Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hump Day

Hey Everyone, it's HUMP DAY!

Atlanta is bracing itself for freezing rain tonight and "Kev" couldn't be happier about that! (Yes, that means NO work tomorrow! YAY!)

We hope you are all having a GR-EAT week!



Tuesday, January 30, 2007

CONGRATS Straight Steve!

Yo Dawg! Wut is up?


We hope you all had a great day today. Today marks the 150th post here at the "Corner," can you believe it? Me neither! We never thought we would be "in business" this long... While we have lost a few readers, we are picking up some new ones as well (HELLO HONG KONG!). As always, THANKS for stopping in. We will keep "writing" as long as YOU keep reading! (Except next week. We will be on vacation next week...)

It continues to be quite cold here in the A-T-L and "Kev" is missing the Arizona desert right about now. As you all know, "Kev" lived in Phoenix for 5 years and reveled in the winter months when the majority of the country was under ice, despite the high crime rate.

Has everyone seen Kevin Federline's "Life Comes At You Fast" commercial yet? While it will air this Sunday during the Super Bowl, "Kev" caught a "sneak preview" of it and it is HYSTERICAL. I love that campaign, as well as the Geico cave men. (Yes, I watch too much T.V..)

In other news... Our neighbor, "Straight Steve," stopped by to say he is leaving the building. You remember him from a previous post, right? Turns out he is getting married (to a "tall drink of water," like him!). CONGRATS STRAIGHT STEVE! (He reads this too!) We will miss you! (Make sure a super "hot" guy replaces you - that's the "rule.")

While we would like to keep writing, it is time for "American Idol." (You understand, right?)

We hope you all have a GR-EAT Wednesday.

Hugs & Kisses -


"Kev's" Post Script:
Tonight's salutation is courtesy of Aunt Edith. It also "fit" since we are featuring K-Fed. THANKS A.E.!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Panic! At The Disco

"Kev" is home, under the covers tonight (because it is just THAT cold here in Atlanta) but wanted to share this picture of one of his favorite new bands, "Panic! At The Disco."

Click HERE to watch, "I Write Sins Not Tragedies." I love this video and wanted to be the Mad Hatter for Halloween because of it but couldn't find that hat or jacket or cane (instead I was Joan Crawford).

Visit the boys official site by selecting TAKE ME TO THE OFFICIAL SITE. (There is also some pretty cool piano music here.)

We hope you all have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!

Much love,

"Kev's" Post Script:
The Smashing Pumpkins are reuniting after a 7 year split. You might know that "Kev" went to Middle School with Pumpkin front man, Billy Corgan BUT our very own Princess lived next door to Billy Corgan for many many years.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Year Of A Million Dreams

Hello YOU!

Yes, we are scraping the barrel, looking for new "salutations" to welcome you back to the "Corner" each and every day. We've greeted you in French, Spanish, German, "crunk" and even Chinese. Again, we aim to appeal to all of you, whomever you are.

"Kev" is feeling MUCH better today but is now making up for yesterday's down time (it's a vicious cycle). That means he is nowhere to be found right now.

Here is an article from the AP that "Kev" wanted to share with all of you...

We hope you have a FANTASTIC Sunday.

"Kev" should be back tomorrow...

David Beckham plays a prince in a new Disney campaign--his first showpiece endorsement since announcing his move to Los Angeles.

Beckham was among the celebrities photographed in roles of Disney movie characters last month for a ''Year of a Million Dreams'' promotion for Walt Disney Co. theme parks.

The international soccer star, marketing giant, and fashion icon was photographed as the prince from Sleeping Beauty, astride a white horse and fighting a fire-breathing dragon.

''There were many Disney characters I liked as a kid,'' Beckham said in a statement released Friday by Disney. ''Now my sons love the Disney characters, and it's a big part of their lives—a big part of many children's lives around the world. So to be part of that is an honor and very exciting.''

The photo, shot at a lake near Madrid, Spain, by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, will appear in magazines such as Vanity Fair and Vogue in March.

The 31-year-old midfielder with Real Madrid signed a recent five-year deal with Major League Soccer's Los Angeles Galaxy. He will join the club this summer. His wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, has been spotted house-hunting in Southern California.

Other photos for the Disney campaign feature Beyoncé Knowles as Alice in Wonderland and Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella. Leibovitz wanted people who were ''globally iconic,'' and Beckham was ''an instinctive choice,'' Disney spokesman Duncan Wardle said from Orlando, Fla.

The celebrities helped decide which characters they would portray, and Beckham liked the idea of ''a hero role,'' Wardle said. ''Each of the celebrities had fun dressing up,'' he said. ''Disney allows you to become a child again.... These guys had permission for the day, and I think they thoroughly enjoyed it." (AP)

You can watch a video of the photo shoot by clicking HERE. (David is SUPER dreamy in this interview).

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dane Cook


We hope you are enjoying your Saturday.

"Kev" is under the weather today, literally. It's raining here and he's outside (plus he has a KILLER migraine, so no shouting please). He will be back tomorrow but hopes you are all having a GR-EAT day.

Please enjoy some Saturday comedy with PAULA POUNDSTONE and DANE COOK (by, of course, "clicking" on the links).

This post is for PRINCESS, who is a fan of both Paula Poundstone and Dane Cook. Enjoy!

Au revoir!


Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday's HOT Guy...

IT'S FRIDAY! How are you my friend? Is everything "GOOD" in your world? Just wanted to "check in" since we never seem to do that, do we?

Now I know most of you are TIRED of seeing pictures of my husband, Reichen Lemhkuhl, but it is "Kev's Corner," not "(insert your name or what you like people to call you)'s Corner," so please indulge me just ONE more time...

These pictures were taken by "Kitten" (THANKS "Kitten") last weekend at my wedding, also known as Reichen's book signing, here in Atlanta. The pictures give you an idea of JUST how close we were sitting (especially "Kitten," who, as it turns out, had the BETTER seat). Please also excuse the somewhat, alright, completely, dorky look on my face. (I was just too excited, sort of like when I see one of you or a puppy.)

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend.



Finally, YES, I was feeling his "arse" in some of these pictures (and trying to steal his wallet).

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Life Comes At You Fast

¿Qué aumenta a Hembras?

We are CRACKIN' up here! If you don't speak or read Spanish, today's salutation simply states, "What's up bitches?" I don't know why "Kev" is on this "bitches" kick. He is almost 40 and really should behave accordingly, don't you think?

(This is the perfect time for the third-person reference though since I can negate my personal responsibility here.)

Anyway beloved friends (and total strangers), we hope you had a GREAT Wednesday.

Here are some entertainment news highlights for you...

Anne Heche and husband Coley Laffoon have "called it quits" and ask that we (that includes YOU) "respect their privacy during this difficult time." (We've filed this under "nobody cares.")

Isaiah Washington, who said a week ago that he needs help to resolve issues "within my own soul" following his anti-gay remarks, is seeking counseling, he said in a statement Wednesday. I don't even know what to say about this. Counseling and rehab are cop outs, don't you think? We are waiting for the, "I'm an alcoholic" excuse. Anyway, I think my new friends, drag queens Mary Kate and Ashley (no lie), are flying to L.A. to beat him up.

Does everyone remember a group called, "Crowded House?" They were big in the early '90's with hits such as "Something So Strong" and "World Where You Live." Well, they are re-grouping and will be touring in the near future. (So, if you liked them a lot, well, watch for their tour.)

Kevin Federline's Super Bowl ad for Nationwide Insurance's "Life Comes At You Fast," campaign features Kevin day dreaming about his career in "rap" and then working at a fast food restaurant. I love these commercials and think this is hysterical. But, you know, someone is always offended and Kevin's ad has angered the National Restaurant Association. No sense of humor, I swear.

Well my friends, that's it for today.

"Kev" will be "off" tomorrow but will be back on Friday with, you got it, Friday's "HOT Guy..."

Have a GRRRR-EAT evening (and please enjoy the pictures of yet ANOTHER "Kev," Kevin Burns)!


Tuesday, January 23, 2007


It's "Two For Tuesday!"

We don't have much news to bring you today. The "staff" is watching the State of the Union address, as painful as it is. "Princess" called to point out that even Veep D.C. looked a little bored and "Kev" thinks he is wearing more makeup than Mary Kate & Ashley. No, not the Olsen twins - the drag queens I met a few weeks ago... No lie!

Whether you are Democrat, Republican, Independent or the Olsen twins, we hope you had a GREAT Tuesday!
Please enjoy this picture of "Kev's" favorite twins, Bruce & Seth Hall, who, like Dick Cheney, are wearing too much makeup.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Mario Laundromat

Greetings BITCHES! It's a new day.

(We sure hope everyone read the post that explains "bitches" is now a nice word, something that you WANT your friends to call you. If you didn't, well, we're sorry. We mean no offense...)

How was every one's Monday? We hope it was just s-w-e-l-l, SWELL!

We know a lot has happened in the news over the past few days, but we have been a little distracted with Reichen Lehmkuhl's visit to Atlanta. Our priorities are unwavering, so we hope you caught your local news.

New York Senator, former First Lady, Hillary Clinton has announced she will run for the White House in the 2008 election! Hillary joins Democrat John Edwards, who announced his run for the presidency last month, launching his "Tomorrow Begins Today" campaign. Sounds "catchy" and he sure is cute. Has Illinois Senator Barack Obama officially announced if he is running? The "Corner" is not officially endorsing a candidate at this time, but let us know your thoughts. I am sure this will be a topic of discussion, and luckily for you, "Kev" is a highly prolific political analyst that will help you really understand where the candidates stand on all of the issues. Did anyone believe me?

Now, on to the important stuff...

Over the weekend, we did a little reflecting over the blog here. The staff at the "Corner" reviewed each post to examine the content, determine what has generated the MOST feedback, which "HOT Guys" you liked best and whose photographs have been featured consistently. We want to keep the "Corner" "fresh" and make sure you keep coming back for more. (Actually, I am BS'ing you a little bit with that last statement... I was just sort of curious, but it sounded awfully nice, didn't it? We really do hope you will keep coming back though...)

Here is a "recap" of who was featured as a "Friday HOT Guy," in the order in which they appeared here...

August 2006
Reichen Lehmkuhl
Scott W. & Tim G.
Jeff T.
Freddie Ljunberg

September 2006
Bob B.
Christian Slater
Jeff Wilson
Justin Timberlake
Ryan Carnes

October 2006
Nick Lachey
Bryan E. & Bill H.
Patrick Dempsey & Eric Dane
Reichen Lehmkuhl

November 2006
Rusty Joiner
Mario Lopez, Jr.
Kevin Cage

December 2006
Philip Olivier
Johnny Depp
Nancy Pelosi
(David Beckham, Mario Lopez, Jr., Jorge Valencia, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Reichen Lehmkuhl, Jake Shears, Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, & James Denton)

January 2007
Ewan McGregor
Nick Lachey
Reichen Lehmkuhl

The "HOT Guy" that generated the most "buzz" was Johnny Depp.
"HOT Guy" Reichen Lehmkuhl was featured FIRST and has appeared 4 times.
"HOT Guys" Justin Timberlake, Nick Lachey and Mario Lopez, Jr. were each featured twice.
Special "Monday's HOT Guy" segments featured Keanu Reeves and secret H.S. crush, "Mr. C."

Statistics regarding the pictures...

Stevie Nicks lead the pack as having the most photographs on the blog at 18.
Reichen Lehmkuhl came in a close second with 14.
David Beckham came in third with 9.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Timberlake tied with 7 photos each.
Brad Pitt's shining face was featured 6 times.
Jake Gyllenhaal's "mug" was featured 5 times.

The photo results made me laugh a little bit because that is the EXACT order I would put them in, even the tie between Leo & Justin, if I had to rank them in the order of their "popularity" to "Kev." I am trying to take your suggestions into consideration - honest!

Again, I would like to say, "THANKS" to all of you who stop in here. The "Corner" is gaining a little bit of momentum and we are picking up more and more readers each week, i.e., one here, two there, whom "Kev" does not even know. No, we are not out to become famous or even make a dime, although either would be GR-EAT, because, well, I'm broke. We are just having some fun and hope you are as well.

Before we close for today though, I thought I would tell you about my "heated" email exchange with famed L.A.- based blogger, "Perez Hilton," whose real name is Mario Laundromat, or something like that. Anyway, "Kev" will write to anyone with an email address - no one is off limits, including Mario Laundromat. As a fellow "gay blogger," I take offense to the fact that he is rich and famous for "outing" gay celebrities and doing crude things to their pictures. No need for that. The content of his blog is poor, at best, and the tone is always "nasty." There is too much negativity in this world, so I wrote him to tell him what a sorry-ass loser bastard he is (you have to talk to these people in a manner in which they can understand, it's the only way) in attempts to motivate change. I have actually written to him three times over the past several months, long before I knew my husband, Reichen, was suing him, and that is TRUE. To my surprise, he wrote back on Saturday. His responses were, to quote Tom Cruise, "glib." To be exact, he said, "I agree with you. I will change. xoxo - P." Smarmy bastard. (Yes, that was also my reply to his email, to which he replied, "You are right. I will change. xoxo - P." AGAIN.) Anyway, I wrote a post on Saturday, ""Kev" Takes On "Perez,"" dedicated almost solely to the way I feel about the Internet and the responsibility of fellow bloggers, but eventually deleted it because I felt it was also too negative. I will say, however, that I hate when I come across something I think is "fact" only to learn it is complete garbage. For example, I read that Christian Slater was starring in the musical version of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest," in London and that it was horrible, i.e., he couldn't sing, etc... Because I had just been in London at the time, and actually saw the show, I contacted the idiot who wrote that to inform her that, 1) it was not a "musical," and 2) it received high acclaim from the critics. Obviously, the person didn't see the show, or use a reliable source, so she clearly should not have been writing about it. (She subsequently revised her blog, thanked me for pointing out the "facts" to her, gave me "kudos," and now we are GREAT friends. She's lovely.) I even contacted the web master of the official Stevie Nicks fan site to alert him to the fact that a review submitted by a fellow concert-goer was "wrought with inaccuracy." She reported hearing songs that Stevie didn't even perform that evening. She was drunk. Her name was Patti.

While this blog is intended for a small group of friends for "amusement," it can conceivably be read by anyone in the world and I think there should be some sense of responsibility that goes along with that. Mario Laundromat is NOT a trained journalist and is not a nice person. He is making millions of dollars and is being featured on MTV specials for generating hate and maintaining a blog that looks like, well, shizzle. The "activist" gay blogger in me thought I would let him know my opinion... I also told him that I hoped he loses all of the lawsuits against him forcing him to "shut down," and he replied, "You are right. I hope so too. xoxo - P." (I was beginning to think this was his out-of-office reply.)

On that note, read responsibly (but keep coming back here!)

"Kev" is done ranting now. Have a WONDERFUL evening. See you tomorrow!

To steal a quote my Grandmother passed on to me, "Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much (and appreciate the "HOT Guys" along the way, especially Ricky Martin)."

Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Kev's" Wedding


"Kev" is taking today off but wanted to share this picture from Friday evening with, you got it, SUPER "Hot Guy," and my "husband," Reichen Lehmkuhl.

This picture was taken shortly after we exchanged vows. The candle light service was lovely. Reichen vowed to look this good forever and I vowed to keep our "marriage" a secret (so don't tell anyone). Oh, alright, it was taken after Reichen signed my book. In crazy world, where I live, it's the same.

To Gary, THANKS for the pictures. (I hope I didn't get on your nerves too much AND I am very jealous that you "partied" with Reichen, my "husband," not one, but two nights in a row!)

Have a GREAT day!

"Kev" will be back tomorrow!

"Kev's" Post Script:
Reichen is sitting in this photo. While I do not know his height, he is in fact taller than "Kev."

Friday, January 19, 2007



This post is coming to you a little late on this Friday evening because, as you know, "Kev" had a "date" with "HOT Guy" REICHEN LEHMKUHL! (Well, sort of...)

As previously reported, Reichen is traveling the country promoting his book, "Here's What We'll Say." Tonight "Kev," along with dear friend "Kitten," MET Reichen IN PERSON! (Friend Jimmy also hung out for a bit to help keep "Kev" "grounded," but departed before Reichen arrived, when he realized his efforts were futile.) Frequent calls were placed to "Princess" throughout the night, which helped "Kev" enjoy the experience.

First, let me tell you... When "Kev" wants something, he gets it... Well, MOST of the time. (I wish I had bigger aspirations. Makes me wonder what I might accomplish...) "Kev" not only had the #1 ticket (see above) to "meet" Reichen, he also sat directly in front of him, an arm's length away, the closest of any of the participants in the room. Can I just say he is even more STUNNING in person and VERY nice! He was dressed casually in great looking jeans and a black "rock star-ish" shirt. His watch was bejeweled with diamonds and his black shoes were shiny. (And yes, I wondered, but didn't ask, what underwear he was wearing, because, as you know, among his MANY talents/skills, etc., he is also an underwear model and has sported many brands.)

I also want to mention that Reichen, before he spoke, sat right next to, and chatted up, Kitten - one of only two heterosexual females in the place. (The other gal was with Reichen.) Kitten just has this quality that draws people in and Reichen seemed to adore her. His eyes lit up when they spoke. They talked about the fact that they are both from Ohio and June (I mean, "Kitten") mentioned that she knows some top-ranking official in the U.S. Air Force, whom Reichen also knows (I think). Jealous? Of course! "Kitten" even said I was turning a bit red and was going to offer to switch seats with me. It never fails though. She upstages the best of 'em without even trying.

Reichen spoke about his book, his time as a "closeted" pilot in the U.S. Air Force, winning "The Amazing Race," and about his relationship with Lance Bass. For the record, Reichen stated that the press reports of their "split" were not accurate. They did not break up and are still a couple. It was evident that he cares deeply for Lance and referred to him as "baby" a couple of times. (I cried when I learned this news - it devastated me because I thought I was "baby." I almost said, "We're outta here." I mean, what was the point, really?)

"Kev," as mentioned, was the first to meet Reichen after the presentation and, unlike other celebrities I have met, I had some time to talk with him and it flowed somewhat naturally (i.e., I didn't cry and run away like the first time I met Stevie Nicks) although I was VERY wound up ALL night and everyone around us knew it. (I reminded everyone I was #1 and would "clock" anyone who got in my way.) When Reichen said he needed to get rid of his gum, I offered to take it from him. I can't remember exactly what his reply was but remember him starting a story and then saying, "We won't go there." I told him ALL about "Kev's Corner" and that he was the "FIRST EVER" "HOT Guy" to be featured here. He blushed and said, "Thank you." I asked if he minded that people used pictures of him on their own personal blogs, web pages, etc., like we have done here and he told me that it is "OK." We talked about "Perez Hilton" and we agreed that neither of us cared for him. Reichen is suing him at this time (and we hope he WINS). I asked him how credible reports in "People Magazine" are (because, well, that's where we get the news we bring to you) and he said that, in regards to his alleged "split," that "People" had an unreliable "source." I also asked if the reports about death threats on his life for writing his book were true, and he said yes and explained the threats in more detail.

I was overcome with "giddiness" the entire afternoon/evening but luckily the folks sitting around us seemed to take it in stride and did not tell me to "be quiet" like I have been told in the past (I should tell you about the night Kitten and I MET singer Kim Carnes, of '80's "Bette Davis Eyes" fame...).

Kitten was kind enough to snap some photos, which we will post upon receipt AND "Kev" had his picture taken with Reichen by a professional photographer, which we will share as soon as we receive it. Let me just say, I am still carrying some extra holiday weight and, let's face it, it's hard to look good standing next to Reichen.

To June, THANKS for sharing in my excitement! I love you. (June has been out of the state, and country, for the past two months. She arrived back in Atlanta around 4:00 p.m. today and came almost directly to the event.)

Finally, Reichen signed "Kev's" copy of "Here's What We'll Say," to me, and well, to all of YOU, which you can see below.

L-U-V (a VERY excited),

"Kev" Lehmkuhl
(Yes, we were "married" in a private ceremony this afternoon. So private, Reichen wasn't even there. Don't tell Lance.)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Corner Roundup


No, that wasn't a salutation that was "suggested" by one of you (although THANKS to the few of you who have emailed me YOUR greetings - I will use all of them). This one "came to me" all on my own. Lest you be offended, the word "bitch" is now a term of endearment. I know we have discussed this here before at the "Corner," but for those of you who are new (which I am HAPPY to say that there are a few of you), when we use the word "bitch" or in this case "bitches," it is only because we hold you in high regard or esteem. Seriously, or "fo rizzle," but don't do this at work (TRUST me). (Now if we call you a bastard, well, then you probably did something to anger "us," and then we would like you to reflect on just exactly what it was you did. Lastly, if we call you a "DIRTY PUPPY DADDY BASTARD," this is also a term of endearment and we are simply quoting lyrics to one of our favorite songs. No need for alarm and no need to reflect on what you did. Got it?

Here is some quick "entertainment" news for you...

Lindsay Lohan entered rehab today. I hope they throw away the key. Really.

Justin Timberlake (whom we all LOVE here at the "Corner") was spotted "fighting" with ex Cameron Diaz at Prince's Golden Globes after party. We MIGHT have had something to do with it. I think J.T. let Cameron know the real reason for the "split" was "Kev." OK, I dreamt that. Can't fool you, can I? I LOVE dreaming by the way. Gives me something to look forward to. As a matter of fact... Last night I had a dream (true story) about a former boss. It was definitely rated PG-13, possibly R. OK, it was X (it was fabulous, but tasteful). When I woke up this morning, I had to remind myself that the aforementioned boss doesn't really look like he looked in the dream (and probably wouldn't be up on a ladder, naked, in my Spanish villa on Coronado Island either). I am cracking myself up tonight. I can't believe I am sharing this with all of you, again, bitches. Yes, I need a shrink.

Anyhoo... I mentioned above that we have a few new readers (I "pimp" out the site to anyone I think will read it). For this reason, I want to help bring you up to speed and answer a couple of questions I have received...

I write primarily in the first-person singular (I) and plural (we, us, etc.) and third-person ("Kev") because, well, it's fun. It gives the illusion that there really is a staff here, toiling away to bring you this blog, when, in actuality, it's just me. A slightly overweight, bald, but not bitter, almost 40-year-old gay guy. This writing style has confused some people and I have been asked, "Who wrote that?" and "Why do you write that way?" I hope this clears things up for you.

Someone asked just this week, "What is Vicki Allan Syndrome," (or, as we, again, just me, call it "V.A.S."). Vicki Allan is a VERY sweet, charming, cute, now-divorced woman that I met in the 5th grade. While I have not seen her since high school, I hear of her through a friend (whom will remain nameless). Like "Kev," (third-person reference to myself), we (nameless friend and I) can't figure out WHY she is single. By all accounts, she is lovely (like "Kev") and would make someone a GREAT companion. If I were straight (switching back to first-person singular tense), I would call her up myself. I am sure if she were a gay man, she would call me. So, if you suffer from "V.A.S.," like "Kev," it just means you're desperately single for no good reason.

I was also asked just this week, "Who is Tracey? Does she write on your blog?" The answer is... "Tracey" does not exist, even among our fictitious staff, although we were close with a "Stacey" (OK, I am making this up). The very first post explains "Tracey's" origins but I will simply say that I learned that the names "Kevin" and "Tracey" are synonymous with white-trash in England whilst on holiday there last April. I thought this was hysterical and when my friend Jean suggested "Kev's Corner" as the name of this blog, the site HAD to incorporate "Tracey." Also, as an aside, if you are ever in London and get a chance to visit a card shop, the name "Kevin" is VERY common on cards making fun of guys looking like, well, real losers... I bought a handful of them. It is clear to me that they find humor in the name, which is one of my favorite things about myself.

Since I talk about it a lot, I have been asked by a few people recently, "When do you turn 40?" I turn 40 in May and I am going there kicking and screaming (which is typically how I behave anyway).

I was also asked if "L.L." is really my "Land Lord," (or, as I like to call him, "Lady"). YES, "Kev" had a horrible experience owning and selling his own condo here in Atlanta and is currently renting from a super nice (and very cute) guy I dubbed, "Land Lady." He owns this brand new, terrific place in a Midtown high rise that I L-O-V-E, love. The views of the city are amazing, it's just steps to Starbucks and it is a very nice and quiet place to live. Unfortunately, I have had only one out-of-town visitor and I have not had a house warming party (mostly because I don't want to get the place dirty). But I love living here. It is my "sanctuary." Which reminds me... My friend Deborah and I went out to dinner one night not too long ago. At dinner, Deborah asked if I smelled something. We were eating at a bar (albeit, one with GREAT burgers) and all I could smell was cigarette smoke, so I told her "No, I don't smell anything." Anyway, after dinner we came back to my place and it was then Deborah realized she had stepped in, "you-know-what." Instead of helping her clean her shoe, I dismissed her IMMEDIATELY, shouting, "GET OUT!" Yes, I tossed her out like a dog with mange. I made her hop on one foot until she got to the hallway where I promptly handed her her purse. I realize most people would have handled the situation a little bit differently but remember, I'm gay.

Lastly, for questions addressing the blog itself, I did NOT really write Reichen Lehmkuhl a letter. I made that up... Actually, I told "Kitten" that in the original post, I had stated that I had written Reichen a poem but changed it to say "letter" because I didn't want the readers to think I was too gay. She stated, "Oh, you're probably right. I think that might have been a little much. You don't want them to think you are "too" gay..." Like "Princess," "Kitten" has the ability to say a LOT by saying very little. She's a sly one...

So to the "new" readers, THANKS, for your questions AND for stopping in. Please make it a habit.

We (are you catching on now new readers - you know it means just me) want to give a "shout out" or "props" (again, I love "ghetto-speak") to our dear friend DAVID. You might recall that David was cast as one of the leads in a San Francisco musical called "Shopping - The Musical," which is STILL running! The show is about, well, shopping. One of the songs David sings is about his (fictitious) job playing piano at Nordstrom. The song is very funny and paints a less than desirable portrait of the person in this position (although every time I am in Nordstrom, I watch the piano player play and WISH I had that job, no lie!). Anyway, someone from Nordstrom saw the show and has hired David and the cast to perform at a corporate function. David cut his ski trip in Park City short today so he can sing for the top brass at Nordstrom tonight in Seattle. David, we think this is super "exciting" and know you will "wow" them! (I just called David as a matter of fact and he, like a real celebrity, isn't phased and just wants his paycheck.)

Finally, I want to say to my FAVORITE Middle School teacher, alright, she is my favorite teacher of all time, Mrs. S., that we, I, us, basically EVERYONE here at the "Corner" hopes you are feeling better. I still have MANY people I want to share with the "Corner," and Mrs. S. is one of those people. Without going into much detail now, I credit Mrs. S. for teaching me that writing CAN be fun! (I still don't like to read though.) She was, and is, a real "nut" (in the best sense of the word) and after all these years, I have never forgotten her. So, as soon as she signs her release form, I will tell you ALL about her. As you all know, I also think very fondly of another one of my educator's, "Mr. D." who stops in here and has contributed to the "Corner." I was a little bit younger when Mr. D. was my teacher, but he taught me how to be sassy and classy (because that's what he is). So, between the two of them, and life on the street, I've learned everything I need to know. (OK, I never lived on the street, per se, it's simply a metaphor.)

We hope you enjoyed your day! (This post took WAY too long and I missed "American Idol")

"Kev" will be back (late) tomorrow to tell you all about what it was like to kiss Reichen (and be arrested)! I'm hoping to leave with some of his clothing. Wish me luck.

Nite bitches!


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Before He Cheats

Hey everyone! Hope you had a GREAT Tuesday!

The 6th season of "American Idol" premiers tonight on Fox at 8:00 p.m. (EDT) and we are excited to see a whole bunch of people across the country make complete and total asses of themselves.

On Saturday, I mentioned again that I just don't care for country music. Well... I lied. While it is true that Reba McIntyre makes me irk and Toby Keith makes me gag, (irk and gag may be the same thing, I don't know) I am actually a "closet" country fan (please don't tell anyone). I am just going to lay it out here... I love Kenny Chesney too (yes, I think his "tractor" is sexy). For the record, I stand by what I said about Christmas music. Still don't care for it.

Have you seen Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats," (THE 4th American Idol)? I LOVE this song and video (and Carrie's hair extensions and her HOT BF). I would also love to carve "Kev" into someones leather seats, for no particular reason other than for the fact that it would be fun and I don't have leather seats of my own. (Perhaps I could carve "Kev" into my living room sofa.)

Anyway, ENJOY THIS video (so you get the reference above)! ALSO, visit Carrie Underwood's official site (which also includes "Before He Cheats" and has better sound quality than the video) by clicking HERE.

"Kev" will be back Wednesday.

Buonas noches!

Monday, January 15, 2007

We Love Reichen!

What's your story?

That's a new salutation, right? Although she didn't recommend it for the blog, I have to give credit to my friend Deborah, who said that to me once and it cracked me up. It stuck with me and I use it while out sometimes. It's a great ice-breaker when said with a little attitude, the way Deborah said it to me. Try it and let us know the response you get.

How was every one's MLK Day?

The 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards are on NBC tonight at 8 p.m. (EDT) and we are hoping Leo will win. We also need to correct a statement made in a previous post... Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for "Best Actor" in both "The Departed" and "Blood Diamond," (not "Best Supporting Actor" for "Blood Diamond" as was stated). We are sorry for our sloppy journalism and flagrant disregard for the facts.

"HOT Guy" Reichen Lehmkuhl will be here in Atlanta later this week (Thursday and Friday) and Kitten and "Kev" will be attending his presentation discussing his book, "Here's What We'll Say." While Kitten could care less about meeting Reichen, she is always nice enough to attend these things with me. She even met Billy Bean (gay baseball player) and helped me remain grounded (otherwise I get very silly). It's only Monday and I am VERY excited at the prospect of meeting him, have already decided what to wear, have written him a letter, and plan on touching him inappropriately a little bit, at least until security escorts me out.

Well, that's it for today folks! We hope you have a WONDERFUL Tuesday and THANKS for stopping in!


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fo Rizzle, My Shizzle


You know, I never know how I am going to "greet" you each day until I sit down to write - it's the only real organic part about each post. It's one of the "fun" things for me. I almost wrote, "Good Day You Limey Bastards!" but thought, "That's not very nice, now is it?" If you have salutation suggestions, send 'em my way (by email of course...we don't want to "spoil it.") Perhaps we will make a contest of it. If your salutation is used, we will give you a heartfelt "thanks," and a mention in the post!

First, THANKS for "weighing in" in the "comment" department earlier this week. Didn't mean to "chastise" the fine people who stop in here, just wanted to make sure you were still "stoppin' in," otherwise I am, as I have said before, just a loser at a computer wasting my time (which may still be the case).

After combing the headlines and channel surfing much of this morning (a real waste of my time, if you know what I mean), we really don't have a lot of news to bring you today.

It's Saturday and I am in a MUCH better place (emotionally that is, physically I am still in Atlanta, which I LOVE) so I don't even feel like "ripping" on celebrities I don't care for. As a matter of fact, we would like to issue an apology to the Olsen twins who HAVE read this blog (or maybe it's just those two drag queens I met a couple of weeks ago). Anyway, to Mary Kate and Ashley, darlings, (not the drag queens) we were simply misquoted. You are NOT horrible little alien-like creatures. (We just think perhaps that you are not yet fully grown, although I would switch lives with either of you little billionaires in a second, even the one with the eating disorder.) If it makes you feel better, we dislike Lindsay Lohan so much that we REFUSE to write about her here. She's skanky, like home-wrecker Angelina Jolie. We do, however, LOVE Nicole Richie, even though she isn't quite a role model for young women. To Nicole (cause she reads this too) GET WELL SOON! I want to be watching "The Simple Life XV" and that won't happen unless you lay off those drugs, drive with, not against, traffic and eat every once in awhile, OK babe?

As an aside, I was commenting to someone through email this week that I "worry" about the "strangest" things... Besides the important stuff, like the soldiers in Iraq, the environment, health care in this country, my job, being single at 40, (Vicki Allan Syndrome, a.k.a. "V.A.S.") etc..., I worry about Nicole Richie not eating, and that's fo rizzle!. (Yes, I am trying to increase my "crunk" factor.) The person then commented that he/she (I want to protect their anonymity) recently cried during a Folgers commercial (which I think is hysterical). Sorry to you, you know who you are. I have to ask, were you at a bar when the aforementioned commercial aired? Up for days perhaps? (I know when I don't sleep, EVERYTHING makes me cry, but mostly just the fact that I can't sleep.) Did someone die in this commercial? Mauled by a tiger while enjoying their morning cup 'o joe? Was a coffee-drinking bear being beaten by a trainer (you know, like they do at the circus)? Perhaps it triggered some latent memory. I don't know... Anyway, good luck with that.

Saturday is a GREAT day to donate your time and/or money or get in touch with long lost friends (basically, do something "nice"). Click on any of the links to the right and donate today! (Mentioning this elevates my maturity a bit, which I had to do after ripping on the Olsen twins and referring to Lindsay and Angelina as "skanks.")

Please enjoy some pictures swiped from "People" (ssshhhh, don't tell them, they'll sue my ass and I got nothin').

Have a WONDERFUL, "bless-ed" Saturday!

(Be thinking of "closings" too!)

All wound up in the A-T-L,


Finally, whilst channel surfing, for the good of the "Corner," I came across THIS music video by Rodney Atkins, called "Watching You." Everyone knows "Kev" isn't a big fan of country music (Reba, ICK! Toby, NEVER, "Boot Scootin' Boogie," I DON'T THINK SO) BUT when I heard Rodney refer to "nuggets," as in chicken, I decided to watch to see if it could get any worse. To my surprise, I loved the video and the song. If I weren't well rested, I think it would make me cry. The boy in the video is in fact Rodney's 4-year-old son, Elijah (I did some research). So while we don't condone "country," (country isn't cool - except for LeAnn Rimes and the "Chicks,") we hope you will like this video as much as we did. (We will also be featuring another "country" exception in the future...) Bye y'all!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday's HOT Guy...

Friday is finally upon us...

Today's "HOT Guy" needs no introduction. Everyone recognizes this "sexy" crooner, right? Nick Lachey is a former member of boy-band "98 Degrees" and is a repeat "HOT Guy" here at the "Corner," simply because our friend Carrie likes him a lot.

Click HERE to watch Nick perform, "I Do," a song Carrie taught "Kev" to play on the piano several years ago. Yes, this song makes "Kev" cry (like Nick, it's just so pretty...).

We hope you have a GREAT Friday!



Thursday, January 11, 2007

Votre Ami

Friday or bust.

"Kev" isn't usually at a loss for words but he is tonight, so he (we, all of us here) are going to take the evening off.

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite television show of all time is "Friends." I was despondent when the series ended after 10 years. Here's a picture I came across recently that I thought I would share, even though it isn't current or relevant today. My favorite "friend" from the show varied from season to season but more often than not, it was Phoebe. She was the one I could relate most to and the one I wanted to be "friends" with.

I hope you each had a super Thursday. We will be back tomorrow with the Friday HOT Guy (and we don't even know who that will be just yet - too many to choose from).

Bon soir, your friend,



Justin Timberlake is SINGLE again! Cameron and J.T. have called it "quits."

No "Friends" reunion... (I must have ESP)

Brad's affair with Angelina WAS the cause of Brad & Jen's divorce (duh...).

Finally, enjoy this GREAT news, courtesy of Mr. P, that made "Kev" happy -

MADRID (Reuters) - Former England captain David Beckham will leave Real Madrid at the end of the season and sign a five-year deal for MLS side Los Angeles Galaxy, he told Reuters on Thursday. "This week Real Madrid asked me to make a decision regarding my future and the offer to extend my contract for a further two seasons," Beckham told Reuters.

"After discussing several options with my family and my advisors to either stay here in Madrid or join other major British and European teams I have decided to join LA Galaxy and play in the MLS from August this year.

"I would like to thank supporters and the people of Madrid who have made my family and I so welcome in my time here making this an extremely difficult decision to make. "I have enjoyed my time here enormously and I am extremely grateful to the club for giving me an opportunity to play for such a great team and their amazing fans."

The 31-year-old, who joined Real from Manchester United in June 2003, is the most famous player to sign up for Major League Soccer since it began in 1996. He is also the biggest name player to move to club soccer in the U.S. since the likes of Pele, Franz Beckenbauer and Johan Cruyff played in the long-defunct North American Soccer League (NASL) in the 1970s and early eighties.


His deal is reported to be one of the biggest in global sport with Beckham set to earn more than $250 million over the duration of his contract. The news ends months of speculation about the future of the midfielder whose contract with Real expires at the end of the season. Having been first choice in the Real Madrid starting lineup since he moved to Spain, Beckham lost his place following the arrival of Italian coach Fabio Capello. He has only started five of Real's 16 league games this season and was known to be frustrated with his lack of opportunities in the first team.

The former Manchester United player said he was now inspired by the challenge of cracking the American soccer market. "I am proud to have played for two of the biggest clubs in football and I look forward to the new challenge of growing the world's most popular game in a country that is as passionate about its sport as my own. But he insisted he would be giving his all for Real Madrid until the end of the season to try and win the major trophy that has eluded him since he joined the club in 2003. "For the rest of this season I will continue to give 100 percent to my coach, team mates and fans and I believe Fabio Capello will bring this club and its supporters the success they truly deserve."

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lily, Lance (and Kylie)

It's "HUMP DAY" (YAY!)

I have to ask, IS ANYONE STILL READING THE BLOG? We haven't received comments in days, people... The staff is discouraged. Here's how it works... We spend lots and lots of time writing lots and lots of drivel and putting up pictures of people we think you will enjoy. You comment on the drivel, and/or pictures, every once in awhile, OK? (Are you sensing that we, OK I, am not quite back to normal? You know, I have had a VERY difficult week. Cranky isn't my "M.O.," but it's just where I'm at right now - work with me.) In our maiden post, we said that this blog should not replace your daily dose of CNN (or any other credible news source). We have re-thought that and believe that it should. Here, on an almost daily basis, you will find everything you will need to know to make small talk at the office, in the classroom, in the courtroom, the brothel, the county jail, or wherever it is you spend your day. The facts presented here are almost always accurate (we strive for 67% of the things we say to be true, so you should have some confidence when you relay our facts). Our spelling, however, is impeccable and you can rest assured that almost every word will be spelled the way it should be!

Here are the headlines for TODAY...

As of this writing, there have been 3,018 U.S. casualties in Iraq. Tonight, President Bush announced his plan to send over 20,000 more troops. (I have to admit, I didn't watch his speech. I was actually at a bar, NOT drinking, but watching Kylie Minogue videos (she's HOT), so I don't know what he said, but the thought of more loss of life is simply sickening to me.) While I haven't done my "Year In Review," you know, a recap of all the "fun" and "noteworthy" things that happened in "Kev's" world in 2006, I did look back in my journal (yes, I keep one - it highlights important activities, concerts, one night stands, travels, etc...). Anyway, back in January of 2006, I traveled on a flight from somewhere to somewhere else (my notes are VERY detailed) and I was one of few "civilians" on a flight full of Marines heading BACK to Iraq. My first impression was that they all looked like babies. It was VERY sad to me, although they were all "up beat," even when I asked, "Isn't war scary?" (Which is exactly what I wrote in the journal.) Way too young to be going to war in my opinion. I hate war and think it should be reserved for older people who have at least lived a little, not 18, 19, or 20-year-olds. I think this should be an international law. All soldiers from all countries should be at least 75, don't you think? I think the war would be over by now if that were the case. Because really, when you are 75, or even 39 like me, who cares? There's no reason for war and a 75-year-old would "get" that (hopefully). (Sort of like how I feel about Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's marriage woes.)

On a sad note, actress Yvonne De Carlo, best known as "Lily Munster" of "The Munsters" died today at the age of 84. I loved that show, didn't you? "Grandpa," who was played by Al Lewis, who passed away in February of 2006, was my favorite. I believe the only cast members still living are Butch Patrick, "Eddie," and Pat Priest, "Marilyn," whom I have recurring dreams about. (I don't know why, but that's TRUE.)

Lance Armstrong was in Washington D.C. today, pushing politicians to devote more funding towards cancer research. Each day, 1,500 Americans die of cancer (I did NOT know that. That is a LOT of people...) Anyway, I can't think of a hotter guy championing for a better cause, can you?

Despite our poor attitude (OK, just mine), we are HAPPY that you stopped in and we HOPE you are having a good week!

"Kev" will be back tomorrow.

Ciao babes!


Finally, please join us in paying tribute to Yvonne De Carlo by turning your speakers way up high and clicking HERE.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007



We hope you all had a GR-EAT day!

Justin Timberlake kicked off his official U.S. tour last night in San Diego... His movie, "Alpha Dog," opens this Friday.

Is everyone following the Donald Trump/Rosie O'Donnell feud? Does anyone really care? I don't care for either of them (boy, I sure have been "negative" this week, huh?) Rosie has never appealed to me so I don't get the draw. To both of them I say, "Grow up. Act like adults. You're rich, what's the problem?"

Suzanne Somers' home in Malibu was destroyed by fire yesterday (hence our fireman above).

See you tomorrow!



Monday, January 08, 2007

Leather "Kev"

HELLO EVERYONE! THANKS for stopping in!

It has been "one hell-of-a-day" at the office for "Kev."

We hope you enjoy these pictures of another guy named "Kev," who probably had a much better day than I did... (I don't remember his last name or anything about him, other than that his first name is also Kevin and he looks GREAT in leather... Sorry for the picture quality.)

Hilary Swank got her star on Hollywood Boulevard today! CONGRATS Hilary! Although we, the whole staff here, don't care to see her new movie, "Freedom Writers" (something like that). It just looks stupid. However, if YOU happen to catch it, please let us know your thoughts!

It is "rumored" that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's marriage is "on the rocks." (Who cares, really? Just break up.)

Since my "nice" filter is off tonight, I will take this opportunity to mention that I still don't care for the Olsen twins (Mary Kate and Ashley). They're creepy, horrible little actresses. I try NEVER to be "negative..." I am sure they are lovely girls, and there are far worse celebrities we could chastise, however, those two look like aliens to me. There, I said it.

Also, I don't care for Ryan Seacrest one little bit. Like Clay Aiken, I find him annoying.

Finally, my last "rant" for the evening goes to Kate Hudson... Cut the damn kid's hair.

"Kev" will be back tomorrow (in better spirits, promise).

"Kev's" Post Script:
To clarify, this "Kev" (me) does not have a leather "fetish" (honest).

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Departed

Has everyone seen "The Departed?" It's no secret "Kev" loves Leonardo DiCarpio. He is, after all, the "Man of the Year," here remember?

You may have heard or read that Leo has earned two Golden Globe nominations and two Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for actor and best supporting actor for "The Departed" and "Blood Diamond" (respectively).

If you haven't seen "The Departed" yet, what are you waiting for? It's now in the "cheap" theatres but is worth the cost of a new release. It is "chock full" of HOT Guys that we think every "Kev's Corner" reader will enjoy. Trust us, it's good...

We hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Six Degrees of "Kev"

Here's wishing you a TERRIFIC Saturday. Weather conditions in Atlanta are warm and sunny! Simply perfect. It's not at all alarming that we are wearing sun block in January. I am sure those polar ice caps are F-I-N-E, fine... (Tomorrow I am going to a poolside clam bake.)

We hope that whoever you are, and wherever you are, that you enjoy your day.

Since we (me) have received zero feedback regarding the "style" of the blog (i.e., background color, font, layout, etc...) we have decided to leave it "as is" for now, because, well, we don't think you care that much AND to make changes would require a lot of work that we just don't feel up to doing right now.

BUT, we are still looking to change the header, "Kev's Corner," to something that will really "grab" you (since I can't grab each and every one of you personally). We are also STILL considering tee-shirts, but need to know if you would in fact wear one. You know, while you're cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, "sealing the deal" on a new corporate account, robbing a liquor store, being intimate with your sig-ot (we don't care where you wear it).

We mentioned in a previous post to "kindly boycott the circus," and we meant all four of those words (and provided you with P.E.T.A.'s rap sheet of reasons why). I secretly rejoice every time I hear of an elephant stampeding the "bearded lady" or when a tiger devours the head of the man on stilts. Not only are circus conditions and training practices cruel, the life provided for these animals is unnatural. I don't need to see a bear donning a vest and pork pie hat riding a unicycle. Instead, like "Kev," support "Cirque du Solei," or as we call it, "Cirque du So Gay." "Corteo" is now in Atlanta (through January 28th), so check that out (like "Kev" will be doing) instead of those darn Ringling people.

I know you are all vested in "Kev's" life-long Stevie Nicks obsession (since I received about 3 comments that stated basically, "enough already") so I won't launch another full-scale "countdown to Stevie," BUT will simply mention that "Kev" has 4th row center seats to see Stevie Nicks in Tampa, Florida in February! Excited? Of course. I mentioned this to some folks last night (which I really need to STOP doing, by the way... They equate it with Scientology and dismiss me most often) and was asked if Stevie was still alive and if she still had that "God-awful hair."

Finally, I am bursting at the seams to share news of last evening while out with friends... While I can't divulge EVERYTHING, I can tell you that "Kev," courtesy of friend June, and "E," has met some folks over the years who work for an international Cable News Network agency whose world headquarters are here in Atlanta (can I make this ANY clearer?). They are a small group of tight-nit friends who have known each other and worked together for years and I feel quite honored to be included in this "exclusive" circle every 6 months or so. I typically never ask about their jobs and treat them just like the schmucks I typically socialize with (many of you as a matter of fact). (Although, one time, at one of their homes, I made a "b-line" to their "Emmy" and held it throughout the night...) Normally, "Kev" is not phased by money, celebrity, fame, etc... OK, I can't even type that with a straight face. You saw right through me that time, right? I am TOTALLY all about this kind of stuff. It's FUN! Anyway, (I am getting to the good part now) "Kev" met someone last night who has met and interviewed some of the very "HOT Guys" featured here at the Corner. Andy Roddick. Interviewed him. Freddie Llungberg (remember him, in his "Calvins?" HOT). Interviewed him. Tiger Woods. (OK, he hasn't been featured here, but that is COOL.) Interviewed him too. And finally, the "HOT Guy" of all "HOT Guys" (at least in "Kev's" head) DAVID BECKHAM! I lost all composure at that point and rapidly fired questions starting with "Can I meet him?" "Can you get me an article of his clothing?" "How solid is the relationship with Posh Spice?" "Think he'd "turn?" You get the gist... If this were like "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon," than I would say I am linked to David Beckham!

Yes, I am an anglophile.

OK kids, we're off to enjoy the day.




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