Sunday, December 31, 2006


It's New Year's Eve, friends...

Here's wishing you each a "Happy New Year" and all the best for 2007!

At this time of year, I look back and am grateful for the many people who continue to remain an important part of my life, and to you, I say "THANKS, GRACIAS, MERCI, DANK U, DANKE, GRAZIE and TACKA DIG." I am also thankful for those of you whom I met just this year.

Do people still make resolutions? I have to say, I typically don't, although I have made 3 for '07. The first, as you know, is to "GIVE BACK," by keeping those less fortunate in mind throughout the year, including all the creatures we share this planet with. While I have commented that "2007 IS ALL ABOUT KEVIN," this couldn't be farther from what I really think (I just like to rhyme whenever I can, it's fun). (Although, 2011 MIGHT be all about Kevin, we'll see...) I am surrounded by living examples of those who give their time and money to people or causes in need, so I am simply trying to emulate the good I see in others, including many of you who stop in here at the "Corner." I am no super-hero.

Nearing 40 (which, for me, is like walking to the gallows) has forced me to do a LOT of introspection and to take stock in what I have, what I have accomplished, what I don't have and what I have not accomplished. Someone suggested to me that this blog is part of a mid-life crisis, and to that I say, "CERTAINLY! YOU GET IT!" My second "resolution" (which probably sounds simple and trite), is to "BE THE BEST I CAN BE" (or at least a little "better" than I have been). I can't articulate (in writing) what this means, but it is basically the notion that I can achieve more and be even "better" than I have been. No, I can't change the world, BUT I can always make improvements to "Kev's."

My 3rd resolution is to keep working on the book project. It is a slow and painful process, but a LOT of fun at the same time. It is nowhere near completion, but I "dream" of the day when I can tell you that "XXXXXXX XXXXX XX XXXX XXXXX XX XXX XXXX," (book title) is complete...

However you ring in the new year, be safe! Also, if you are someone who makes resolutions, we wish you the "best" in sticking to them. We will be BACK next year (i.e., tomorrow).

Much love,


Finally, we have spent the last 3 hours trying to upload pictures from this past year of as many of you as we could (yes, that includes ALL of you), however, we are experiencing "technical difficulties" with the photo program, so our photo tribute to YOU will have to wait. However, the one picture below is of my friend, Terry, and his BFF, Renee. This picture was taken at Christmastime in 2003...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday's HOT Guy...

It's Friday (YAY!).

Today's "Friday's HOT Guy," the last of 2006, is a "HOT Guy Extravaganza..." A HOT Guy "blowout," if you will. While we wanted to create a "collage" of our favorites, the formatting in the program is limited, so here they all are, in a row...

Here are some of your nominations as well as some of our "favorites"...

Please let us know if any of YOUR nominations haven't been featured and we will work diligently to highlight them. (After all, we aim to please, especially because we know your high standards and that there are other blogs you can, and do, read.)

Also, KEEP YOUR NOMINATIONS (AND PICTURES) COMING! And, of course, your contributions... We know you each have your own stories to share and we would LOVE to post them. If it were up to "Kev," this blog would be devoted to David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt and Stevie Nicks, of course, BUT we know there are many others you would like to see...

We are also looking at redesigning the format of the blog (changing the color scheme, adding a unique banner, etc... AND we are looking at getting "Kev's Corner" tee-shirts like some other blogs offer. How cool would that be? IF you have contributed to the "Corner," you will get yours FREE! The rest of you will be getting them for your birthday). We have also been approached about adding "adsense" or "adware" to the blog, you know, a bunch of ads promoting gay related businesses, which would generate some income for "Kev," however, we are still reluctant to do this. The blogs we have seen with ads, in our opinion, do not look good. And frankly, I think more heterosexuals stop in here anyway and I don't want to subject you to it. For the pennies we would earn, it doesn't seem worth it at this time... Your feedback IS appreciated... Do you like the black background with white letters? Any ideas for a unique banner? Let us know!

Anyway, here are the "HOT Guys..."


Mario Lopez...

Gay fundraising (do-gooder), Jorge Valencia...

Chicago-born, "Heroes" actor, Sendhil Ramamurthy...

Reichen Lehmkuhl... (we don't care for the tattoo...)

Scissor Sisters front man, Jake Shears.... (He's not really "HOT," but he is FUN so we are throwing him in here...)

Justin Timberlake, of course...

Brad Pitt...

and, actor James Denton...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Give Back

Greetings EVERYBODY! HAPPY (almost) NEW YEAR!

We hope everyone enjoyed whatever it is you celebrate this time of year. "Kev" had some much needed R&R and is back at the "Corner" just in time for the new year. (We weren't planning to return until the 1st, however, we've received a few emails asking "Where the hell are you?" SO we are BACK.)

A lot has happened this past week, huh? Saddam must hang in 30 days, both the "Godfather of Soul" and former President Gerald R. Ford have died, Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump continue to feud, John Edwards announced he will run for the Presidency in 2008 and the term "Google" was added (as a verb) to the Webster's Dictionary.

Sadly, here at home, "Kev" received word via a Christmas card that his dog, Barkley James, (see "Memory Lane") also passed away earlier this year. Barkley was "Kev's" FAVORITE dog, so the news was a bit sad. Barkley was a great companion and an even better judge of character. If Barkley liked someone, I knew they were "A-OK." Barkley was 14.

"Kev" has finalized his resolutions (all 3) for 2007 and will share those in a future post. He has, however, already started working on one of them, which is to "give back." (No, I am not referring to any (very) recent "dates" I may have been on or any parties I may have (very) recently attended, although you can assume I was charitable, I admit it, which ties in with another "resolution" for '07 that is simply to choose certain "charities" a little more wisely. Enough said...) "Give back" refers to donating time and money to organizations in need. When I was a young, ambitious gay, I often made it a priority to volunteer time and donate money. Somewhere along the way, it became "all about me," and that spirit of giving was left by the wayside. SO... resolution #1 for 2007 is to "give back," by remembering those less fortunate. (Don't get me wrong, I will still be vacationing in London this spring and will still spend whatever it takes to secure front row tickets at the upcoming Justin Timberlake concert, but this way, I will feel much less guilt about it.)

Two organizations that are important to me are highlighted here on the site... The first organization is "PAWS" (Pets Are Worth Saving). PAWS is a no-kill animal shelter here in Atlanta that houses/cares for animals in need while working diligently to find these animals new homes. A friend of "Kev's" is a volunteer for PAWS and we would like nothing more than to raise awareness of this organization and encourage much needed donations. To learn all about PAWS, and to make a donation, click on the link to the right. The second organization is the Atlanta Food Bank. The Atlanta Food Bank is a non-profit organization that distributes 2 million pounds of food each year, to those in need here in the metro-Atlanta area. Whatever city I have lived in over the years, I have always donated to that city's food bank. So if you don't live here in Atlanta, perhaps you would like to contribute to the food bank in your home town. It is amazing how little can make a difference to someone in need. (To give "Kev" "props," he funded "Christmas" dinner for 15 homeless people and donated to two different organizations just this week! YAY "Kev!")

If you volunteer/donate to/are raising money for any causes that are near/dear to you, let us know about it and we will feature it here at the "Corner..". (Unless you're into NAMBLA or something icky.) Feel free to exploit "Kev's Corner" (pimp us out, we're HAPPY to help...).

We will be BACK tomorrow. Until then, enjoy these photos of the Carlson twins, Lane and Kyle. Aren't they dreamy?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Here's To YOU! (With Love)

HELLO AGAIN! Today's post, the last of 2006, is #120 here at the "Corner" and as of this writing, we have had 2,760 VISITS! I have to say, when we (yes, still just me) started this thing in late July, I didn't expect there would be any interest, so I am very HAPPY that folks like you stop in just to see what's going on here at the "Corner."

Since the inception of this blog, you have all come to know many of the people that mean the most to "Kev," including some of my family members and friends that I have known almost my entire life, as well as new friends met just this year. You have indulged my Stevie Nicks obsession and we have certainly exploited our share of "HOT Guys..."

We don't expect much to be different in 2007...

"Kev" is heading home to Chicago for some needed "R&R" but hopes that all of you enjoy the "season" celebrating however it is you celebrate and that you are surrounded by those you love.

(This is better than a Hallmark card, right? I hope your answer was "FOR SURE" since we didn't send ANY cards this year....WOOPS!)

Here's to all of YOU... Happy (insert whatever it is you celebrate)! THANKS for stopping in... I really mean it!

If you're still looking for that "something special" for that "special someone," perhaps our friend, J.T., can help you out... Click HERE ...

Finally, for the last time in 2006, turn your speakers WAY up, click HERE and DANCE.

We will see YOU in 2007!

Much love,


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Tale Of Two Princesses..

Well faithful readers, we have let you down... Yesterday was Brad Pitt's 43rd birthday and we failed to acknowledge it. Thanks to "Princess" we can say "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY" to Brad, and share these pics with you...

It was also "creepy/sexy" Ray Liotta's 52nd birthday and, again, thanks to "Princess" for letting us know (as always, she's on top of things).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY! (Call Princess!)

Did you hear that "Perez Hilton" (that icky little troll blogger, self dubbed "Queen of all Media" (what a loser) from L.A.) is being sued for $7.6 million for using photos illegally on his blog? Yikes! We can't stand him (he "outs" celebs that don't want to be "outed" and we think that is WRONG plus his blog looks like crap). We are, however, "brushing up" on what photos we can and can't use here at "Kev's Corner." (Because, JESUS CHRIST, we don't want to be sued! "Kev" isn't ready for the "poky," "po-po," "clink," or "big house," and doesn't have that sort of cash if you know what I mean...

I have to confess something that is weighing heavy on my mind. No, it isn't the fact that I still eat meat, have a leather sofa, haven't donated a dime in about a year, and haven't volunteered my time anywhere in since I don't know when...all of which are ALSO weighing on my mind and will be integrated in my 2007 "resolutions."

I have to confess to "Princess," whom I L-U-V more than anything, honestly, that another "Princess" was deemed "Princess" before her... I couldn't have foreseen that everyone in my life would come together in cyber space and that I would need to explain the "nick names" I had donned upon them, but alas, that day has arrived.

Anyhoo... I started giving people names other than the ones their mother gave them a few years back when I lived in San Francisco. It was at this time (in 2000) that I met another "Princess." "Kev" also had a "gay man crush" on her (i.e., probably wanted to be her). She was GOR-GEOUS. Now that we are all together here at the "Corner," I feel it's only right that I tell you all that CARRIE (the best piano teacher, EVER) was the original "Princess." (JoAnn - I feel horrible about this, really, but Carrie, you are also a "Princess" as well. What's a gay to do?)

Since none of you know her, I will tell you that Carrie is just this very cool, very HOT piano teacher that I adored. Every week, I looked forward to seeing Carrie. At the time she was teaching me, Carrie taught children primarily (which is why I loved her) and I could see these little boys drooling over her too. I would tell Carrie that she would bring these boys "to their knees" (because she did). I have had a handful of piano teachers since Carrie and haven't "connected" with any of them the way I did with her. (One guy wanted to straddle me (and I'm not making this up) while we played. It was his "method" of teaching. No, he was not "HOT," although he was sweaty. He was, of course, 325 pounds and extra hairy. He would only play show tunes or Bette Midler (again...wish I was making this up). I guess that's what I get for finding him in the local gay pages... I didn't learn anything from him except not to use the local gay pages.)

Carrie has since married, moved to the Boston area, and now has a daughter. She still teaches piano in a studio that her husband built just for her. She is an amazing piano player and I used to love to watch (and listen) to her play. (She even wrote a song for me that I still listen to.) I hope that Carrie records her music for the world to hear one day, and when that happens, I will say, "I knew her when..."

So, Carrie is my other "Princess," (but I swear, there are no others and I have STOPPED calling people anything other than what is on their driver's license - just isn't prudent).

To Carrie - I MISS YOU (tons)!

To "Princess" - Can I still stay at the "W" next week?

To everyone else, HAVE A GREAT TUESDAY!

"Kev's" Post Script:
I have to tell you... I have the SAME chain Brad Pitt is wearing in the photo above. It is a David Yurman rope chain from Bloomingdales... When I wear it, I feel a connection to Brad. It's special. I made the sales guy promise me I would feel "just like Brad" when I wore it...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Evolution of "Kev"

Welcome back YOU! It's Monday, once again... One week until CHRISTMAS (YAY!).

"Kev" was digging through the archives (i.e., old suitcase in the closet) over the weekend and thought he would share his school ID's from the 7th grade through college. (The ID card from grad school at UIC is missing - I don't know where the hell it went to but I didn't complete the grad program anyway, so perhaps it was tossed for that reason.)

I actually wrote this post yesterday and included "memories" from each of the years... Unfortunately, I did not save the post correctly and it was lost. In hindsight, that may have been a good thing since I may or may not have been drinking and may or may not have shared WAY too much with you and all of the strangers in cyber space...

Instead, I will simply share these photo ID's. I will say that I miss having hair, even if it is bad, unruly 80's hair... When I dream, which is often, and sometimes while awake, I always have a perfect, full head of beautiful hair. I have heard that when an amputee dreams, they dream of them self as having whatever limb was lost, so it's that same phenomenon... I used to twirl my hair in my fingers when I would read or do homework. I miss that.

Here is "Kev's" evolution, from 13 - 20 anyway...

I hope everyone has a great week! (Send me YOUR pictures! I am running low.)

Finally, in 1986 - 1987, "Kev" was majoring in radio at Columbia College in Chicago. The curriculum included learning every aspect of broadcasting. Click HERE to hear (and see) the song "Kev" played over and over and over again, as sort of a "signature" song... I still love this song today...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Jon Bon Jovi

Did everyone watch J.T. on Saturday Night Live last night? He made the show. Super cute.

In case you missed it, click WE LOVE JUSTIN to watch him perform "What Goes Around" from "FutureSex/LoveSounds."

Some people actually get better looking with age. Jon Bon Jovi is one of those people... We can't believe in our 5 months here at the "Corner" that we have overlooked him... He is super HOT, right?

Here are a few pictures we like a LOT.

Have a GREAT Sunday!

Click HERE to watch "Wanted Dead or Alive." (It's HOT...)

Saturday, December 16, 2006


We're BACK online, in case you missed us!

It is a BEAUTIFUL Saturday here in the A-T-L, and we hope it is wherever you are as well...

Remember to watch J.T. tonight on SNL!

Have a GREAT day!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday's HOT Gal...

Welcome to our first, ever, "Friday's HOT Gal..." segment!

While we typically feature guys who look like they reside in the pages of a fashion magazine or are fresh off a movie set, the truth is, we know that "HOTNESS" comes in various shapes and sizes and does not fit one mold...

Many times, what makes someone "HOT" isn't the wrapping they are packaged in, but what can be found beneath the surface, radiating from within. Some of the "HOTTEST" people EVER may never grace the pages of "GQ," "Men's Health," "Vogue," "Elle," (or "Bel Ami," which is what "Kev" reads...).

While we could go on and on about beauty in American culture (you know, the emphasis and pressure to look a certain way and stay a certain age), we will simply say that, although we promote this stereotype every Friday, WE GET IT! It isn't all about the guy who looks like the guy we posted yesterday (you know, wearing far too many pairs of underwear, although he is HOT...).

For that reason, every once in a while, we will feature a "HOT Guy" or "HOT Gal" who is in fact "HOT," but perhaps for reasons the eye alone can't explain... (But I have to say, I think the gal below is as cute as a button. L-O-V-E her...)

Today's "HOT Gal" is someone who REALLY excites me (in a non-sexual way, of course...). She is House Democratic Leader, soon to be Speaker of the House, California Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi!

Here is some biographical information on Nancy...

Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi (born March 26, 1940) is the House Minority Leader of the 109th Congress of the United States and was voted to be the Speaker of the House for the 110th Congress. Since 1987, she has been the Democratic Representative from the 8th district of California, which falls entirely within and includes most of the city and county of San Francisco (except for a tiny portion within the neighboring 12th District). Her district was numbered as the 5th District until 1993.

As a result of the Democrats winning a majority of seats in the recent 2006 midterm elections, Pelosi was elected the next Speaker of the House when Congress reconvenes in January 2007 for the 110th Congress of the United States. While the Speaker is formally elected by the full House, this election is almost always a formality since the Speaker usually comes from the majority party in the chamber. Pelosi is the first woman to lead a major political party in either house of Congress, and once formally elected, she would be the first woman to serve as Speaker. She would also be the first Californian or Italian American to hold the post, and the second Speaker from west of the Rockies (behind fellow Democrat Tom Foley of Washington). As Speaker, she would rank second in the presidential line of succession (behind the Vice President).

There are many reasons Nancy Pelosi is "HOT," which may be why she was unanimously voted Speaker of the House for the 110th Congress. Check out where Nancy stands on all of the issues facing our country by clicking HERE.

To Nancy, THANKS, for being so damn "HOT." We here at the "Corner" are excited to see what the new Congress and Senate will do for our country!

To everyone else, while political writing is not our "thing," we were too excited about Nancy to let her go unmentioned.

To our Jewish friends, HAPPY HANUKKAH! (It starts at sundown, right?)



Thursday, December 14, 2006

Away For The Day

Welcome everyone! It's THURSDAY!

"Kev" is away on assignment today but wanted to share the photo above with you and say, "Have a GR-EAT DAY!"


CONGRATULATIONS to Leonardo DiCaprio for his Golden Globe BEST ACTOR nominations for "The Departed" and "Blood Diamond." (We love him...)

The Scissor Sisters will be appearing on the daytime drama, "Passions," in February.

Finally, Reichen Lehmkuhl will be here in Atlanta on January 18th. As of this writing, the location is TBD.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Peter Boyle

By now, you have most likely heard the news that actor Peter Boyle died last night at the age of 71 from heart disease and bone marrow cancer. We here at the "Corner" were saddened to learn this...

"Frank Barone" was my favorite character from "Everybody Loves Raymond" (and I am not just saying this because he passed away).

As Stevie Nicks would say... Peter heard the call of the nightbird, singing "come away" (and he answered it). Goodbye Peter. You will be missed.

(I can't help myself. I am STILL thinking about last Friday. Did I tell you we shook hands again? Sorry Peter...)

Here are a few pictures of Peter Boyle (that make me smile)...

Until tomorrow (I think this is becoming my tag line),


Finally, click HERE to watch Stevie perform "Edge of Seventeen."

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Carol

Is it Friday yet? No? OK.

I have to say, I am NOT feeling the "spirit" (holiday, that is) and Christmas (which is what I celebrate) is only 13 days away. It's the music, honestly. I don't care for it. Not one bit. Do you hear what I hear? NO! Nor do I care to. I heard "come they told me par rum pum pum pum" 17 times while waiting for a flight on Friday. What does it mean? I don't know... Karen Carpenter's "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" is very depressing - just makes me want to kill myself. She's been dead for decades. Why won't this song go away?

I don't care for (much) country music either. You can imagine how I feel about "Country Christmas" music. It's simply ghastly. Here's a sample... "It's going to be a honky tonk Christmas, for these silent nights at home are killing me, it's going to be a honky tonk Christmas, but I'll be over you by New Year's Eve." That's Alan Jackson's "Honky Tonk Christmas." Ick. How about some Dolly Parton? Sure, she's "cute," but take a gander at these lyrics... "Fine and dandy, Lord it's like a hard candy Christmas, I'm barely getting through tomorrow, but still I won't let sorrow bring me way down." No Dolly, I would not care for a "Hard Candy Christmas."

If I never hear "Pretty Paper" again, ever, it will be too soon.

It's just plain torture. Am I the only one who feels this way? Uggh!

That being said, is everyone enjoying the season? I sure hope so. We have our tree up here at the "Corner," the staff has selected their "secret Santas," (I wonder who has me?) our presents are wrapped (with "Christmas love") and we are sending special "cheer" your way, to you, from us...

Click HERE to watch a really gay Christmas video (that I don't even like)...

'Til tomorrow, love,


Finally, here are the lyrics to what I can only imagine is the worst song EVER written...

(Whoever wrote and/or recorded, produced, purchased, listened to, had anything to do with this song, should be fined, flogged and incarcerated.)


Her name was Christmas Carol, she was born on Christmas Eve
On the edge of Amarillo, in a late December freeze
Raised up in an orphans’ home, just 16 and all alone
When she had to take her leave
They reminded Christmas Carol, "it’s better to give than to receive"
Ragged Carol slowly swept the kitchen floor, wondered why the kids were laughing
Peeking at her through the door when all she wanted was a friend
But they’d run away and then
She’d wipe her tears upon her sleeve
Don’t them children know…"it’s better to give than to receive"
Every year it was the same, love by any other name
Couldn’t satisfy her soul
Lost out in a winter’s storm
Trying so hard to stay warm
But there was no one true to hold Lonely Carol
People thought her kind’ve slow, women said she’d never go far
Men knew how far she would go…
When the hunger came around, she’d lay her body down
She was easy to deceive, they’d tell Christmas Carol…"it’s better to give than to receive"
Sunday morning – 26 years to the day, as a children's choir was singing
Christmas Carol passed away in a musty motel room, an empty bottle and a broom
With only strangers there to grieve
Christmas Carol gave up trying to believe
Christmas Carol, she was born on Christmas Eve
On the edge of Amarillo, in a late December freeze
Raised up in an orphans’ home, just 16 and all alone
When she had to take her leave
They reminded Christmas Carol…"it’s better to give than to receive"

Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!
Happy Hanukkah!
(At least two of our readers are Jewish, so I wanted to say "Happy Hanukkah" as well!)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Birthday David!

Today is my good friend, David's, birthday. I "celebrate" this day too, because David is actually one of my BEST friends, ever. Our world is a better place because David is in it. (Trust me, it is...) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!

To help us celebrate, turn up your speakers and click HERE to watch Harry Connick, Jr. perform "All These People" which is about Hurricane Katrina. It isn't an upbeat or "fun" birthday song, but David likes Harry Connick, Jr. and this was the only video I could find (sorry). What IS interesting is that the video shows New Orleans in August of 2005 and again in August of 2006. What you will see is that not much has changed...

You may have heard that our good friend, Nicole Richie, was arrested on "suspicion" of DUI this morning at 4:30 a.m. (Pacific Time), driving the wrong way on a California highway. Poor dear. We're sure she was framed. Seriously, we LOVE the smart-ass, ungrateful debutante and wish her the BEST. (The "Simple Life 5" is now in filming!)

Both the Dixie Chicks and Justin Timberlake were nominated for a Grammy for "Best Album" (I believe this is the category, but am too lazy to check the facts). Justin will be here in Atlanta at Philips Arena (with Pink) in FEBRUARY! (EXCITING!)

"Kev" will be back on Tuesday!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Winners!

Los Angeles-based models, former drug-addicts, Tyler and James, were JUST named the "winners" of CBS's "Amazing Race 10!" (and the staff here at the "Corner" couldn't be happier...).

We (me) followed this series from start to finish and was "routing" for the male models since Episode One... CONGRATULATIONS TYLER & JAMES! (I know, a bit "shallow" to cheer on the "HOT Guys..." but I really wanted them to win...)

"Kev" will be back this week. I hope everyone enjoys their Monday!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

City of Dreams...

"Kev" is back from the "City of Dreams" (and is quite tired) but is ecstatic to report that he, and B (ex) BFF (best ex-boyfriend forever), Steve, in fact made it from our "assigned" seats in Row 5 to Row 1 last night for Stevie Nicks's concert at Caesars Palace!

Not only did we stand at the base of the stage with a bunch of other 'mo's and 'bo's (can I say, "most awesome view!") BUT Stevie shook both "Kev" and Steve's hands after the show AND Stevie's sister-in-law/backup singer, Lori Nicks, blew "Kev" a kiss! Yes, I have met her a time or two in the past as well... She's a lamb and thought "Kev" and Steve were "cute" (she told me!). I told her we thought SHE was "cute!" (She thought that was "cute" too...)

The show was AWESOME and I know you will all be HAPPY to know that Stevie will be performing 7 more shows (2 in Florida and 5 in Las Vegas) in February and March AND she has a new "Greatest Hits" CD due out in early 2007!

I realize some of you may not enjoy the posts about Stevie, and to you I say, "I'm sorry. Really. I have NOTHING else... No children. No significant other. Not even a cat. Just Stevie."

Anyway, the show was "electrifying" and we had a GREAT time.

To Steve, what else can I say? THANK YOU for everything... (Who should we see next weekend?)

We also wanted to correct a statement made in a previous post. (We take our reporting seriously here you know...) We reported that Leonardo DiCaprio was "GQ Magazine's" "Man of the Year." We have since learned that "GQ" named a handful of "Men of the Year," and Leo was simply ONE of them. Leo is STILL "Man of the Year" here at "Kev's Corner" though.

Finally, click HERE to watch Stevie perform "Beauty and the Beast" (but only if you want to). This was "taped" at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in 2005 ("Kev" and Steve were there that night too). This was Stevie's last song of the evening that evening as well as last night. I know what the song means but am too tired to tell you. Just enjoy it and create your own meaning.

The "rodeo" was also in Las Vegas this weekend, so I thought I would share this picture...

"Kev" is going to bed now. Hope you each had a GREAT Saturday night.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday's HOT Guy...

Since "Kev" will be "you-know-where" on Friday (YAY!), we are bringing you a very special "Thursday's HOT Guy..."

We have had MORE requests to feature actor Johnny Depp than anyone else. While he doesn't "do it" for "Kev," he apparently "does it" for many, many others. I do, however, love his movies (those "Pirate" flicks were GR-EAT and he was super cute in "21 Jump Street").

So to all of you who "nominated" him, here are some pictures of your "HOT Guy," Johnny Depp...

If these pictures aren't enough, click HERE to see a "You Tube" slide show of Johnny, courtesy of my Aunt Edith... THANKS Aunt Edith, you're the greatest!

Finally, I wanted to share this note from our friend, James, who is looking out for you, the reader...

Hi Kev,

Since you and your readers may be doing a little Christmas shopping, I thought I'd turn you on to a site where you can get the perfect gift for anyone on your list. It is especially good now because they are having a half-off sale. Click HERE for details...

Best Wishes,


P.S. - I’m sure June would just love a pair of the western star, I’d like the guy modeling the “superhero” lowrise briefs. ;-)

Thanks James! What a GREAT gift giving idea. A perfect "stocking stuffer." I love these underwear too (I have the "fire engine" square cut boxers, but now I think I have just shared too much...). As far as the "models," I prefer the guy below... (He is modeling the "beaver eaters" and the "big bang" briefs, but, he's probably like 19 years-old, which is FAR too young for "Kev.")

"Kev" will be back NEXT WEEK! Take care everyone and ENJOY your weekend.

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