Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, EVERYONE! Here are a few pictures from last night's Halloween party at Metropolis...

Have a GR-EAT day EVERYONE (send your pictures!)



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't Speak For Me Sarah Palin (I Do Not Like You)

Welcome BACK everyone!

THIS YouTube clip was sent to "us" by our friend, "Sar." "We" like it (because we DON'T like Sarah Palin - she's scary).

Have a good Thursday, bitches!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Barack The Vote

Watch this... It's HYSTERICAL. THANKS to our friend, Mr. D., for sending this. (Don't let this happen to you! VOTE, go on, get your ass to the polls on November 4th.) Barack the vote!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Keeps Gettin' Better

Welcome friends! It's, you got it, MONDAY (again).

The Anchorage Daily News is excited that one of their own has been tapped for national office, but the editors just don't think Sarah Palin is qualified:

Gov. Palin's nomination clearly alters the landscape for Alaskans as we survey this race for the presidency -- but it does not overwhelm all other judgment. ... despite her formidable gifts, few who have worked closely with the governor would argue she is truly ready to assume command of the most important, powerful nation on earth. To step in and juggle the demands of an economic meltdown, two deadly wars and a deteriorating climate crisis would stretch the governor beyond her range. Like picking Sen. McCain for president, putting her one 72-year-old heartbeat from the leadership of the free world is just too risky at this time.
The paper, the largest in the very conservative state, concludes that Obama brings "far more promise" to the office of the presidency than John McCain.

Here is an update on one of our favorite actors, Gale Harold.

The "Desperate Housewives" actor is out of intensive care and improving daily at a Los Angeles hospital, according to a statement from his representatives, Nancy Seltzer and Associates.

"A full recovery is expected. He thanks everyone for their good wishes," the statement continued.

Harold had been under observation at Los Angeles County USC Medical Center after suffering swelling on the brain and a fractured shoulder in the crash.

No other people were injured in the Oct. 14 accident.

Harold, 39, joined "Desperate Housewives" as a recurring character this season, playing the boyfriend of Teri Hatcher's character, Jackson.

The actor previously starred in "Queer As Folk" and has also appeared in "Deadwood," "Vanished" and "Grey's Anatomy."

I really have nothing else to say/write about EXCEPT that I love this song... Take a look-see, will you...

Kelly Osbourne turns 24 today and President Theodore Roosevelt would be 150 today.

Okay, I'm going to say farewell for today. Make it a GR-EAT week, would ya?



Sunday, October 26, 2008


With great power comes great responsibility. This is my gift, my curse.

- Spiderman

It's SUNDAY! (You can always count on us to tell you what day it is...)

Since "we" have "lots" to do today, "we" are simply sharing some Brad Pitt pictures with you. ("We" watched "Legends Of The Fall" for the FIRST time, ever, last night, although I own EVERY Brad Pitt movie on DVD. He's the "best," isn't he? Anyhoo, enjoy the pics and make it a GR-EAT day.)

Asta luigi -


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Linens 'N Things

Look who's here! It's YOU! It's ME! It's SATURDAY.

Today's pictures are of model Evan Wade. You've seen him here before.

So what's going on? It is a BEAUTIFUL day here in Atlanta. The skies are blue and there is a slight breeze coming from (alright, I don't know where).

So I was out running errands today, shopping mostly, when I happened upon (get this) a SHOPLIFTER! Yes, it's true. Linens N' Things is going out of business, you may know, and they are having a clearance/blow out/help us get this crap outta here sale when I spotted sister-girlfriend in the towel section, stuffing two lime green towels in the front of her jacket. She saw me, I saw her, and I muttered the three words she did not want to hear... "I'm gonna tell." Okay, I did not say that BUT I did say, "I saw you!" I wasn't bothered so much with the fact that she was stealing but her choice was all wrong. Lime green colored items should never be part of a decorating scheme. It ain't right. I tried to encourage her to go with a classic - white. You can't go wrong with white fluffy bath towels. Anyway, I wished her much luck (both for her towel selection and for getting out of the store before security busted her ass).

Okay, I gotta go now. I hope YOU have a GR-EAT evening.

Love -


P.S. Don't steal.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


It's, you got it, THURSDAY! Welcome back you sonsofbitches (did I spell that correctly?). "We" hope YOU had the most pleasant day.

Okay, I have to tell you... I'm in "love." Yes, it's true. With my car. (There really is a straight guy lurking in the depths of my being. My two passions are cars and expensive watches, I don't put the toilet seat down and will really only tell you what I think you want to hear. Yes, that color looks GR-EAT on you, this dish is DELICIOUS and no, you don't look fat - see, I can do it.) While these pictures didn't turn out so well (I have a cheap, good-for-nothing camera), here he is... (My car is a he.) I wanted to get pictures of "him" racing through the leaves on a fall day, but these pictures in my parking spot will have to suffice.

Instead of pondering the upcoming election, the SIGNIFICANT drop in my 401K plan, the state of this world or anything else of relevance, I spent the lion share (is that spelled correctly) of the afternoon trying to decide on a name for my new car. You should know that this is my 5th car, it's true, in the past 5 years. My 11th car, overall. As a matter of fact, here is a list of the cars I have owned, in order that I owned them... 1) 1974 Chevy Vega, 2) 1978 Chevy Monte Carlo (two-toned, t-top - a real "guido" car, 3) Honda CRX (I loved this car), 4) Honda Civic (4-door sedan), 5) Honda Civic (two-door hatch back), 6) Chevy Tracker, 7) Volkswagen Jetta (good little car too), 8) 2005 Mercedes C230 Kompressor (I loved this car more than my life), 9) Honda Accord (two door) (I hated this car and took it back the very next day) 10) Honda CRV (never liked this car either, although in two years, it didn't have a scratch on it and only cost me about $150 in maintenance) and... finally, 11) my new Volvo S40. I am thinking of naming "him" "silver rage" (sounds fast, right?) or perhaps just "rage" (like a superhero). Can a Volvo be named "rage" or should that be reserved for a Lamborghini? I don't know. "Rage" was manufactured in Belgium and is ranked the 9th most popular car among Europeans. (I could not afford a Peugeot or Astin Martin.) "Rage" will take me from 0 - 60 in just 8.4 seconds and actually gets better gas mileage than the Honda! Impressive? Certainly.

Anyhoo, THANKS for indulging me (you see, I don't have children or even a pet).

That's IT my friends!


"Kev" (and "Rage")

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Human Head Weighs 10 Pounds

Welcome back EVERYONE! "We" (that's just me for those of our new friends) would like to leave the pic of Marcia (damn it, Maureen) and me up BUT it's a new day. Time to move on, right?

Child actor Jonathan "the human head weighs 10 pounds" Lipnicki (I don't think he's done anything as an adult, has he?) turns 18 TODAY! Has this kid published his memoirs yet? You know, his tales of wine and women, stints in and out of rehab and what it was like working with crazy megalomaniacs Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger? I'd read it.

Also... TODAY is the birthday of my dear friend, Kitten (the desert cat)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend. I am thinking of YOU.

"We" hear the Madonna/Guy Ritchie divorce is turning nas-ty. (Don't all divorces generally head that way? They aren't separating because they can agree on things/work things out). Anyhoo, I don't know the details. Other than her music, Madonna does not interest me. (I know - revoke my "card.")

What else? Oh, everyone have Halloween plans? Halloween is ranked higher than Christmas for the gays. "We" just love it. I usually end up having sex on Halloween with a random character, so I am looking forward to it (just keeping it real here). (I'm single so Halloween is the one day of the year I really look forward to. Shared too much? Perhaps.) Last year I thought I brought home Captain Jack Sparrow but it turned out, he really dressed that way. Unfortunately, I'm not kidding. So what are all of YOU doing?

Okay, I think that's going to be IT for today friends. I hope you all enjoyed your Wednesday.

Hugs (not drugs) -


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here's (More Of) The Story...

Wuz up, bitches? (Why does this STILL make me laugh? I promise, upon my next birthday, I will STOP referring to you in this manner. I don't talk like this in "real" life, although I would like to.)

Anyhoo, it's hard to follow last night's post. You understand, right? I didn't meet ANY celebrities today and, well, that makes me sad. My building is still a buzz about Maureen McCormick's visit to our little gay bookstore, Outwrite. Everyone asking, "Did you meet her?" "What was she like?" etc., etc.. Of course I met her! Duh! They don't call me "Kev" for nothin' you know. (Okay, they call me that simply because it's my name. Not because I am "in" with famous folk, like Maureen.) Here is another picture, taken by a "professional." (Don't I look at ease, like I meet these types all the time? Again, both the shirt and jeans are from Europe. Style tip... If you'd like to duplicate my outfit, here's how... Go to Europe. Come home. Get a European car. The hat's all "America!")

Okay, "we" don't have a lot to write about tonight. "We" would like to mention that the traffic to this blog has increased three-fold! No one seems to comment, which is f-i-n-e, fine BUT we now get more than 100 visitors a day! Who ARE you people? "We" want to know! Anyhoo, THANKS for actually reading this.

What else, what else? Is anyone watching "The Real Housewives of Atlanta?" Those bitches are whack. The ONLY reason I enjoy the show is because I know EXACTLY where they are filming, many of the places virtually at my door step.

Alrighty aphrodite(y?), I'm calling it a day.

Hugs -


Monday, October 20, 2008

Something Suddenly Came Up

Welcome BACK bitches!

How are YOU? "Kev" is s-w-e-l-l, SWELL tonight. (Like the picture?)

As you know, Maureen McCormick (best known as Marcia on "The Brady Bunch" from 1969 - 1974) is traveling the country promoting her book, "Here's The Story." Tonight, Maureen took questions from fans, signed books and posed for pictures at Outwrite here in Atlanta. "Kev" (that's ME) was in HEAVEN! I don't know why I am so obsessed with "celebrity," but I LOVED the event. I love Maureen! Cute, adorable, gracious, fun, charming, quick wit, great with the gays - all words I would use to describe her. "Kev" (and friends) were up front and center for this event I/we have anticipated for MONTHS (okay, for about one month). I was more excited about meeting Maureen than I was about my recent visit to Europe - I told her that. I also traversed the streets of London, in and out of book stores hoping to find a copy of her book since it was released while I was on "hols". OH, before I forget - the shirt I am wearing, although you can't see it very well, was purchased in Barcelona for only 20 Euro, which was about $26.00. It's very European (like me), and more importantly, size medium (also like me).

Here's some scoop not known in the mainstream... (Hold onto your skirts.) A Brady Bunch reunion is IN THE WORKS! A movie about Maureen's life is IN THE WORKS! Barry Williams (Greg Brady) IS a good kisser! Maureen didn't really have a crush on Davey Jones (she was simply acting). Eve Plumb (Jan Brady) is not speaking to Maureen. Maureen IS the second cousin of "Kev's" middle school classmate, Katy Hatt, whom I don't remember but acted as if I did. (I asked her this and she confirmed in excitement).

Since my scanner is not working, and more importantly, since I threw it down the garbage chute, I can't share what she wrote in my book, BUT I will tell you that Maureen wrote, "To Kevin, Something Suddenly Came Up! Love Maureen XOXO." I asked her to write that and she said she still uses this line (I told her I have used it a time or two as well and think "What would Marcia do?" often when faced with moral dilemma.) For those of you who may not know, "something suddenly came up" is the excuse Marcia gave to a boy whom she was supposed to go to the dance with, but changed her mind because a better/cuter boy invited her as well. It's perfect. We've all been there. She also told me I was "cute," but moments later she told my friends Bob and Don that they were cute too (so it wasn't as special, even though we all are cute). (I'm surprised her publisher/handler didn't tell her to rotate out the compliments. Every 5th homo would be cute, others would be "stunning" and for those beyond words, perhaps "special." One gay got a "fabulous." I have never garnered a "fabulous" so I would have known for sure she was flubbing. Anyway, she also hugged Bob and KISSED Don on the cheek. Jealous? Most definitely. GREEN with envy. (I talked with her the longest though - they said about 10 minutes.)

THANKS Bob and Don - you made the event "fun!"

I enjoyed her stories and can't wait to read this book!

Since I didn't blog yesterday, I thought I would mention that I ran the Atlanta AIDS 5K walk/run with friend Zane. We both finished at approximately 29 minutes. WAY TO GO us!

Hugs everyone -


Watch this - from the "something suddenly came up" episode...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Ride


Welcome BACK. It's Saturday.

Let's get right to it... Do you like my new "ride?"

Okay, that's really all I wanted to share. Enjoy your Sunday.

Hugs -


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Princes William & Harry

Wut up ho's? (hee hee).

It's THURSDAY! Did everyone catch last night's final Presidential debate? (I still don't know if "presidential" should be capitalized or not?)

Here's a story reported yesterday regarding who gays prefer (Prince William or Prince Harry)... If you read the "Corner" regularly, than you know where "we" stand on the topic ("we" have always preferred Harry to William - he just looks like a lot more fun, doesn't he?)

More than a third those questioned expressed a desire for a romance with Harry while William received 23 per cent of the vote. A third of the single gay men said they would steer clear of both.

William's girlfriend Kate Middleton was named as the most lusted after royal date among the nation's lesbians.

The Prince Charming poll was conducted by dating website and found that 23 per cent of lesbians wanted to date Miss Middleton compared with just 18 per cent who wanted to get close to Chelsy Davy.

Five per cent said they would date both the girls but more than half said they did not fancy either.

Adrian Gillan, spokesman for gay-PARSHIP, said: "This fraught romantic vote suggests divided royal loyalties.

"Indeed, many gay male singles are so torn they say they would need to date both our young princes, whose female love interests prove only slightly less of a queer pull.

"Being part of an inclusive, modern monarchy, William and Harry will be delighted that they and their close circle can arouse such strong emotions from Britain's homosexual subjects.

That's IT folks - I gotta go.

Love -


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No Post Wednesday

No post tonight. I'm tired.



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here's The Story

And the days go by like a strand in the wind... That means, in Stevie Nicks lingo, it's TUESDAY! Welcome back you dirty bastard! This marks "our" 555th post! (Boy are we tired.)

Okay, "Kev" (me) is super excited about an event coming up next week... While I wasn't going to tell YOU about it until it happened, I have nothing else to write about today (my mind is still in Spain, thinking of the sea, the gazpacho soup and the "HOT" Spaniards, hence the picture above). Anyways, (which I say to mock my mid-western dialect) this story was on CNN yesterday, so here it is, I'm coming out with it. Singing like a canary. (I'm too old for secrets and surprises)... You all know that I dream "in celebrity." If you are, ever have been, will be, etc., on TV, recorded a song, written a book, won a prize, chaired a committee, committed a crime, then you're a celebrity. I want to meet you, get your autograph and picture. I'll tell everyone about our encounter for weeks, I'm sure. I love celebrities! They are far more interesting than you or me (sorry, it's true). "We" have been "happy" to bring Reichen Lehmkuhl (remember him), Anderson Cooper, Leslie Jordan and even Jackie Collins to the "Corner." "We" met them. Del Shores even stopped in and commented here (how cool was that?). Anyhoo... Maureen McCormick, aka, "Marcia Brady," like any self-respecting child star, has penned her memoirs/experiences about her life and terrible times with drugs, weight and all things scandalous in her book, "Here's The Story." The book is due out next week and "Kev" has reserved his copy and secured his spot at her signing next week (I still love writing in third person, by the way - makes me feel like a child star myself). Anyhoo, I can't WAIT to meet her! Excited? Most certainly! The gays I am going with are equally excited and are currently refining the speech they will deliver to Marcia (I mean Maureen) the moment they meet her! We feel like we know her. She's our friend. Don't you think Marcia would have lots of gay pals? I do. If you are in Atlanta and want to meet her, come to Outwrite Books on Monday, October 20th at 7:30 p.m.. You WON'T have the number one seat (that's been reserved for me, of course - I know the manager) but good seats may still be available for you (I don't know - I'm talking smack now). Anyhoo, "here's the story" (from CNN). The parallels to my life are startling (I've highlighted them below for you), which may be why I am so excited to meet her! I want to braid her hair.

NEW YORK (AP) -- As Marcia Brady on "The Brady Bunch," Maureen McCormick projected an image of the wholesome girl next door. But off camera, she spiraled downward into drug addiction and depression (just like "Kev," cept different).

Maureen McCormick was 14 when "The Brady Bunch" debuted on ABC, running from 1969 to 1974. ("Kev" watched her in re-runs from 1976 - present.)

Now 52, ("Kev's" 29...)McCormick writes about her struggles in a new memoir, "Here's the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice," hitting stores Tuesday.

She discusses her romance with TV sibling Barry Williams, her dates with Michael Jackson (ewww - that had to be just awful - no wonder she turned to quaaludes) and Steve Martin, cocaine binges and parties at the Playboy Mansion (wonder if she knows "The Girls Next Door?") and the home of Sammy Davis Jr., an unwanted pregnancy and trading sex for drugs. (Who hasn't done that now and again?)

McCormick was 14 when "The Brady Bunch" debuted on ABC, running from 1969 to 1974.

Despite her role as a sunny Miss Perfect (I play that role too!), she struggled privately with anxiety and insecurity (again, so has "Kev"), the youngest of four children born to a mercurial father who abused and cheated on their mother (with "Kev").

"As a teenager, I had no idea that few people are everything they present to the outside world," (girl, that never changes) she writes in the book, published by William Morrow. "Yet there I was, hiding the reality of my life behind the unreal perfection of Marcia Brady. ... No one suspected the fear that gnawed at me even as I lent my voice to the chorus of Bradys singing, `It's a Sunshine Day." (I loved that song... Remember "The Silver Platters?")

When "The Brady Bunch" ended, she took up a hard-partying lifestyle in Hollywood, using drugs including cocaine and Quaaludes. (I did too, except I didn't.)

She struggled to regain her earlier success, landing some TV and movie roles, but developed a reputation for unreliability due to her addiction, even botching an interview with Steven Spielberg because she was high.

After interventions, stints in rehab and experimental therapies, McCormick began getting sober in 1985 when she married actor Michael Cummings, with whom she has a daughter, Natalie. (I knew a "Natalie" once. She looks like a man. I know - this has nothing to do with Maureen.) She continued to fight depression through therapy, medication and the help of "Brady" cast mates. (Really?)

McCormick, who is also a singer, starred on the Country Music Television reality series "Gone Country" and "Outsider's Inn." (I like some country too.)

She also confronted her weight issues several years ago as the winning contestant on the VH1 reality show "Celebrity Fit Club." ("Kev" confronted his weight issues earlier this year but that Fit Club show wouldn't return his calls - I guess authoring this blog doesn't count.)

As for her iconic role, "I'll always be struck by how much a part of people's lives Marcia is and always will be. But now I'm not bothered by the connection. It took most of my life, countless mistakes and decades of pain and suffering to reach this point of equanimity and acceptance," she says. (These stars are never happy, are they?)

We will be certain to share "our" photos next week!

Bye everyone!


Monday, October 13, 2008


Hello EVERYONE! It's MONDAY. "We" hope YOU had a GR-EAT weekend!

I just loved this...

French film icon Brigitte Bardot has come forward to call Sarah Palin a "disgrace to women."

Referring to Palin's pitbull-with-lipstick crack, Bardot adds: "I know dogs well and I can assure you that no pitbull, no dog, nor any other animal is as dangerous as you are."

"By denying the responsibility of man in global warming, by advocating gun rights and making statements that are disconcertingly stupid, you are a disgrace to women and you alone represent a terrible threat, a true environmental catastrophe."



Sunday, October 12, 2008

Algunos Cuadros Para Usted…

Hey bitches, WELCOME BACK to our "international" Corner!

Here are some pictures for you from London (mates), Paris and Barcelona. (I took more than 200 pictures but am sparing you from most of them and selected these randomly.) Since I am still too tired (jet-lagged) to write, please just guess which city each was taken in and create your own story for the image you see (it's more fun that way, right?). TOMORROW I will tell you about each and you can see how close you were to getting it right. (Oh... if you want to see a larger version of the picture, just click it.)



Finally, one of my favorites (from Barcelona) - "Show me the way back to the sea..." (yes, that's a Stevie Nicks lyric, which played in my head throughout the Barcelona leg of this trip).

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