Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Girl From Ipanema

Welcome BACK ladies and gentlemen! Today is, again, a very SPECIAL day here at the "Corner..."

"Kev" was in fact able to catch JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and PINK, front row (there is no other row for "Kev") at Philip's Arena here in Atlanta last night with friend Kit-Kat!

In a word, Justin's "FutureSex/LoveShow" was AMAZING. Pink was equally incredible. I will provide a complete review, including PICTURES, later in the week, so please check back. (I am still reeling from it...)

The REAL star today, however, isn't Justin Timberlake, Pink, or my favorite "HOT Guy," David Beckham. It's not even Stevie Nicks or Ricky Martin....

Today is a SPECIAL day because it was on this day 80 years ago that my dear Grandmother made her entrance into the world. For the avid reader of "Kev's Corner," you "met" my Grandmother, Violet, back in August. (If you are new here, you can check out the archives to the right of the page.) She is truly an amazing woman who has made my life much brighter. She is cute as a bug and remains one of the funniest people I know. Simply thinking of her warms my heart.

No tribute here can really do her justice, or express the gratitude I have always felt for the kindness and love she has shown me my entire life. I can only say that I wish everyone had a Grandmother like mine. (But not her - she's taken.)

To celebrate my Grandmother, I will be posting pictures of her this week (but not today because my damn scanner isn't working...).

Please help me in wishing my Grandmother a very HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (She shares her birthday with Bernadette Peters, Gavin MacLeod, Zero Mostel, Tommy Tune and Mario Andretti. But they're all losers next to her.)

Click HERE to hear a song my Grandmother would play on the organ when I was growing up.

Finally, to my Grandmother, I am SORRY I can't be there in person to celebrate your special day! I am thinking of you and love you! Hugs & kisses.

To everyone else, have a GREAT Wednesday! "Kev" will be back later in the week.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nasty Naughty Boy

It's TUESDAY! We can't think of a "creative" or "catchy" greeting to lure you in, but we're sure glad you're here!

As reported previously, Justin Timberlake and Pink will perform here in Atlanta at Philips Arena on February 27th (TODAY) and "Kev" MAY attend the show... If he does, you know he will be back on Wednesday to brag, we mean, "report," about it...

Our sources (and when we say "sources," we mean Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Nancy Grace, and most importantly, my assistant, Marcia, who spends the majority of her day surfing the Internet) tell us that the paternity suit over Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn, may be resolved shortly... Howard K. Stern has unofficially revealed that he is not the baby's father and that he too believes the father is Larry Birkhead (who I think is SUPER CUTE, by the way). Howard is asking to remain the executor of Anna's estate. Official tests will still be required to prove paternity. We will of course keep you bitches (again, term of endearment) posted!

I know Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole's daughter, Dannielynn, because I asked a psychic this very question over the weekend and he told me so. Funny story... I was out with the local gays, you know, the usual cast of characters, "FUN Jimmy," his not-so-fun BF, etc., etc., patronizing a fine establishment last Friday night. A man came over and said, "You're going to go on a date with me." (He actually said, "You're going to go home with me," but I was trying to tone it down as not to offend our diverse readership here...) Anyway, I asked why he believed this (because, believe me, that wasn't going to happen). He told me he had just had his "cards" read by the psychic that was on hand (all fine establishments have a psychic on hand, n'est pas?) and that the psychic told him so. I told him, politely, that "Kev" wasn't the kind of gay that went home with men from a bar, despite what the psychic said (yes, "FUN Jimmy" thought that was in fact funny, "called me out" in front of the man and said he thought the reading was "dead on"). I diffused the situation, i.e., sent the unwanted man away. Ten minutes later, a second man (less attractive than the first) came over and told me that he too was going to be going on a date with me (yes, he also really said that I would be "going home with him," but, again, thought I would tone it down a bit). I said, "Let me guess - because the "psychic" told you so?" He replied "Uh huh." I apologized on behalf of the psychic, told him to request his money back and then went over to chat with Sylvia Browne myself. He thought it was hysterical (he told me so). I asked him what Dionne Warwick or Shirley MacLaine would think of his antics. He offered to "read my cards" as a peace offering. I told him I did have one burning question... WHO IS DANNIELYN'S DADDY? He told me it was Larry's and I said, "Thanks! I trust you IMPLICITLY!" Hence, we can report this information with confidence. CONGRATS LARRY!

CNN is reporting that a girl can stack and unstack 12 cups in 5.3 seconds. WOW - what a complete waste of 5.3 seconds. Anyway, "WAY TO GO LITTLE GIRL" (whoever you are).

Finally, we mentioned previously that we will be eliciting the help of a mysterious "musical muse," someone who is more astute when it comes to alternative music than any of the staff here.

Today's offering is superb. Real "baby makin' music," if you know what I mean. So grab your special someone (even if it's your cat), turn the lights down low, turn your speakers way up high and enjoy "Nasty Naughty Boy" from Christina Aguilera's, "Back to Basics."

Here are the lyrics so you can sing along...

Come here big boy
Ahh, mmmhmm, yeah

You've been a bad bad boy
I'm gonna take my time, so enjoy
There's no need to feel no shame
Relax and sip upon my champagne
'Cause I wanna give you a little taste
Of the sugar below my waist, you nasty boy

I'll give you some oh-la-la
Voulez vous coucher avec moi?
I got you breaking into a sweat
Got you hot, bothered, and wet
You nasty boy

Nasty naughty boy

Oh baby for all it's worth
I swear I'll be the first to blow your mind
Now if you're ready, come and get me
I'll give you that hot, sweet, sexy loving (loving)

Hush now, don't say a word
I'm gonna give you what you deserve
Now you better give me a little taste
Put your icing on my cake
You nasty boy

Oh no, oh there I go again
I need a spanking, 'cause I've been bad
So let my body do the talkin'
I'll slip you that hot, sweet, sexy loving

Ohh ha!
Come on daddy!
Ohh ohh, ohh ohh oh yeah
Oh yeaah oh, come on, sugar

I got you breaking into a sweat
Got you hot, bothered, and wet
You nasty boy

Nasty naughty boy
Naughty boy

Oh baby for all it's worth
I swear I'll be the first to blow your mind
Now that you're ready, give it to me
Just give me that hot, sweet, sexy loving

Now give me a little spanking
Ohh, ohh, is that all you've got?
Come on now, don't play with me

Oh give me that hot, sweet, nasty
Boy don't you make me wait
Now you better give me a little taste
Put your icing on my cake
You nasty boy


"Kev" will be back on Wednesday. We will be paying tribute to someone "Kev" cherishes deeply (no, not Leonardo DiCaprio, although we think he is "swell").

Have a GREAT Tuesday everyone!

Monday, February 26, 2007

More Rusty Joiner!

Where do the days go? It's Monday once again! We hope you had a FABULOUS weekend.

Today marks the 170th post here at the "Corner" and to commemorate this, "Kev" is taking today OFF.

Before we bid you adieu until tomorrow, did everyone enjoy the Academy Awards? Just a couple quick thoughts... We thoroughly enjoyed Ellen and think she did a nice job. Always makes us laugh. (Yes, the "staff" watched the show together at "Kev's".) Of the major categories, "Kev" selected 5 of the 7 winners. Not too shabby.

We hope you have a GREAT Monday. Please enjoy a few more pictures of actor/model, Rusty Joiner. A guy "Kev" can never get enough of.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Circle Circle Dot Dot

WOW - It's a BEAUTIFUL day here in the A-T-L (that's "street" for "Atlanta") and we (again, for the new readers, that's ME) hope it's as beautiful today wherever you are!

We have a LOT to cover today, so let's get to it, shall we?

The 79th Annual Academy Awards air tonight on ABC at 8:00 p.m. (ET). Ellen DeGeneres, one of our favorites, is hosting. She's the "best," isn't she? Click HERE to visit the official Academy Awards site. If you would like to vote for your favorites, of course, your votes don't mean shizzle, (sorry, just being honest) click HERE.

Here are some of "Kev's" picks -

Best Actor - Leonardo DiCaprio, "Blood Diamond"
Best Actress - Helen Mirren, "The Queen"
Best Supporting Actor - Mark Wahlberg, "The Departed"
Best Supporting Actress - Jennifer Hudson, "Dreamgirls"
Best Documentary - "An Inconvenient Truth"
Best Director - Martin Scorsese, "The Departed"
Best Picture - "Babel" or "The Departed"

I have to admit, I was a bit busy and didn't catch ALL of these movies, but do you really think the people who are voting saw them all as well? I picked "The Queen" simply because I like the name and it has something to do with London, right? I missed "An Inconvenient Truth," but always thought Al Gore was "HOT," so he gets my vote... I swear, I saw all of the others.

Everyone has heard of actor/comedian Jamie Kennedy, right? He's a card, no? Well Jamie is now trying his hand at rap and has a new CD out titled, "Blowin' Up." It's funny. For your listening pleasure, click HERE to watch "Circle Circle Dot Dot" THEN click HERE to watch, "Rollin' With Saget." We aim to bring you the BEST in music entertainment, so we hope you will enjoy these videos.

How about those rats at the Taco Bell, excuse me, Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell, in New York? Here's the VIDEO. I was actually up all night worried about them (I COULD work for PETA, although those people are nuts).

Our Seattle correspondent (okay, we don't have a Seattle correspondent) is reporting that the owner of "High Maintenance Bitch," a high-end dog store in Seattle, is angering neighbors with the use of the word "bitch" in the store's sign. Click HERE to read the story and see a picture of the sign (because I am too busy today to recap it for you).

We would like to give a special "Corner" "shout out" to a good friend of ours who is celebrating her 39th birthday TODAY! Yes, our dear friend Sara, who suggested "Kev" create this blog, was born on this day back in 1968! Sara has contributed to the "Corner" under the pen name "Sar" as well so you can check out more about Sara by reading through the archives here. Sara shares her birthday with Sally Jessy Raphael, who turned 72 today, although I don't think they are celebrating together.

Anyways, (that's how we say it in the mid-west), HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA! We hope you have a great day.

Well, "Kev" is suffering from migraine (and bruxism) today, so we are going to say so long for now.

Get outside and enjoy the day! (Unless you are in the mid-west, where I believe a HUGE snow storm hit. You people stay in, make some cocoa, curl up on the sofa, make a little "luvin'," basically, do whatever you want. We don't care.)

Until tomorrow -


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Twirling Stevies


Remember yesterday, I said I would "razzle-dazzle" you today? Well, I lied. Again. BUT, how do you like the twirling Stevies? Simply magical. This "Stevie" was sent to me by "Percocet," my new friend, from our neighbors at "The Clay Aiken Fraud Squad." Percocet, not laughter, really is the best medicine. Perc, as I call him, mentioned that he TOO is a Stevie Nicks fan and even wrote the lyrics to "Landslide," with a Sharpie, on his bedroom wall when he was a teen. (You should have done the garage door, roof or an entire side of the house. You know, think BIG. That would have impressed the neighbors, right?) Anyway, we will be commissioning his work here at my place. When "Perc" mentioned this, it immediately reminded me of THIS video. I am certain he was the creative force behind it. You be the judge.

Anna Nicole's assistant, "Kimmie," (you know, the lesbian with the purple hair, not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that) "broke her silence" on Friday, indicating that she is the father of Dannielyn. Oh, alright, I made that up. What she said is she does not believe Howard K. Stern was responsible for Daniel or Anna Nicole's deaths and that Anna "did not know" who her daughter's father was. Anna's "mother" is STILL fighting to bury Anna in Texas.

K-Fed visited Britney in rehab. They shared some drinks, a few laughs, talk of old times..(okay, I am speculating).

John Mayer is "having the time of his life" with Jessica Simpson. (They don't look like a couple to me, but what do I know?)

Atlanta-native, Usher, (you all know who he is, right?) is engaged. Good luck Usher! I actually saw him here in Atlanta at a car wash. (Just thought I would mention yet another celebrity that I have encountered.)

We are getting ready to go "commercial" ladies and gentlemen! Yes, we have been "approved" to advertise here at the "Corner," something "Kev" was reluctant to do. We hope you will enjoy the ads.

Well kids, I'm outta here like a prom dress (or something like that). Do something "nice" this weekend, like sending Britney a "Get Well" card or donating to one of the charities listed to the right. You will notice that we have changed out a couple of the organizations. Also, if there is an organization YOU would like added here, LET US KNOW!
"Kev" will be back on Sunday to celebrate a very special someone, so stop back in. Until then, enjoy your Saturday!



Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday's HOT Guy...

Is it FRIDAY yet? Well, here at the "Corner," it certainly is!

We are preempting the "HOT Guy" slated for today to bring you these pictures of Prince Harry. We've all learned that Prince Harry, "Kev's" FAVORITE prince, will in fact be deployed to Iraq today (Friday).

Again, "God-speed HARRY!" To the insurgents, because we know they stop in here at the "Corner," PLEASE DON'T HURT HIM!

To date, there have been 3,151 U.S. casualties in Iraq. To view Iraq War statistics, as well as casualties of our coalition forces, click HERE.

That crazy crying judge in Florida awarded Anna Nicole's remains to the attorney of Anna's 5-month-old daughter. Anna will be buried in the Bahamas, although Anna's "mom," Virgie, (isn't that a horrible name) will appeal this ruling. Crazy bitch.

Britney Spears. Never mind.

Clay Aiken. (I have to mention this guy every day now even if I say nothing about him, or his God-awful "music.")

While we're at it, let's "stir it up" and mention that we think Greta Van Susteren is horrific. The shrill of her voice makes me scream. (I am sure her fans will start commenting now too with hate mail and death threats.)

Barack Obama said he could not be responsible for David Geffen's comments regarding the Clintons. Geffen stated that the Clintons are "incredible liars." Can't these people get along? It is WAY too early to start all of this. We've barely had time to grieve Anna or send Harry off. Reports are that Geffen holds a "grudge" against former President Clinton because Clinton would not pardon Geffen's friend who murdered a few people.

Did everyone see that big squid, or "colossal squid," found somewhere really cold? (Just wondering. I have no other comment about it.)

Do you "get" that "Kev's" heart isn't in today's post? We're sorry people. We will work HARD to make sure we razzle-dazzle you on Saturday.

Until then, we won't make you stick around here any longer.

We hope you ALL have a FANTASTIC Friday!

OH, if you happen to run into Dakota Fanning (she's darling, isn't she), make sure to wish her a HAPPY 13th Birthday! We love this little Diva.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kiss You Off


We, and when I say "we," I mean just me, would like to WELCOME a few new "readers" from another blog, "The Clay Aiken Fraud Squad," found HERE. "The Clay Aiken Fraud Squad," from what I can surmise, is a lively group of folks who admittedly have, well, had enough of the "Gaiken" and his legion of fans, the "Claymates." "Kev," (again, third-person reference to myself) has tried to remain neutral in the debate because he (again, me) doesn't have strong feelings for the Gaiken one way or another. Do I own any of his records (excuse me, CD's)? No. Did I vote for him on A.I.? Never. Would I watch his Lifetime "original" series? Eeek! That channel is too "gay." Would he be featured HERE as a "Friday HOT Guy?" Um, no, NOT HOT (any day of the week). Is Clay gay or straight? SO GAY, or, in French, "Tres Gay," but who cares, right? "Kev" is a big 'mo himself.

Anyhoo, as a result of being "found," by "Percocet," (THANKS PERCOCET! I love your cousin, Oxycondin, by the way), we, again, just me, have had 300 more visits to this site just this week! (Too bad this is a non-revenue generating blog.)

So to you, and all of your friends at, "The Clay Aiken Fraud Squad," we raise our bottle of gin and say, "WELCOME!" (Be sure to wipe your shoes.)

You know, I am not really "up" for "reporting" on entertainment news today, and our entertainment correspondent quit, so you bitches (for the new people, that's a term of endearment here), please visit the official "People" magazine site by clicking HERE. These people do a nice job bringing you the latest in entertainment news and I hear that it is sometimes always accurate.

"Kev" has finally listened to every track of the Scissor Sisters, "Ta-Dah," and thinks KISS YOU OFF is "winning."

When you're standing around the water cooler at the office today, impress your co-workers, no, not by showing them your dilly-dang (you might get in trouble for that), but by telling them, "Hey, did you know our nation's forefather, George Washington, was born back on this day 275 years ago?" They will "oooooh" and "aaaaah" and then probably want to sleep with you. (Yes, I'm punch-drunk.)

Remember to watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show today with guest star, Oprah Winfrey, whom "Kev" met! (She was lovely.)

We hope you have a THUNDEROUS Thursday! We like alliteration here.

Until Friday,


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It Takes The Village People

Hello EVERYONE! We're glad you're here, bitches! (Or, for our Spanish-speaking friends, "Que alegria que estas aqui, bitches!")

Welcome, once again, to "Kev's Corner." We hope you enjoy your stay.

You may have noticed "Kev" interjecting Spanish here and there lately, as exampled in today's greeting. Well, the purpose is two-fold, mis amigos. First, it's "catchy" and "fun" learning a foreign language, don't you think? You never know when you will need it, like perhaps when speaking with your bail bondsman. Or, as in "Kev's" case, "¿Quién tomó mi mierda, Maria?" This means, "Who took my shit, Maria?" "Kev" used this when speaking with then Phoenix neighbor, Maria, who witnessed his home being burglarized. It was "winning" except that while "Kev" could ASK this question, he did NOT understand Maria's reply. Second, "Kev" will be traveling later this summer to Spain, Italy and Greece on a cruise (a really gay one) in the Mediterranean Sea. Yes, it's another GREAT DAY TO BE GAY, a day we celebrate all there is to celebrate about the FABULOUS life of the ordinary homosexual! "Kev" will of course be sharing events leading up to departure and looks forward to coming back to tell you all about what GRANDE fun he had on a GRANDE GAY CRUISE (that's "BIG GAY CRUISE," for those of you just learning). "Kev" will be joining amigo Michael.

"Kev" recently purchased "Drive & Learn Spanish," a sing-a-long course for (important) people on the go! Having completed numbers, colors, hello, goodbye, big and small, he should be able to converse with most 4-year-olds. Did you know beige in Spanish is still beige?

In entertainment "news," Britney (ah, who cares..).

Nicole Richie pleaded "NOT GUILTY, bitch!" to charges stemming from her arrest for DUI. If convicted, Nicole could spend 90 days to like 1,000 years in jail. We admittedly LIKE Nicole Richie and wish her all the best.

Anna Nicole's body is deteriorating and, according to Medical Examiner, Joshua Perper, should be buried by Saturday. The fight rages on as to whom will bury Anna Nicole... Again, this story is just SO SAD.

Next, CLAY AIKEN, CLAY AIKEN, CLAY AIKEN! Simply mentioning his name drives traffic to our site!

We want to take this opportunity, again, to welcome your contributions to the "Corner." Begging? Certainly. "Kev" knows that several of you have had adventures "Kev" can only dream of and he would LOVE for many of you to share your tales with the world. I have said this before and I will say this again... "Kev" is the LEAST interesting person he knows. Many of his friends are quite funny. Remember, it takes The Village People (Felipe, Alex, Eric, David, Jeff, Ray and YOU, silly!). Send your stories and photographs!

Yesterday everyone met "Bambi Whynot" (a real babe) and "Troy Crispix" (who "tricked" some of our readers). Today, meet "Javier." This picture of "Javier" was taken in Las Vegas after "Javier" partied ALL NIGHT with CHER! Okay... while he borrowed the mane, the biceps and the pecs... the MUG, which is the best part, is all "Kev," who attended Cher's "Farewell Tour" for the 15th time in 2003! (Okay, it was the 5th time. "Kev" likes to tell tall tales.)

Finally, we are illiciting the help of a "musical muse" and will start featuring artists that are a little less mainstream than "Kev" typically shares. We are super excited that we will be bringing you music you may not have been introduced to otherwise. BUT, for today, please enjoy one of "Javier's" favorite songs, JOAQUIN IN MEMPHIS.

We hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday.

Much L-U-V,


Monday, February 19, 2007

Marvelous Monday

HAPPY MONDAY, whomever you are and wherever you are!

"Kev" is taking today off but wanted to tell you that Kevin Harvick, who was featured here just last week (see "Kevalicious") won the Daytona 500 for the first time, by a nose, yesterday in, of course, Daytona Florida! WAY TO GO KEVALICIOUS!

For all the details, check out some other, probably straight, or better yet, lesbian blog (they're into that kind of thing, right?), for more details. We don't "do" NASCAR. We simply think he is cute.

We also wanted to share this cover of "Interview" magazine, featuring Brad Pitt in the March 2007 issue.

Ray Liotta is the featured face of the new "SE7EN" magazine and there is a really HOT picture of him on the cover. Our crack staff has "scoured" the net trying to find it for you to no avail. If anyone can locate it, we know a "Princess" who might enjoy seeing it.

We hope you all have a MARVELOUS Monday.

"Kev" WILL be back on Tuesday with a really special post about a really special gal!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Well HELL-O! What are you doing here? (I am trying people...)

It's Sunday and we hope you are enjoying your morning coffee in front of the television or with a newspaper, nestled in the comfort of your home. Unless you don't drink coffee, than we hope you are enjoying your tea. Unless you don't drink tea, than we hope you are enjoying your hot chocolate. Unless you don't drink hot chocolate and you are enjoying a martini. Let us know what you drink on Sunday mornings so we can accurately tell you what we hope you are enjoying! You do have a home, right? Is it a "home" or an apartment? Uptown or downtown? Ah forget it. We could go on and on here.

Reports are that Prince Harry, "Kev's" favorite Prince, may be deployed to Iraq. He is so much cuter than all of the other princes combined, including "Prince," don't you think? You know this kid is wild. We will keep you posted. God-speed Harry!

In yesterday's post, I made reference to Clay Aiken, or as Kathy Griffin says, "Gaiken," and, as a joke, indicated that Clay would be opening for Kenny Chesney's upcoming, "No Way, I Ain't Gay" 2007 tour. (That was brilliant, wasn't it?) First, we DON'T think Kenny Chesney is gay, nor do we care, unless he would like to date, or just sleep with, me. Second, the mere mention of "Clay Aiken" drove traffic to our site and one person, most likely a 14-year-old girl, even emailed me in defense of Clay. Who knew just mentioning the name "Clay Aiken" would generate so much traffic?

To all of the "Claymates," and Clay haters, WELCOME to "Kev's Corner," a blog, like your man Clay, that is very gay! Just for you, here is WITHOUT YOU, a very horrible, very gay, remake of an already very bad and very gay song, from Clay's recent CD, "A Thousand Different Ways," (to say I am gay). I love it.

This is all meant in fun people, so my apologies to you, and Clay, if you are offended. We, of course, don't know Clay personally, and we don't care whether Clay is straight, gay, or ambidextrous. I only wish I could sing HALF as well as Clay does (although, I'd "take it down a notch." It's too over-the-top, Broadway-Gay for me).

The Amazing Race All-Stars premieres tonight on CBS at 8:00 p.m. (ET). The show reunites some of the most memorable, entertaining and controversial teams from previous seasons and sets them on a new adventure of a lifetime. Traveling more than 45,000 miles, spanning 5 continents in 28 days, these teams will pair up for one final trek around the globe as they battle the best of the best in a fierce race to the finish for their second attempt at the million dollar prize. "Kev" simply loves this show. It is "on-the-edge of your seat" excitement. No "HOT Guys" in the cast but there is a midget who is awfully cute! Yes, the photo above is Reichen, my husband and winner of the "Amazing Race IV," taken just this morning here at my home. Alright, I may have dreamt that...

I have mentioned before that one of my favorite books is "Office-Speak," by comedian and book publisher, D.W. Martin. "Office-Speak" is the "the win-win guide to touching base, getting the ball rolling and thinking inside the box," a "tongue-in-cheek guide to dechipering and manipulating the language of the workplace." This book changed my life. It is THAT insightful.

Here is an excerpt from the book that I think is "on the money!"


Curse. A lot. People who curse are important - it's that simple. They have so much stress in their lives, such incredible responsibility, that the part of their brain that controls vocabulary has to siphon off energy to other parts of the brain, thus leaving them with only a few crude terms at their disposal. If you ask me, "sonofabicth," exclaimed in a drawn out, high pitched whine is the signature call of the king of the business jungle.

Here are a few of the myriad ways in which to pepper your everyday speech with words like "son-of-a-bitch" (and other notable curse words).

--"Sonofabitch, Bill. You told me the numbers would be ready by today. Not to-fuckin'-morrow. Dipshit."

-- "Dammit, Mom, the potatoes are cold. Sonofabitch."

-- "Where the hell is the goddamned paper, Dad? Sonofabitch."

-- "Shit, Grandma, did you see those interest rates? Sonofabitch."

If you talk like this, not only will you intimidate all of your loved ones into not prying further into your desultory career, but you will exude the alpha traits of a true power broker. It's okay to be an asshole, especially when you want to impress friends and family.


That's it for today boys and girls!

We hope you have a sunny Sunday!

Much love (you "sonofabitches"),


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dance With Me

No time for niceties today bitches. We have a lot to report. We do, however, hope you are having a most pleasant Saturday.

Here we go...

Ricky Martin will be touring this spring! Ricky's tour begins in April in San Jose, California. Ricky was also in the news last week for "flipping the bird" to President Bush in opposition of the war in Iraq. Just one more reason we LOVE Ricky. "Kev" saw Ricky at The Tabernacle here in Atlanta last February and it was one of the best shows he has ever seen. We will keep you posted as tour information becomes available.

Kenny Chesney is reporting that he is not, we repeat, not, gay! Kenny was besieged by rumors questioning his sexuality when Renee Zellweger indicated "fraud" as the reason for the couples annulment. Congrats to Kenny for not being homosexual! Kenny will embark on his, "No Way, I Ain't Gay" 2007 tour this spring. Clay Aiken will open for Kenny and we believe the Cirque du Solei cast has been retained for this event. No lie. Check Kenny's official site for details if you don't believe us.

I have been asked my thoughts on last weeks anti-gay comments made by 5-time NBA All star, Tim Hardaway. I don't care. I am too worked up over Ricky's upcoming tour to think about much else.

A judge in Florida ordered Anna Nicole Smith's body to be embalmed today. Legal wrangling continues over the paternity of Smith's daughter and to whom should receive and bury the body. Very sad story. Watch CNN, Court TV, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Discovery Channel, The Disney Channel, Telemundo or basically any other channel for up-to-the-minute coverage.

If you have Peter Pan Peanut Butter with lot# 2111, TOSS THAT SHIT OUT! It WILL give you the trots. Remember, choosy moms choose Jiff (which, hopefully, isn't tainted with dookie).

Justin Timberlake and Pink will be here in Atlanta, at Philips Arena, on February 27th. "Kev" will not be attending this show, because, well, he couldn't get decent tickets. "Kev" does, however, have second row seats for.... Stevie Nicks's show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on March 24th! As a dedicated fan, I can tell you that this photo, although not taken by me, was taken while Stevie was singing, "Gold Dust Woman," from Fleetwood Mac's, "Rumors" album. I know this because this is the get-up Stevie wears when she sings this song about a cocaine-addicted rock and roll star. The crowd goes nuts!

Britney Spears shaved her head. It does not look good, like "Kev's..." What is up with this chick?

Oprah Winfrey will be a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show this coming Thursday, February 22nd. Check your local listings, but watch this hilarious PROMO.

I have been VERY remiss in sharing some BIG news from someone who is very special to me...

Although we met in middle school (seems like I met a LOT of people in middle school), it wasn't until we both worked for the same company in a suburb outside of Chicago that we "connected."

Her first words to me were, "I don't do "good mornings,"" meaning she didn't feel the need to waste her time greeting each and every person in the office that you wouldn't normally even speak with outside of the office. With this, I made a point to say, "GOOD MORNING!" each and every day, because I knew I could "crack" her. She is one of the smartest and most attractive cookies I know.

Not only is she intelligent, she is world traveled. She has treked the globe to places I have never even heard of nor could I locate on a map.

She has an athletic streak that is commendable. She has completed both the Chicago and Boston marathons (and possibly others). While visiting "Kev" in Arizona, she hiked both Camelback and Squaw Peak mountains in the same day! The Grand Canyon was also no match for her. She participated in the Minneapolis to Chicago AIDS ride ("Kev" worked "security") after raising several thousand dollars for the cause and was the FIRST woman to reach camp each day. She isn't even a lesbian!

While I haven't seen her in several years, she is someone that I think of fondly and have many great memories of. Her name is Ranee, which means "Sexy Fabulous Princess." (I am not even making that up, right Ranee?)

Ranee is married to a great guy named Eric (both featured above).The BIG news is that Ranee and Eric "welcomed" their first child, a son named Kamran, on January 9, 2007. Kamran arrived at 10:26 a.m. and weighed in at 6 pounds and 5 ounces.

CONGRATULATIONS Ranee and Eric! Welcome to the world Kamran!

Our friend across the pond, and one of the inspirations for this blog, Jean, announced yesterday that she and husband Alistair are expecting their second child in August.

CONGRATULATIONS Jean and Alistair!

Finally, "BAILA CONMIGO EVERYONE," which, in Spanish, means "DANCE WITH ME EVERYONE" by clicking HERE. This is one of my favorite songs, from one of my favorite albums, of 2006. (Reminds me of London.)

Have a SUPER FANTASTIC day everyone!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday's HOT Guy...


We asked for your help and you heeded our call! THANKS to those who submitted their "HOT Guy" nominations. We have to say, you really "thought outside the box," "took one for the team," "landed a triple salchow," "hit one out of the park," and "tackled the request head on!" What does all of this sports rhetoric mean? WE LOVED YOUR NOMINATIONS!

While we will use every one's nominations, today's "HOT Guy" is actor Jason Lewis. I have to say, "WOW," how did I NOT know who he was? He looks a little like my boyfriend, David Beckham, which makes him essentially perfect.

Here are some facts about Jason (a few liberties have been taken, but it's all true)...

Most Recent Role: Chad Berry on Brothers & Sisters
Gender: HOT Male (duh!)
Birthplace: Newport Beach, California, USA
Birthday: 6-25-1971

When Jason was a HOT teenager, he was determined to go see the HOT world (and to look HOT while seeing it). In order to do so, he had to work hard. He worked in plumbing and he was a waiter. HOT. In June of 1993, when it was HOT, he finally had enough money collected and went to Paris at the suggestion of a HOT model scout (HOT gay lover). At the end of 1993, he landed a HOT GUESS? campaign and his career increasingly boosted. HOT.

Please enjoy these HOT pictures of HOT Jason Lewis (and THANKS to HOT Mr. P. for the HOT nomination). OK, I am getting on my own nerves now. Sorry for the overuse of the word "HOT." No (almost) 40-year-old, albeit gay, man should use the word HOT excessively, however, this is also our "tribute" to Paris Hilton who turns 26 tomorrow!

We hope that all of you HOT GUYS and HOT GALS have a FANTASTIC Friday! "Kev" will be back on Saturday with a post you WON'T want to miss! (OK, we are fudging...We don't know what we will post on Saturday, so we can't accurately determine if you will or will not want to miss it, but hope you will come back anyway.)

Finally, I meant to share THIS song with all of you on Wednesday, but was remiss. (My head was up my ass or something.) Anyway, "Kev" can muddle his way through this song on the piano. It is one of my favorite songs and I hope you enjoy it too. It is called "Valentine" by Jim Brickman, although many people call it, "My Valentine" by Martina McBride (which is incorrect).

Muchos Nachos, Tacos!


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lucky 4,000

Hello Friends and Strangers!

We have reached another milestone here at the "Corner!" For anyone keeping track, by checking the site meter below, we reached "lucky" 4,000 (visits) early Wednesday morning! I know we said this just days ago, but THANKS again for continuing to read this blog. We get a "kick" out of watching the numbers rise! We will also start advertising here at the "Corner" very soon because, well, "Kev's" broke.

"Kev" has befriended two other more prolific "bloggers" who are also now stopping in as well, even "borrowing" (i.e., stealing) here and there which is fine by me! To you (you know who you are), it means a LOT that you stop in here! While I would LOVE to promote YOUR blog, I am afraid all of our readers would leave us for you, so you will remain nameless until THIS blog starts winning awards like yours!

I know you will all be as EXCITED about the following news as "Kev" was. Here is the official press release related to an item we "reported" on just days ago...

Stevie Nicks, one of the most successful female artists in rock history and the embodiment of the transcendent power of music is scheduled to release “CRYSTAL VISIONS…THE VERY BEST OF STEVIE NICKS" on March 27th, it was announced today by her label, Reprise Records. “CRYSTAL VISIONS” is an extraordinary collection of songs from the multi-platinum, multi-Grammy Award winning Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee's stunning three decade career as a solo artist and member of the legendary Fleetwood Mac.

"CRYSTAL VISIONS…THE VERY BEST OF STEVIE NICKS" opens with the original mastered studio version of "Edge of Seventeen" and closes with a live performance of the song recorded last summer with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. In between are Nicks’ classics including "Stand Back" "Leather and Lace" and "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" with Tom Petty. The CD also has a live version of "Landslide" (also recorded with the Melbourne Symphony), "Rhiannon" and a knock-out version of Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll". Other standouts are a haunting version of "Sorcerer" sung with Sheryl Crow which was originally on Nicks' "TROUBLE IN SHANGRI-LA" CD, the Deep Dish dance remix of "Dreams" and "Silver Springs" from the original master of "RUMOURS" - a cult favorite which appeared only as a b-side to "Go Your Own Way".

The DVD component of "CRYSTAL VISIONS" offers 13 Stevie videos with voice-over commentary by Nicks as well as an audio interview by journalist David Wild. Also included on the DVD is a never before seen Stevie Nicks home video which was filmed during the making of the five-times platinum "BELLA DONNA" album. The accompanying booklet will have original Stevie Nicks art work as well as photographs and personal pictures hand-picked by the artist representing a cross section of iconic pictures spanning her entire career.

This spring, Nicks will embark on a national concert tour with Chris Isaak. Dates for the tour will be announced shortly.

You can also pre-order Stevie's CD by clicking HERE.

Tomorrow is, yes, FRIDAY, and we need YOUR help selecting our "HOT Guy..." Let us know who you think should be featured! We want to hear from you (for real) because, we are fresh out of hot guys!

Until then, be good -


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Be Mine (Rusty)!


We hope you spend this day with someone really "HOT" and "SPECIAL," like Atlanta native, Rusty Joiner. Me? Well, I will be spending it with the opposite of Rusty Joiner. The "non" Rusty Joiner, if you will.

For your reading pleasure, please find the history of Valentine's Day...

As early as the fourth century B.C., the Romans engaged in an annual young man's rite to passage to the God Lupercus. The names of the teenage women were placed in a box and drawn at random by adolescent men; thus, a man was assigned a woman companion for the duration of the year, after which another lottery was staged. After eight hundred years of this cruel practice, the early church fathers sought to end this practice... They found an answer in Valentine, a bishop who had been martyred some two hundred years earlier.

According to church tradition St. Valentine was a priest near Rome in about the year 270 A.D. At that time the Roman Emperor Claudius-II who had issued an edict forbidding marriage. This was around when the heyday of Roman empire had almost come to an end. Lack of quality administrators led to frequent civil strife. Learning declined, taxation increased, and trade slumped to a low, precarious level. And the Gauls, Slavs, Huns, Turks and Mongolians from Northern Europe and Asian increased their pressure on the empire's boundaries. The empire was grown too large to be shielded from external aggression and internal chaos with existing forces. Thus more of capable men were required to be recruited as soldiers and officers. When Claudius became the emperor, he felt that married men were more emotionally attached to their families, and thus, will not make good soldiers. So to assure quality soldiers, he banned marriage.

Valentine, a bishop , seeing the trauma of young lovers, met them in a secret place, and joined them in the sacrament of matrimony. Claudius learned of this "friend of lovers," and had him arrested. The emperor, impressed with the young priest's dignity and conviction, attempted to convert him to the roman gods, to save him from certain execution. Valentine refused to recognize Roman Gods and even attempted to convert the emperor, knowing the consequences fully. On February 24, 270, Valentine was executed.

"From your Valentine"
While Valentine was in prison awaiting his fate, he came in contact with his jailor, Asterius. The jailor had a blind daughter. Asterius requested him to heal his daughter. Through his faith he miraculously restored the sight of Asterius' daughter. Just before his execution, he asked for a pen and paper from his jailor, and signed a farewell message to her "From Your Valentine," a phrase that lived ever after.

Valentine thus become a Patron Saint, and spiritual overseer of an annual festival. The festival involved young Romans offering women they admired, and wished to court, handwritten greetings of affection on February 14. The greeting cards acquired St.Valentine's name.

The Valentine's Day card spread with Christianity, and is now celebrated all over the world. One of the earliest card was sent in 1415 by Charles, duke of Orleans, to his wife while he was a prisoner in the Tower of London. The card is now preserved in the British Museum.

"Kev" will be back on Thursday!



Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Like A Train Wreck

We hope you are all enjoying your Tuesday! It is "spring-like" here in Atlanta, while the mid-west braces (I know you are all "bracing") for more snow!

Details continue to unravel (like a train wreck) surrounding Anna Nicole Smith's death. Because we are too busy today to fill you in, click WE MISS ANNA for updated information.

Please enjoy the photo above of David Beckham, a guy "Kev" never gets tired of looking at, and the guy below. We don't know who he is (or what he is running from).

"Kev" will be back tomorrow. Have a GR-EAT day everyone!

Monday, February 12, 2007


Hello EVERYONE! Welcome, once again, to "Kev's Corner!" Sit back, relax, and read today's post...

Did everyone catch the 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards last night on CBS? I have to say, I enjoyed some of the performances, like "The Police," but wasn't impressed overall and flipped back and forth during "Desperate Housewives," where Bree took a nasty spill from a ladder. Anyway, CONGRATS to Justin Timberlake for winning the BEST DANCE RECORDING category for "SexyBack" and for winning BEST RAP/SUNG COLLABORATION for "My Love." Carrie Underwood won BEST NEW ARTIST, and of course, thanked "God." The Dixie Chicks', "Not Ready To Make Nice," won the award for SONG OF THE YEAR and the Chicks also won RECORD OF THE YEAR and ALBUM OF THE YEAR for "Taking The Long Way." WAY TO GO DIXIE CHICKS!

I still hate the James Blunt song, "You're Beautiful," and refer to it as "That's Awful" and didn't enjoy James' performance of it. (But perhaps you liked it?) Here is Weird Al's, YOU'RE PITIFUL, which is far superior to the James Blunt version.

To view winners in all categories, select SHOW ME THE WINNERS, (BITCH).

It's been awhile since we have re-written lyrics to a song (you know, to make the song better) and we think you are really going to like this "parody." Actually, we only needed to change one word throughout the song to make it, well, perfect...

Select SPIN THAT RECORD to hear "Kev's" latest FAVORITE song. (I haven't had this much fun since, "Kevie From The Block," also known as J. Lo's "Jenny From The Block.")

Here are the lyrics so you can sing along...

"Kevalicious" (a.k.a. "Fergalicious")

Listen up ya'll, 'cause this is it
The beat that I'm bangin' is de-li-cious

Kevalicious definition make them boys go loco
They want my treasure so they get their pleasures from my photo.
You could see me, you can't squeeze me.
I ain't easy, I ain't sleazy.
I got reasons why I tease 'em.
Boys just come and go like seasons.

Kevalicious (so delicious)
But I ain't promiscuous.
And if you was suspicious,
All that shit is fictitious.
I blow kisses (mmmwwahhh)
I put them boys on rock, rock.
And they be lining down the block just to watch what I got (four, tres, two, uno)

So delicious (it's hot, hot)
So delicious (I put them boys on rock, rock)
So delicious (they wanna taste of what I got)
I'm Kevalicious (t-t-t-t-t-tasty, tasty)

Kevalicious def-,
Kevalicious def-,
Kevalicious def- ["def" is echoing]
Kevalicious definition make them boys go crazy.
They always claim they know me,
Comin' to me call me Stacy (Hey, Stacy),
I'm the K to the E, to the V
And can't no other lady put it down like me.

I'm Kevalicious (so delicious)
My body stay vicious
I be up in the gym just working on my fitness
He's my witness (oooh, wee)
I put yo' boy on rock, rock
And he be lining down the block just to watch what I got (four, tres, two, uno)

So delicious (it's hot, hot)
So delicious (I put them boys on rock, rock)
So delicious (they wanna taste of what I got)
Kevalicious (hold, hold, hold, hold, hold up, check it out)

Baby, baby, baby,
If you really want me,
Honey get some patience.
Maybe then you'll get a taste.
I'll be tasty, tasty,
I'll be laced with lacey.
It's so tasty, tasty,
It'll make you crazy.

T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you're tasty, T to the A to the S T E Y - girl, you're tasty

D to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the D, to the E, to the, to the, to the, hit it Fergie

All the time I turn around brotha's gather round always looking at me up and down looking at my (uuhh)

I just wanna say it now - I ain't trying to round up drama, little mama I don't wanna take your man.

And I know I'm coming off just a little bit conceited and I keep on repeating how the boys wanna eat it.

But I'm tryin' to tell, that I can't be treated like clientele
'Cause they say she...

Delicious (so delicious)
But I ain't promiscuous
And if you was suspicious
All that shit is fictitious
I blow kisses (mmmwwahhh)
I put them boys on rock, rock
And they be lining down the block just to watch what I got (got, got, got)

Four, tres, two, uno.
My body stay vicious,
I be up in the gym just working on my fitness,
He's my witness (oooh, wee).
I put yo' boy on rock, rock,
And he be lining down the block just to watch what I got (four, tres, two, uno)

So delicious (aye, aye, aye, aye)
So delicious (aye, aye, aye, aye)
So delicious (aye, aye, aye, aye)
I'm Kevalicious, t-t-t-t-t tasty, tasty
It's so delicious (aye, aye, aye, aye)
So delicious (aye, aye, aye, aye)
So delicious (aye, aye, aye, aye)
I'm Kevalicious, t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t (aye, aye, aye, aye)

T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you're tasty. T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you're tasty
T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you're tasty. T to the A, to the, to the (four, tres, two, uno)
D to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the D, to the, E to the, L I C I O U S, to the
D to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the D, to the E, to the, to the, to the (four, tres, two, uno)

T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you're tasty. T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you're tasty
T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you're tasty. T to the A, to the, four, tres, two, uno
D to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the D, to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the
D to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the D, to the E, to the, to the, to the, to the, to the.....

Please enjoy these pictures of NASCAR driver, Kevin Harvick, who really IS "Kevalicious!"

Finally, today is Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin's birthday! Both were born on this day 198 years ago!

"Kev" will be back tomorrow!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Crystal Visions

Welcome back! It's SUNDAY (55 degrees, Farenheit, and sunny here in Atlanta).

This JUST in (yesterday)... Stevie Nicks will be touring this summer, with Chris Isaak, to promote her new Greatest Hits CD, "Crystal Visions," which will be released on March 27th. The tour will begin mid-May!

Does anyone care about celebrity birthdays? We here at the "Corner" have a "service" that informs us of celebrity birthdays, because, hey, you may want to stalk these people and it would be GREAT to know how old they are, right? Anyhoo, today is Jennifer Aniston's 38th birthday. It is Sheryl Crow's 44th birthday, Brandy (who may be facing vehicular manslaughter charges) is 27 and Burt Reynolds is 71. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCHES!

Watch the GRAMMY's tonight at 8:00 p.m. (ET) on CBS. Click GRAMMY to view a list of the nominees.

We are nearing 4,000 "visits" to the "Corner!" If traffic predictions are correct, we will reach 4,000 by Friday of this coming week! As always, we like to say THANKS for stopping in here. We have loyal readers in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee, Phoenix, San Francisco, Canada, and a few countries in Europe! Folks in Asia "stop in" quite a bit as well. As always, your comments are appreciated. So, to all of you, we say, "kiittää te," "je vous remercie," "gracias," and, for the local red-necks, "thanks y'all."

Finally, we have said before, if there is a cause that is important to you, let us know and we will write about it here (unless it's illegal). The information below was sent to me via email by my former teacher, Mrs. S., and I thought I would share it with you.

George W. Bush is trying, yet again, to slash funding for NPR and PBS. This week, Bush proposed a new budget with devastating cuts to public broadcasting. "Sesame Street" and other ad-free kids' shows are under the knife. So is the independent journalism our country needs. Enough is enough. We've fought this fight before and won, but we can't afford the risk anymore.

With the new Congress, we can make sure this never happens again. We need Congress to insulate NPR and PBS from the political winds.

We can make it happen if enough of us sign this petition: "Congress must save NPR and PBS once and for all. Congress should guarantee permanent funding and independence from partisan meddling."

Click HERE to sign the petition.

After you sign, please forward this link to your friends, family, and co-workers to keep this campaign going (and maybe they will read "Kev's Corner" too). We'll deliver the petition to members of Congress as they consider Bush's budget—offering a public counterpoint to this dangerous attack.

Congress can protect NPR and PBS from future cuts. The long-term solution to save public radio and TV is to:

* fully restore this year's funding
* guarantee a permanent funding stream free from political pressure
* reform how the money is spent, and
* keep partisan appointees from pushing a political bias

Bush's budget would cut federal funds for public broadcasting by nearly 25%. According to PBS, the cuts "could mean the end of our ability to support some of the most treasured educational children's series" like "Sesame Street," "Reading Rainbow," and "Arthur." As telecommunications chair Rep. Ed Markey said, "In a 24-7 television world with content often inappropriate for young children, the public broadcasting system represents an oasis of quality, child-oriented educational programming. We owe America's children and their parents this free, over-the-air resource." The cuts could also decimate one of the last remaining sources of watchdog reporting on TV, continuing the partisan war on journalism led by the ex-chair of public broadcasting, Ken Tomlinson.

More people trust public broadcasting than any corporate news media. President Bush would rather undermine our free press than face reporters who are asking tough questions.Let's put an end to the constant threats to NPR and PBS.

Let's ask Congress to guarantee funding and stop partisan meddling.




Saturday, February 10, 2007

Anna Nicole

Greetings from Chicago's O'Hare Airport, where the threat level is ORANGE and I have no idea what that means!

All good things must come to an end, including this visit to the Windy City, where temperatures remain in the single digits. Yes, "Kev" is on his way HOME!

Everyone here at the "Corner" was saddened Thursday by the untimely death of Anna Nicole Smith. Anna's autopsy was inconclusive and the cause of her death is still unknown.

Barack Obama officially announced that he will be running for the White House in 2008. Good luck Barack! The "Corner," however, is officially endorsing Senator Hillary Clinton. Go HILLARY!

Remember to watch the 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards tomorrow night! (Check your local listings, because, frankly, I have no idea when they air.)

We hope EVERYONE has a GR-EAT Saturday! THANKS for stopping in.


Finally, thanks, again, to the W family and Steve for hosting me!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Talk Amongst Yourselves


It is Wednesday, or as we call it here, "Hump Day," and we hope you are all having a GREAT week.

"Kev" is still in Chicago, on business, and has had very little time to spend here at the "Corner." Chicago, despite the weather, really is one of the best cities, EVER. If you haven't spent much time here, well, we think you should.

A LOT has been going on this week but two stories have "grabbed" our attention...

First, Reverend Ted Haggert is now "completely heterosexual" (according to four other closeted homos Ted spent 3 weeks with in the woods). CONGRATS Ted! No more male prostitutes for you!

Second, NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak was released on bail after being charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder. I don't know all of the details about the "love triangle" she was involved in BUT the fact that she wore diapers en route to her destination is completely WACKY or, as some might say, egregious. I don't think she will EVER live that down (and I really don't know what "egregious" exactly means either, but it sounds like it fits, right?).

"Kev" is taking the remainder of the week off to visit with "Princess," "Sar," and B ex BFF (for those of you who are new, that means BEST ex boyfriend forever, you know, 12-year-old girl speak), Steve.

Please enjoy this picture provided courtesy of "Mr. P.," taken recently in the Sugar Cane Mill Ruins in St. John, which, I believe is in the U.S. (not Bristish) Virgin Islands.

Enjoy the rest of your week. "Kev" will be back in Atlanta, and at the "Corner," on Sunday, GRAMMY NIGHT! Until then, talk amongst yourselves (but not about "Kev").

Much L-U-V,

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