to place them. By the puzzled look on his face, I could tell he was struggling. I should have said "Wolf Blitzer" or "Larry King."

My impression of him was a positive one. He seems intelligent, humble and grateful, which, according to "Kev's" calculator = HOT.

So there you have it. Anderson Cooper.

That's IT for today ladies and gentlemen. We hope you enjoy your weekend.

As always, "THANKS for stoppin' in!" (I mean that!)

Much love,


They wouldn't let people stand next to him. I KNEW I would look FAT in this photo, leaning over the table like a loser...

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