Friday, January 30, 2009

THANKS for Stoppin' In!

Hello EVERYONE! I hope you are all s-w-e-l-l.

Well my friends, I wanted to say "THANKS for stoppin' in!" one last time.

Today's post is "our" 610th and, I think, the last. I have had a lot of fun with this blog in the two and a half years I have been writing it, but I just don't "feel it" anymore (and STILL want to write that stupid book I mentioned oh so long ago). I am not going to remove it or delete it (because, hey, I'm moody, I may change my mind again tomorrow) but wanted to say "goodbye," at least for the time being.

Take care, much love (and go see Fleetwood Mac when they visit YOUR town) -


Finally, one last time, here is Stevie Nicks performing one of my favorites (which will be included in the upcoming tour, I am told)...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


"We" interrupt "our" self-imposed hiatus to proclaim, IT'S A GREAT DAY TO BE GAY!

No, I am not referring to today's inaugural proceedings, although they were quite exciting, weren't they? "We" hope YOU all watched today as Barack Obama took over the presidency. "Our" friend Loren was in D.C. this afternoon sending pictures from the mall. THANK YOU LOREN (that was cool). #1 called to give her fashion do's and don'ts, which is always amusing.

What I am referring to, however, is the fact that "Kev" (third person reference to myself) and friend Zane now have 5-Star/VIP Package tickets to see... you got it, Fleetwood Mac here in Atlanta on April 28th! (For those of you who are newer to the "Corner," I started referring to those days where I am a little more excited than usual, you know, for any of several reasons including, but not limited to: I found a great pair of jeans that accentuate my whatever, (What? I meant wallet!) the new Britney Spears CD "dropped" (that's industry lingo for - is now available for purchase), the cute guy from the 19th floor smiled at me, or, in this case, I have "5-Star/VIP" tickets for Fleetwood Mac (which, as you know, I am accustomed to). The tickets will entitle Zane and me to seats in the first five rows (although I have a strong suspicion that we will be in Row A... I've done this before) AND we will be meeting at least Mick Fleetwood, whom I have met twice but Zane has not (so I am excited for him) AND we will attend a pre-party where they will give us lots of band related shiz.


The rest of Fleetwood Mac's "Unleashed" tour dates have been announced and can be found on "The Nicks Fix." A link to the site is to your right.

Okay, I'm done here.

Have a GREAT rest of your week and I will be back, well, when I'm back.


Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK Day/Inauguration Eve

Hello! Welcome BACK. C'mon in, close the door (it's cold outside) and don't get any mud on the carpet!

How is EVERYONE today? It is MLK day, although some of us still had to work.

There were some technical difficulties with the blog earlier today (that happens from time to time), but it is back up now.

How are YOU spending inauguration day? (I don't know why I asked that - I don't care how you spend it.) I do, however, think EVERYONE should watch this historic event.

Okay, here's the deal - "we" (still, just me) are taking an extended "break" from the "Corner." Unfortunately, since doing this doesn't pay the bills, I need to focus on work this week which includes travel to Chicago. So, sit tight, read the neighboring blogs (although they aren't as good as this one), read a book, make a friend, really, your options are limitless. We will be BACK in less than two weeks! (And to my friends in Chicago, I will be there for 7 days, so I hope to see many of you soon.)

Until then, watch this video (that I like). I have no idea what she is saying/don't know what it means, but it has a good beat.

Goodbye for now!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Day

It's SUNDAY! A new day.

"We" hope YOU had a GREAT weekend.

Much love -


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prison Break

Hey you bad asses (hee hee), it's HUMP DAY! (YAY!) We are at the mid-point of the week!

Nothing to share with you fine folks today EXCEPT our crack staff of journalists here at "The Corner" just learned that Fox's hit, "Prison Break," starring Wentworth Miller has been canceled. The final episodes will air this spring. I have to say, I got frustrated with that show. Well, alright, I watched it twice, but wanted him to escape and break out his brother in the two episodes I saw. I can't commit to much more than that.

Make it a GREAT day, would ya?

Much love,


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Running WHILST Sick

Hey bitches! (Again, term of endearment - don't get mad at me.)

Here is a question I researched just today that I thought I would share with you...

(I have been diagnosed with a sinus infection...)

Have a good day!


Runners seem to live by a creed that's stricter than the postman's: "Neither rain, nor snow, nor sniffle, nor fever shall keep me from my training schedule." Indeed, the coming of winter presents many issues for runners who'd prefer to keep at it even when sick. Oftentimes, symptoms aren't severe enough to make you stay in bed, home from work, or off the roads. And while exercise can give you a mental and physical boost when you're feeling run-down, there are other occasions when going for a run may do more harm than good.

David Nieman, Ph.D., who heads the Human Performance Laboratory at Appalachian State University, and has run 58 marathons and ultras, uses the "neck rule." Symptoms below the neck (chest cold, bronchial infection, body ache) require time off, while symptoms above the neck (runny nose, stuffiness, sneezing) don't pose a risk to runners continuing workouts.

This view is supported by research done at Ball State University by Tom Weidner, Ph.D., director of athletic training research. In one study, Weidner took two groups of 30 runners each and inoculated them with the common cold. One group ran 30 to 40 minutes every day for a week. The other group was sedentary. According to Weidner, "the two groups didn't differ in the length or severity of their colds." In another study, he found that running with a cold didn't compromise performance. He concluded that running with a head cold--as long as you don't push beyond accustomed workouts--is beneficial in maintaining fitness and psychological well-being.

But, doctors say, you still walk, or run, a fine line. Take extra caution when training with anything worse than a minor cold because it can escalate into more serious conditions affecting the lower respiratory tract and lungs. Sinus infection, or sinusitis, is an inflammation of the sinus cavity that affects 37 million Americans each year. Symptoms include runny nose, cough, headache, and facial pressure. With a full-blown sinus infection, you rarely feel like running. But if you do, consider the 72-hour rule of Jeffrey Hall Dobken, M.D.: "No running for three days," advises the allergist/immunologist and ultramarathoner in Little Silver, New Jersey. Even without the presence of a fever, says Dr. Dobken, some sinus infections, when stressed by exercise, can lead to pneumonia or, in extreme cases, respiratory failure.

Not surprisingly, winter weather increases risk of sinusitis. In dry air, the nasal passages and mouth lose moisture, causing irritation. "The sinuses need time to recover," says Dr. Dobken, "just like a knee or foot." So Dr. Dobken recommends including treadmill running in your winter training regimen.

Another option for sinusitis sufferers is pool running. "The water adds moisture to nasal passages," says John J. Jacobsen, M.D., an allergist in Mankato, Minnesota. Pool running is preferable to swimming, says Dr. Jacobsen, because chlorine can be irritating to the nose.

Temperature Control

If you're still in doubt about whether it's safe to run or not, take your temperature. If it's above 99 degrees, skip your run. "Some people think that they can 'sweat out' a fever by running," says Nieman. "That's wrong. Running won't help your immune system fight the fever."

Nieman saw this firsthand when his running partner once ran a marathon with a 101-degree fever. Soon after, the runner developed severe and persistent symptoms similar to those of chronic fatigue syndrome. "Every day he'd wake up feeling creaky and arthritic," says Nieman. "When he tried to run, he'd stumble and fall." Eventually doctors concluded he had a "postviral syndrome," a latent condition that was exacerbated by the race.

Although this syndrome is rare, it's an example of the risk you take by running while ill. "Running with a fever makes the fever and flu-like symptoms worse," says Nieman, "and it can lead to other complications." During exercise, your heart pumps a large amount of blood from your muscles to your skin, dissipating the heat your body generates. If you have a fever, your temperature will rise even higher, and your heart will be put under greater strain to keep your temperature from soaring. In some cases, this can produce an irregular heartbeat. Also, a virus can cause your muscles to feel sore and achy; exercising when your muscles are already compromised could lead to injury.

Nieman recommends that runners with a fever or the flu hold off until the day after the symptoms disappear--and then go for a short, easy run. Runners should wait one to two weeks before resuming their pre-illness intensity and mileage. Otherwise, you risk a relapse, he says.

Above all, obey your body and the thermometer--not your training program.

Know Your Limits

How much running can compromise your immune system to the point of making you sick? For average runners, the dividing line seems to be 60 miles a week, according to David Nieman, Ph.D., of the Human Performance Laboratory at Appalachian State University. Nieman conducted the largest study ever done on this question by examining 2,300 runners who competed in the 1987 Los Angeles Marathon. "The odds of getting sick were six times higher than normal after the marathon," says Nieman, "and those who ran 60 miles a week or more doubled their chance of getting sick." The illnesses were of the upper respiratory tract, including sinus infections. Nieman says there's no doubt these findings are still applicable to runners today. He's also used himself as a test case: When Nieman trained up to 90 miles a week, he constantly battled sore throats. When he dropped his weekly mileage below 60, the symptoms stopped.

Monday, January 12, 2009


It's, you got it, MONDAY!

How are YOU? "We" (just me) hope YOU are swell. I have been under the weather for the better part of a week now, so don't expect much today, okay?

Two of my good friends now have blogs of their own. If you have read this blog for any amount of time, you already know them and, most likely, their children/husbands/families, etc... Carrie (who is my uber sexy former piano teacher) authors, "My Happy Family." Here, you get a glimpse in the day in the life of Carrie's world just outside of Boston. Her pictures and videos really do "warm my heart" and she is an excellent writer. She's raised the bar from the, well, crap I post here. (She's smart and stuff.) The second blog takes us to the opposite part of the country to the Phoenix desert. "Moody Musings" is my friend Donna's blog (whom you know better here as "Kitten"). I have 5 best friends in this world (and a whole bunch of other tertiary friends I just enjoy getting drunk and stupid with) but Donna is one of the 5 in my inner-most circle (so you know she is "special"). (We even met Fleetwood Mac together!) I like Donna's blog because there you can see pictures of her daughter, Rosie, who is the CUTEST. When I lived in Phoenix, Rosie was the person who always erased any bad day I had the second I saw her (which turned out to be several nights every week). The photo above is of Rosie, sporting the cute bob, and her younger cousin Jenna, who was a baby when I moved away from Phoenix. (I know I shouldn't write this, but I am hyped on NyQuil/a little punch drunk, so here it is...On Donna's blog, you can also see Donna's hot husband, my friend Tim, who is simply sexy (and very straight and married, so I can harass him). SO, I have added links to Carrie and Donna's blogs here to the right. Stop in and check them out.

If anyone else creates a blog, let me know and I will add the link here as well.

What did you think of yesterday's photo? I have to say, it's a little weird taking my own picture! Doesn't feel natural (but I think I will get used to it.) I had never done that before (HONEST)! I have a new web cam (no, JoAnn, my #1 friend, not for sex - you know I would tell you if I were doing that) that allows me to snap a picture at any given moment. Here is a pic of ME writing this post to YOU... Very silly, I am sure.

Okay, this Friday, we are featuring a really super "HOT Guy." The "hottest," in my opinion. David Beckham who? Ricky "who cares" Martin? Brad "I am so over you" Pitt. Joe "I flat iron my hair" Jonas (okay, I still like that one). I digress. As a matter of fact, this Friday's HOT Guy is so hot, "we" decided he will be the very LAST "HOT Guy" to appear on this blog. "We're" discontinuing the segment. After him, there is really no reason to feature any other guy who could never measure up, right? Yes, I am laying it on a little thick and I am certain he is turning red right now (think NyQuil/punch drunk) but what I am telling you is, well, the truth. I don't lie. (And, no, it isn't me...) That said, be sure to come back on Friday (if not sooner...)

Finally, I just received a call from JoAnn and my 11-year-old nephew, JoAnn's son, Joe... JoAnn said Joe had a joke for me. I was asked... "What do gay horses eat?" Perplexed, I asked, "What?" I was told, "Heeeeeeyyyyyy!" (you know, like a big 'mo would sound). While he was afraid he would offend me, I loved it! Hysterical! I said, "Joe, I just have one thing to say to you... HEEEYYYYYYY!" (Cause I'm a big gay horse.) THANKS Joe! (I think the segment to replace the Friday HOT Guy should be "Jokes From Joe!")

On that note, have a GREAT Tuesday everyone!

"Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy" Kevin

Sunday, January 11, 2009


It's SUNDAY! It is cold and cloudy here in the A-T-L, kids!

Not much to report today EXCEPT I now have a Facebook "husband." Don't you LOVE Facebook? I have to say, I was reluctant to join. Just seemed silly. Now I check everyones status (and update mine) from my phone! I gotta know every minute of every day what YOU are all up to! What is my neighbor doing? Who are they dining with and where? When did they have their last BM? Who's divorced now (no lie, I read about someones divorce on Facebook). How is my long-lost girlfriend from college that I now have to come out to? And the quizzes... Why pay a therapist when all the self discovery you need can be found there. I have learned so many fascinating things about myself (like I watched WAY too much television as a child, scoring 100% on "How Well Do You Know The Brady's" "How Well Do You Know The Partridge Family," and "How Well Do You Know The Golden Girls" quizzes). Emotionally, I am 7, physically 32, chronologically 41 but I will live to be 89 - all this I learned from Facebook! You get the idea. No need for real interaction anymore. That's overrated anyway. Anyhoo, I have longed for the day I could change my relationship status in Facebook to "in a relationship." I was commenting on this new (new to me anyway) phenomenon of Facebook last night at a party (taking a tally of who is/isn't on, asking people to poke me, etc.) when my dear (and can I just say, "hot") friend Tim offered to take our Facebook relationship to the next level. We consummated the union by exchanging water globes (virtual ones, of course). So there you have it. I'm married.

The self portrait above, which reminds me of an Andy Warhol, was taken WHILST talking to my best friend EVER, JoAnn, on the phone this morning. She regaled me with tales of her time out on the town last night. I wanted her to know two things - 1) the smile she brought (and ALWAYS brings) to my face and 2) YES, I wear the Galaxy hat she gave/sent me! (She is keenly aware of my David Beckham obsession.)

OH, that reminds me! I dreampt about Jennifer Aniston last night. As you know, I only dream in celebrity. The dream was a lot of fun. In it, she was roommates with my friend Zane and had a pet monkey (which later got out of the house and ran away... that part was sad) but she quizzed me on "Friends" episodes and I got every answer right.

That's IT for today kids. Look for me on Facebook!


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Blue Denim

Hey EVERYONE (that includes you)! What's up? What's going on? What'dya know?

I liked Monday's post so much (the picture, the song) that I didn't want to write again for several days. I hope YOU watched Fleetwood Mac perform "Beautiful Child," which is a really, really beautiful song and one of my all-time favorites. The song has new meaning to me and I l-o-v-e, love it. (I researched what Stevie intended when she wrote that song and my association and interpretation is spot on! I won't tell you though - you create your own meaning. It's fun.)

TODAY, I got nothin'. That's right, nothin'. Been home sick with a cold a couple of days, hosted a party for about 50 of my closest neighbors (and some random people from other near by buildings) last night, so I am fresh out of anything to share with you tonight. ALTHOUGH, I will tell you... many of these people have never been inside my place. My Stevie Nicks obsession is somewhat obvious, especially because I put additional pictures out for the party, and played only Stevie Nicks music for 4 hours. They were TRAPPED! I locked the door and regaled them with Stevie Nicks stories. It was fun until some dumb son-of-a-mother spilled wine on my rug. He kept asking me to name my "favorite" Stevie Nicks song and I told him, "I don't do that" so I think he was mad and spilled it on purpose. Just a theory.

The picture above was taken in... you are so smart, I couldn't fool you, right... Paris, in October. I actually did not take this picture, but my good friend Scott did. (My pictures include the signature bus rail found in every shot.) Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I do.

Finally, Fleetwood Mac's "Unleashed" tour starts in March! For those of you in Chicago, they will be performing at the Allstate Arena on Thursday, March 5th. Nope, I won't be there this time because... Britney Spears will be here in the ATL (can I get a "woop woop" and a "hey now little sister" - okay, I'm drunk on NyQuil (did you get that sense yet?). No lie, we almost got kicked out of a Wal-Mart on Tuesday because of me and my NyQuil high... Something about talking too loud. I don't know. I was like "Seriously? It's Wal-Mart?" Those courtesy people aren't always courteous (and I mentioned that). I had to shout over most of those screaming kids to my friend Scott who had me running up and down aisles for him.) I'm really off track here people. Anyway, go see Fleetwood Mac when they come to your town. Kev (that's me!) will be seeing them in Atlanta with friend Zane.

Finally, here is another Stevie Nicks song that I love, called "Blue Denim." It didn't win much critical acclaim when it was released in 1994, but I like it a lot. It too, reminds me of someone (okay, they ALL remind me of one person or another) so it is extra special. It was actually written about Lindsey Buckingham (the "bright eyes" she is singing about belong to him). The quality isn't the best (why can't these YouTube people get it right?) but I hope you like it.

Have a GREAT Friday.

Hugs (not drugs, unless it's NyQuil) -


Monday, January 05, 2009

Beautiful Child

HAPPY MONDAY YOU DIRTY BASTARDS (and everyone else)! THIS is our 600th post! (Believe me or squeeze me, it's true.)

If you stopped in to read anything of substance today, again, my apologies - still got a bad case of the writer's block... Here's hoping it will pass in 2009! (This blog used to be so much fun, wasn't it?)

Anyways, those of you who read this from time to time know that I love music. Good music/bad music, I don't care, I'll take it all. I could live within the lyrics of a song and every day life usually reminds me of one, especially a Stevie Nicks song. When I was a younger Stevie Nicks fan, I would assign one of her songs to the people/friends in my life. It became "their" song and once I assigned it, it could never be "assigned" to anyone ever again (I like to follow crazy rules I set for myself). For example, the song "Gypsy," while you may not know this, in Stevie's words, is about that one special friendship that only comes along once in your lifetime.. "Lightening strikes once, maybe twice." While you may not have known that unless I told you, it's TRUE. So, the song "Gypsy" reminds me of my very best friend, JoAnn. It's her song and when I hear it, it reminds me of her, although she is the exact OPPOSITE of an actual gypsy (she's very clean, has hired help and has lived in the same home for the past 16 years, which is, of course, very un-gypsy like, but you get the idea). The song "Sara" reminds me of, well, my friend Sara (not just because it's her name...). The song "Go Your Own Way" (sort of mean spirited, I suppose) is my song for my best ex-BF, Steve. The song "No Spoken Word," I think, is about Hurricane Katrina... "That August dark, dark day with the wind and the rain and the water." And... (are you bored yet?) "Trouble In Shangri-La" reminds me of 9/11... "The ones who walk away try to love again." (It's eerie because that song was released just before 9/11 and Stevie was on tour in Manhattan when the Twin Towers were attacked and she even delivered food to rescue workers.) I digress but you get the idea.

Anyhoo, the song below, "Beautiful Child," is also one of my favorites and it too reminds me of someone "special" (not you though). Yes, I'm crazy... (I have enjoyed this song for years but am glad I hadn't "assigned" it to anyone until today. It captures exactly how I feel about the person it is intended for.)

Anyway, enjoy the song. Maybe it will remind YOU of someone in your life (or just make you think of me, which is okay too.)

The "Beautiful Child" above is, once again, my friend Carrie's daughter, Amanda, whom you have seen here at "The Corner" before. When I wrote this post earlier this evening, I included another picture of David Beckham (you can never go wrong with David Beckham in my opinion). However, when I saw the picture you now see (on Carrie's blog), I thought it fit the subject of the post more perfectly, because Amanda, too, is a beautiful child. I love her.

Asta lavista,

Senor Kev

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year (bitches).

(What? You were expecting something more/different?)

Here's hoping 2009 will be just half as good as 2008 was (in my world anyway - I had a LOT of fun). (I hope 2009 brings much better things for our world over all though.)

Thanks for stoppin' in. (Now get outta here.)


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