Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Don't Want To Hear, I Don't Want To Know

What's up bad asses? (That's also a term of endearment, like bitches.) It's a smoldering 88 degrees here in Atlanta. Just a beautiful, hot day.

Does anyone know who THIS "HOT" guy is? The only reason I know is because in addition to being featured on a D-list reality show, he was also a model for Abercrombie & Fitch. Anyhoo, "we" like him. If you can name him, "we" will give you an "adda boy" and hearty slap on the back.

Okay, I have nothing to talk about today so please just turn your speakers WAY UP high and dance to THIS song.

Until tomorrow -


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eviestay Icksnay

It' th th THURSDAY folks! What's up bitches? Welcome BACK!

"We" have nothing of substance to share but wanted to say "hey" and "what's up?"

"Kev" (still me) is starting to get excited about you-know-who's upcoming summer tour. That's right, "Kev" (and friends) will be in the 4th row on June 10th and in the FRONT ROW on June 22nd for Eviestay Icksnay.

Okay, enough of that third person stuff for tonight. Guess what else I could just pee my pants about? In addition to going to London and Paris (with "Princess" and her hubby, which is going to be off the chain, crazy fun), I am now also going to (insert drum roll or screaming little girl sounds here) BARCELONA! Barcelona has been a "dream destination" of mine for, well, about 5 minutes now. I need to get my ass over there quick before my dream destination changes. Sangria by the Mediterranean sounds pretty nice to me. Anyhoo, I can't wait.

I don't know WHAT is going on in Hollywood or anywhere else in the world (except in my head) BUT I came across this picture and thought, "Now isn't that the dumbest looking man you have ever seen?" (C'mon January 20, 2009!) Here's the pic. You be the judge.

Anyone watch "Wife Swap" or "Super Nanny" last night? I don't have a wife or kids but I love both shows. Super Nanny had her hands full for certain. These little bastards ran their parents ragged. They weren't even cute. It's one thing to be told to "fu$# off" by a kid that is somewhat cute and endearing, but this creature wasn't either cute or endearing. Not one bit. She finally sat her little ass in the consequnces chair for the last 15 minutes of the show and I can only hope she is still sitting there now. Bad little girl. Anyway, you should watch it. It's good entertainment.

I read today that Clay Aiken "Gaiken" donated his sperm to a friend who is now pregnant. Ewwwwww. No thank you. Nobody should take Clay's sperm. It isn't right.

KATHY GRIFFIN is coming BACK to Atlanta. Kathy will be at the Fox Theatre on September 15th, performing not one, not two, okay, just two - shows! I don't have tickets yet, but I will be at one of the shows for sure.

The Tabernacle has now re-opened! You might recall that downtown Atlanta was hit with an F2 tornado earlier this year. It took out the roof of one of my favorite venues. I cried, "NOT THE TABERNACLE! NOT THE TABERNACLE! WHY FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER, WHY?" (Inside joke there.)

MADONNA will also be coming to Atlanta and, sadly, I don't have a ticket for that yet either. The face value, I heard, is $400. I want to see her only to say I have seen her (since I haven't yet).

The source I used to bring you celebrity birthdays has vanished so I can't tell you WHO to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to today. (Who cares though, right?)

Okay everyone, that's enough for tonight, don't you think?

I hope YOU have a GR-EAT Friday. Be good.

Love -


Monday, May 26, 2008

Rock On Ancient Queen

It's... MEMORIAL DAY (bitches)! Is everyone having a GR-EAT long weekend? "We" hope so!

This weekend in the A-T-L has been off the hook, wicked fun. First, our friend "DJ Nat" hosted the festivities Friday night at Atlanta's "Eagle" (a gay leather bar that "Kev" doesn't usually like to go to - those guys scare me. As a matter of fact, I saw something there once that was slightly disturbing that I will never forget but can't write about here. Let's just say it involved a man and some toilet paper). Anyhoo, it was a lot of fun and Nat did a great job.

If you haven't been to the new "W" hotel in Midtown, check it out! It's chic. "Kev" joined friends last night in Whiskey Park (try the pomegranate margarita!). While the drinks run about $15 a piece, you'll feel like a star. (It reminds me of clubs in West Hollywood. Okay, so I have only been to West Hollywood ONCE, but that's what the "W" seems to be modeled after.)

In the news... After a 422-million-mile journey, NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander made a harrowing descent on the red planet's north pole Sunday to collect samples from what's believed to be a reservoir of ice. Scientists hope the finding will determine whether life could have ever emerged on the planet.

TODAY is also our good friend Stevie Nicks' birthday. (Yes, we go way back...) Stevie was born on this day in 1948 in Phoenix, Arizona making today her 60th birthday! "Rock on ancient queen... follow those who pale in your shadow..."

It's not too late to send Stevie a birthday greeting. Visit her official site,, like I did! For those of you who don't know... Stevie will be in Atlanta in just a few short weeks, performing at the new Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Alpharetta!

Okay, so what's going on with all of YOU? "We" want to know.

Here is one of me favorite Stevie songs, dedicated to YOU. Not you. YOU! Okay, it's for all of you (but especially for you).

Have a GR-EAT week everyone!

Much love -


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Day

Well look who showed up. It's YOU! (And it's ME!)

WELCOME EVERYONE! How are YOU today? "We" hope you are s-w-e-l-l, swell!

Today we are sending birthday wishes/greetings/spankings to our friend Mark, known here as "Mr. C." TODAY is Mark's 40th birthday (although he doesn't look a day over 25). Mark, you may know, was one of my best friends in high school. I thought the world of the kid. Just a genuine (and very intelligent) person. Please raise whatever you are drinking and shout "here here" (yes, at your computer screen) and wish Mark a HAPPY DAY! Mark shares his birthday with super (crazy) model, Naomi Campbell, who is 38 today.

Okay kids, I gotta run. (I'm busy.)

Hugs and love to all of you (even you).


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


What's up bitches?!; WELCOME BACK! We're glad YOU stopped in...

The weather in Atlanta at the present time is wicked-scary! Tornado warnings are in effect for many counties surrounding the city. Residents just north of downtown have been advised to seek their "safe place." (I'm here on the 18th floor watching the lightening, listening to the Dixie Chicks and writing to you...)

Okay, a LOT has happened since our last post... Gays can now marry in California, 76-year-old Senator Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, Hillary Clinton won Kentucky and is still in the race for the Democratic nomination for President (although she is still trailing Obama in total delegates), and "Kev" saw the Eagles for the second time on Friday. They were, again, GREAT. Get their new CD -it's the bomb.

Did everyone watch "American Idol" tonight? I actually like both Davids, so this is tough for me, although when David Archuleta sings, I get chills up my arms, so I would say I prefer him. Anyhoo, watch the season finale tomorrow night on Fox.

Stevie Nicks turns 60 on May 26th. If you would like to send birthday wishes to her (as I do every year and also every six months on her "half" birthday), visit The Nicks Fix at

HOT Guy and high school friend, "Mr. C." turns 40 in two days! ("We're" so excited, we thought we would mention that now...) In honor of his special day, "we" will post as many pictures of "HOT chicks" that we can find (he doesn't like the guys so much -well, not at all). Come back on Thursday to see what we come up with.

Okay, I can't think of anything else to mention tonight (I am preoccupied with the weather).

I hope you ALL have a GR-EAT HUMP DAY!!

Hugs -


This song, the title track from the Eagles latest CD, "Long Road Out Of Eden," is about the "war" (invasion) in Iraq...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday's HOT Guy...

Okay, "we've" duped you. There is no hot guy today. Just a quick hi-dee-ho.

"Kev" enjoyed Wednesday's Eagles show so much that he is seeing it again with friends, this time 5th row center, tonight!

Here is another song from their latest CD, "Waiting In The Weeds." I love it.

Have a GR-EAT weekend everyone!

Love -


Here are the lyrics -

It's comin' on the end of August
Another summer's promise almost gone
And though I heard some wise man say
That every dog will have his day
He never mentioned that these dog days get so long

I don't know when I realized the dream was over
Well, there was no particular hour, no given day
You know, it didn't go down in flame
There was no final scene, no frozen frame
I just watched it slowly fade away

And I've been waiting in the weeds
Waiting for my time to come around again and
Hope is floating on the breeze
Carrying my soul high up above the ground and
I've been keepin' to myself
Knowin' that the seasons are slowly changing you
And though you're with somebody else
He'll never love you like I do

I've been biding time with the crows and sparrows
While peacocks prance and strut upon the stage
If finding love is just a dance
Proximity and chance
You will excuse me if I skip the masquerade

And I've been waiting in the weeds
Waiting for the dust to settle down along the
Back roads running through the fields
Lying on the outskirts of this lonesome town
And I imagine sunlight in your hair
You're at the county fair

You're holding hands and laughing
And now the Ferris wheel has stopped
You're swinging on the top
Suspended there with him

And he's the darling of the chic
The flavor of the week is melting
Down your pretty summer dress
Baby, what a mess you're making

I've been stumbling through some dark places
Now I'm following the plow
I know I've fallen out of your good graces
It's alright now

And I've been waiting in the weeds
Waiting for the summer rain to fall upon the
Wild birds scattering the seeds
Answering the calling of the tide's eternal tune
The phases of the moon
The chambers of the heart
The egg and dart
A small gray spider spinning in the dark
In spite of all the times the web is torn apart

And I've been waiting in the weeds
Waiting for the time to come around again and
Hope is floating on the breeze
Carrying my soul high up above the ground and
I've been keepin’ to myself
Knowing that the seasons are slowly changing you
And though you're with somebody else
He'll never love you like I do

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Long Road Out Of Eden


"Kev" (that's me) is a bit tired today from last night's show, so please enjoy this review (which I am in agreement with). If you get a chance to catch the show, I think you will enjoy it a lot.

Also, as you know from yesterday's post, our dear friend, "Princess" caught Duran Duran last night at the Rosemont Theatre (and their "special guest" who happens to be "Princess's" former next door neighbor, BILLY CORGAN! The irony of this - I am stealing her thunder - is that when they were teens, Billy would criticize Princess for the fact that she liked Duran Duran. Now he is their special guest! We will be sharing her pictures as well!

This is all exciting stuff, isn't it?


Adios friends.


The brand-new Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park hosted its very first big concert with The Eagles "Long Road Out of Eden" tour on Wednesday, May 14, 2008 in Alpharetta, a small upscale suburb north of Atlanta, Georgia. There are three more sold out shows at this venue: May 16, 17, 20 so the Eagles will be in little Alpharetta a week entertaining about 60,000 fans and grossing between 6-7 million! Many TV cameras were on and off stage, including a boom camera, so a DVD of this tour may be happening during the four concerts here.

Below is the set list from the 5/14 show, which began at 8:12 PM and didn't end until 11:29 PM, more than three hours including the intermission.

Tonight, The Eagles did not perform like their previous shows. They were not good. They were not great. No, tonight's Eagles were incredibly better than any previous Eagles live tour or TV performance and far better than anything they've ever recorded on wax, CD, or DVD which no longer can do them justice. Now live on stage they simply are the best they've ever been. If you miss the "Long Road Out of Eden" tour, you've missed the best Eagles ever. Unlike the other rock bands of the 70's who today perform a reminder of what they once sounded like, today's Eagles are actually better on this tour than they were in the 70's or on the Farewell 1 tour a few years ago.

The boys took the stage in black suits, black ties on white shirts, very formal. Following the intermission and the acoustic set that starts the 2nd act, the suits finally came off and they rocked in white shirts, no ties. But on the second encore, Henley returned to solo in the spotlight on Desperado again very formal in black jacket, so appropriate for the closing moment when the spotlight finally winked out for the night.

Don Henley is my all-time favorite singer, and he was stunning on vocals hitting every high note and razor sharp on drums. Glenn Fry sounds sweeter than ever on his tender songs, and wonderfully nasty raspy on tunes like "Somebody" and "Heartache Tonight."

But the superstar who dominated the cheering crowd this night hands down was Joe Walsh. Whatever vitamins Joe took today, he needs to take again! Joe's energy level, improvisations on guitar solos, singing, and stage antics had the crowd cheering loudest on "Walk Away" and "Funk 49" and "Life's Been Good," and Don and Glenn knew it and sure let Joe shine in the spotlight by having many songs on this set list.

Timothy was a bit frail on his first song, and I was worried his voice was in need of some rest, but not to worry -- by his third song he was stronger than ever and it was just a case of needing to warm up. Don't miss this tour…

Alpharetta, GA Set List on 5/14/08
1. How Long
2. Too Busy Being Fabulous
3. I Don’t Want To Hear Anymore
4. Guilty Of The Crime
5. Hotel California
6. Peaceful Easy Feeling
7. I Can't Tell You Why
8. Witchy Woman
9. Lyin' Eyes
10. Boys of Summer
11. In the City
12. Long Run
(acoustic guitar setting)
13. No More Walks In The Woods
14. Waiting in the Weeds
15. No More Cloudy Days
16. Love Will Keep Us Alive
17. Take It To The Limit
18. Long Road Out of Eden
(coats removed, ready to rock now)
19. Somebody
20. Walk Away
21. One Of These Nights
22. Life’s Been Good
23. Dirty Laundry
24. Funk 49
25. Heartache Tonight
26. Life in the Fast Lane
(encore 1)
27. Rocky Mountain Way
28. All She Wants To Do Is Dance
(encore 2)
29. Take It Easy
30. Desperado

On stage when Glenn announced the band: Steuart Smith (guitars, mandolin, keyboards, backing vocals), Michael Thompson (keyboards, trombone), Will Hollis (keyboards, backing vocals), Richard Davy (keyboards), Scott Crago (drums, percussion), Al Garth (sax, violin) who "just returned from the hospital", Bill Armstrong (Horns), Christian Mostert (sax), Greg Smith (sax, percussion).

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So I'm back to the velvet underground (or, in this case, our blog...) YES, that too is a Stevie Nicks reference. (I can't help it - she will be here in about 3 short weeks!)

WELCOME BACK everyone! It's... HUMP DAY! How have YOU been? "We've" been swell.

First, we have missed some of your birthdays. For that, we are sorry! Our friend Mr. P. celebrated his birthday over the weekend. My sister celebrated her birthday yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both! There are other significant birthdays later this month, including Mr. C. AND Stevie Nicks, who will turn (hold onto your skirts) 60!

The Eagles are here in Atlanta (Alpharetta) and will be performing tonight at the new Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. "Kev" will be there and is really looking forward to the show. (I think you all know how I feel about Don Henley, gratuitously pictured above with yours truly. Anyone tired of seeing this picture yet?)

"Princess" will be in attendance tonight at the Duran Duran concert in Chicago! (Wish I could be there with you. Flash that smile (shake the breasts) and bring the show to a screeching halt.

What happened on Idol last night? (I was at "Riverdance" and missed it!)

Okay, I need to make like a rug and scoot. (Rugs scoot, right?)

Have a GR-EAT night everyone!



This song is about 9/11 -

For "Princess" -

Thursday, May 08, 2008

London Calling!

Need I say more? London called, "Kev" answered! Who is wound up? ME!

Welcome back bitches! "Kev" is uber excited to confirm he/me will be joining friends "Princess," "Hottie Scottie," and Jean in London and Paris in October! This will be my third visit to London and second visit to Paris. (Spain in '09!) You might recall, the "Kev" moniker was bourne in London (to them, "Kev" and "Tracey" are synonymous with white trash and, well, I embrace that). I have been watching flights for a couple of months now and they seem to have come down today (I don't know why) so I booked it! Anyhoo, I realize this may not be interesting for you to read, but I can't sleep and have to do something with this useless energy/excitement. "Princess" does GREAT accents too, so I can hardly wait to hear her French (in Paris) as well as her imitation of the Queen (in London). By Queen, I mean the real Queen - not me. THANKS to Scott and JoAnn for inviting me! It would be swell if you could pick up my airfare too! N'est pas? (Just kidding...)

"We" also understand some of our other friends/readers are embarking on some pretty awesome trips this summer. Wherever you go, take pictures and share them with us! The best pics (by a reader poll) will get a "Kev's Corner" tee! (Offer not valid in any of the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii or any other country on this planet except for Funafuti (our readers there need a shot at winning one of these tees - they have it rough there). (You know... Do any of you actually WEAR your shirt? I have yet to see one on a person other than myself...)

Today is Enrique Iglesias's birthday. I know that isn't spelled correctly but who cares - I'm going to London!

That's IT folks. "We" hope YOU have a David Beckham Day! (You know, a day filled with sunshine, warm breezes, blue skies and song).



Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

A song for you on this Wednesday. (It's what I am listening to right now.) Please enjoy "Queen's" 1977 hit, "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy" (sing along if you would like - the lyrics are below!) (I love it. Love the piano and the words)

Have a GR-EAT Thursday peeps!

I can dim the lights and sing you songs full of sad things
We can do the tango just for two
I can serenade and gently play on your heart strings
Be a Valentino just for you

Ooh love - ooh lover boy
What're you doin' tonight, hey boy
Set my alarm, turn on my charm
That's because I'm a good old-fashioned lover boy

Ooh let me feel your heartbeat (Grow faster, faster)
Ooh ooh can you feel my love heat
Come on and sit on my hot-seat of love
And tell me how do you feel right after-all
I'd like for you and I to go romancing
Say the word - your wish is my command

Ooh love - ooh lover boy
What're you doin' tonight, hey boy
Write my letter
Feel much better
And use that fancy patter on the telephone

When I'm not with you
I think of you always
I miss you
When I'm not with you
Think of me always
I love you - love you

Hey boy where do you get it from
Hey boy where did you go ?
I learned my passion in the good old
Fashioned school of lover boys

Dining at the Ritz we'll meet at nine precisely
I will pay the bill, you taste the wine
Driving back in style, in my saloon will do quite nicely
Take me back to your flat we'll be fine (Come on and get it)

Ooh love,
Ooh loverboy
What're you doin' tonight, hey boy
Everything's all right
Just hold on tight
That's because I'm a good old-fashioned fashioned lover boy

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bubba D. Licious

Hey EVERYONE! Welcome BACK! "We" are glad YOU are here!

I know... it's been a while since "we've" posted anything here at the "Corner." "We've" been busy, and I am certain you understand that. TODAY is our 466th post!

For those of you in the ATL who came to the big soiree on Friday night (our friend Ken's birthday celebration hosted by yours truly), THANKS for coming! "We" think Ken enjoyed his celebration (and I hope YOU, if you were there, enjoyed it too!). Anyone who is anyone in ATL society was there (except our friend Mr. P... we missed you). Famed local drag queen "Bubba D. Licious" also made an appearance! (I don't know who invited him/her, but he/she was THERE and "Kev" followed him/her around like he/she were a real actor/actress/celebrity!)

"We" turned another year older on Saturday. 36. Oh, alright - 38. Would you believe 39? At this point, I am going to start lying about my age (as I do my weight). Let's go with 35, 6' tall, 165 pounds, lean, blond and blue (which matches my online profile). Anyhoo...

"We" don't know what is going on in Hollywood. Anyone want to fill us in?

"We" also don't know what is going on in politics. (Who is winning?)

Basically, "we" don't know much, do we?

Okay, "we" have to run. Please enjoy these pictures of Gale Harold (I love him), also known best for his five year run as "Brian Kinney" on Showtime's "Queer As Folk" (one of the best shows written, EVER).

Hugs and love -


Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday's HOT Guy...

David Beckham turns 33 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY David, you are today's HOT Guy...

I love Mariah Carey's new song, "Touch My Body."

Happy Friday everyone.
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