Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday's HOT Guy...

Good day bitches!

How are YOU? I am fine.

We searched high and low for a new "HOT Guy" to bring you this week, but since everyday here is a "HOT Guy" day, we're running out of guys to feature. (Again, SEND YOUR NOMINATIONS!) When we started this blog, we simply intended to exploit someone each Friday only. Now that we feature a "HOT Guy" every time one comes along, we may re-think the "Friday HOT Guy" segment...

Anyway, today's "HOT Guy" is, of course, Brad Pitt. Like David Beckham, I never get tired of seeing Brad, and hope you don't either. Brad was my number one "favorite" for many years until David Beckham came along (the British accent gave Becks the edge). While I own EVERY Brad Pitt movie on DVD, "Kalifornia" and "Meet Joe Black" remain my favorites. (I also had the Brad Pitt Playgirl issue - a collector's item - until my home was robbed. The bastards took that too...)

If you haven't seen these pictures of Brad, we hope you enjoy them.

I also wanted to share a song that is, again, one of my favorites. The song is called "Circle Dance" by Bonnie Raitt, however, Stevie Nicks performed this during her 2005 "Gold Dust" tour. (Stevie's version is WAY better.) The song makes me cry (on the inside) although it doesn't remind me of anyone or anything - just a pretty and sad song (or a pretty sad song). The quality of this YouTube video is lacking, but it's the only version of this song available. We suggest you minimize the screen and simply listen (or turn your screen on its' side).

If you missed Stevie this morning on "The Today Show," click SHOW ME STEVIE. (I called in "late" just to see it this morning...)

Well kids, "Kev" has a "DATE" tonight, so he has to run! (Yes, that's true!)

Enjoy Brad. Enjoy the song. Enjoy your weekend AND THANKS for stopping in! We appreciate you. Our goal next week (not today) is to "up" the quality of our posts because even we know they are lacking lately. We are ALWAYS looking for "contributors," so let us know if you would like to write for the "Corner!"

Many kisses!


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tomorrow On Today

Yo, WELCOME BACK (whoever you are)!

(We're really scraping the bottom of the barrel for salutations...)

It's THURSDAY! "The days go by like a strand in the wind," don't they? (By now, you should ALL get that reference... If not, pick up "Crystal Visions... The Very Best Of Stevie Nicks." The "answer" can be found on tracks 1 and 16. Oh, alright you big babies - it's from "Edge of Seventeen" and you can click HERE to watch Stevie perform the very track found on "Crystal Visions."

Also, you can catch Stevie TOMORROW on the "Today Show," performing "Rhiannon" and "Landslide."

"Kev's" review of last Saturday night's show is now posted on Stevie's official web site, The Nicks Fix, so you can read that too, if you feel so inclined. (Nothing witty or insightful, just the facts sprinkled with a little gay emotion.)

Stevie has added a second show here in Atlanta, at Chastain Park, and "Kev" WILL be in attendance at BOTH on June 4th and 5th. (Can you tell how EXCITED I am?)

In other news (as if ANYTHING else is as important), hotel heiress Paris Hilton is facing jail time for driving on a suspended license. If convicted, Paris could spend 90 days in jail. Have you seen her new boyfriend? He is super CUTE Josh Henderson of "Desperate Housewives."

Have you all been stopping in to visit our friends at "The Clay Aiken Fraud Squad?" Their blog cracks me up, so I hope you will visit them (even if you ARE a Clay fan, just "go along to get along" while you're over there, would ya? You know, be polite and throw in a cursory, "Clay SUCKS" or "DOWN WITH CLAY." Or get creative and make something up that Clay did to you personally (even if it was only in your dream/nightmare). It's especially F-U-N to visit on Idol night and chat whilst watching. When you're there, say "HEY" to Percocet, Dramamine, Chemically Impaired, Neverafan and all the others (I am certain I am forgetting someone)! They'll make you feel at home.

Anyway, I am taking the liberty of "borrowing" a YouTube video I found on their site (posted earlier this month) that captures the essence of the week I have been having... Especially the fat guy at the desk.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (and THANKS to the CAFS for letting us "borrow" it - we'll return it shortly).

Come back tomorrow for another "Friday HOT Guy." We have NO idea who it will be!

Until then, have a GREAT Thursday evening! Don't forget to watch "Grey's Anatomy" (if you are into that show).

We would like to give a BIG "Kev's Corner" "HUG" (sound gay? for sure!) to our friend Chance... Chance was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Atlanta. He is someone I like a lot. Anyway, Chance's Grandmother passed away this week and we just want to say how sorry we are and tell you that we (all of us, even our new friends at the CAFS) are thinking of you...

Finally, this YouTube video has had me cracking up all week...

Much love,


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

HOT Guys Aren't Just For Friday

IT'S WEDNESDAY! Welcome BACK to the "Corner," where "HOT Guys" aren't just for Friday anymore...

Just a VERY short note to say, "hey!"

We hope you are having a bang-up week (which, I think, means a great one).

Here are some more photos of TJ Wilk, for your viewing pleasure.

"Kev" will be back later in the week!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

C'mon In!

HELLO! "C'mon in!"

It's TUESDAY! (The days just fly off the calendar, don't they?)

Does anyone want to hear about my weekend with Stevie Nicks? (That sounds very clandestine, which is a word I just learned and have wanted to use for a while now. I sure hope I used it appropriately, being the first time and all.)

For those of you who shouted, "CERTAINLY," whilst jumping out of your chair, keep reading. For the rest of you, come back on Wednesday when this latest concert SHOULD be out of my system.

Okay, it went down like this... "Kev," "Kevin," me, I, and all of my multiple persona's (except "Luke," who couldn't make it because he is too "cool" for a Stevie Nicks concert) was NOT even planning to go, so it was somewhat of a surprise even to me.

You see, "Kev" made a pact when the tour was announced with B ex BFF (12-year-old girl speak for, "best ex-boyfriend forever"), Steve, that we would forgo Stevie's shows in Las Vegas this time because, well, it is very expensive to see Stevie the way I want to see Stevie (from the front row). For those of you who don't know me, I have to interact with the performers to have a good time. You know, feel like I am an integral cog to that evening's performance. No, I don't want to make an arse of myself (I like the word "arse" a lot too and don't get to use it nearly as often as I would like, especially since they have asked me to stop saying this at the office, reminding me I am NOT British). Anyway, I digress, again.. Alls I'm sayin' (mid-west speak), is that a little recognition from the artist, like Justin Timberlake, or "you sexy little tiger," as I call him, returning the "thumbs up" sign, sends me over the moon. In kind, Stevie Nicks taking both of my hands and saying "thank you" after I told her she "looked and sounded AMAZING" on Saturday night, makes the fact that I have spent my entire 401K on such events worthwhile. I may not ever be able to retire, but I will always have my memories (unless I develop Alzheimer's, and then wouldn't that be ironic? Poor and no memories?).

In short, after I made the "pact" I realized that I couldn't uphold my end of the agreement. I wanted to go. So, we began discussions. The trip was "on" the trip was "off" the trip was "on" the trip was "off" and finally the trip was "on" (at least for "Kev.") Earlier in the week, "Kev" called B ex BFF, Steve, to see if he would reconsider (he is very stubborn and it is always difficult to get him to change his mind once he has made a decision, unlike "Kev," who is very impulsive and can be cajoled easily, but enjoys living life that way...). I was certain I could "sway" him if I found the right tickets at the right price. I did. Second row center for LESS than the face value (that NEVER happens). In short, again, Steve could not go, but that was not going to stop "Kev," who had been reading reviews of the show all week. At 9:16 on Friday evening, I, yes "Kev" (I am starting to confuse myself so I hope you are still with me) finally booked a flight for Saturday morning. (It was NOT cheap, which reminds me - is anyone hiring?) All the time, "Kev" forgot that his second B ex BFF, David, was also going to be in Las Vegas the same weekend. Things always seem to work out for me. I am lucky that way. While David did not want to see the show, "Kev" was able to sell the extra ticket to another fan he had seen at many of the other shows for almost the price "Kev" paid for both tickets. (Ssshhh, don't tell him.)

So that's what "went down" last week. This isn't the first time this scenario has played out in the world of "Kev." I love spontaneity and the thrill of not knowing where I will be or what I will be doing at any given time. Makes life interesting, I think. To think, I had rented "Borat" and was planning to watch it over the weekend.

Now you are probably thinking, "ENOUGH OF YOU/"KEV" - TELL US ABOUT THE SHOW!" The show was, as I told Stevie, amazing. While my ticket was for the second row, there were four empty front row seats and the very nice (and oddly attractive) security man, let me (and the fan who bought my extra ticket) move to the front row. I wrote a review of the show for Stevie's official web site, "The Nicks Fix," which should be posted in the next couple of days. Go to (in a day or two) to learn more about the show itself (and not "The Amazing Race" version of how I got there).

Las Vegas is "something" too, isn't it? (I can't think of a better adjective.) An array of characters can always be found in "Sin City." They have banned smoking in the casinos which is GREAT. My last vision, as I left the hotel, was of this (super old) woman hunched over the "Elvis" nickle slot machine, waving one hand in the air and clutching her Bible in the other.

As we have mentioned, Stevie is touring this summer and I hope, if you are a fan, that you have an opportunity to see her. Stevie will be performing TWO shows here in Atlanta on June 4th and 5th.

Remember to pick up your copy of "Crystal Visions," which is on sale TODAY!

Thanks for indulging me (again).

We hope you have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Drum Roll PA-LEEZ!

"Kev" will be back tomorrow night with an "ALL NEW" post!

You gotta stop back in to read all about his weekend in Las Vegas with (drum roll, PA-LEEZ...) STEVIE NICKS! Yes, Stevie performed four shows at Caesars Palace and "Kev" was "on hand" at last night's show.

While we don't want to give too much away tonight (yes, that's my excuse for JUST getting home and for being super tired), we will tell you (again, not bragging) that "Kev" was in ROW 1 (how does he do this?) and shook not one, but BOTH, of Stevie's hands after last night's show! (We even SPOKE to one another, but you will have to come back to find out what was said.) He is still reeling from it! (And... since so many people have asked how he always seems to get the great seats, he WILL share all of his "secrets" in a future post, so you too can get up front and personal with your favorite stars!)

To "Mr. P.," we were thinking about you today and want to hear all about your marathon. (Let us know, would ya?)

To everyone else, we hope you have a MARVELOUS Monday. Please come back soon!

Much love,


FINALLY, watch Stevie's "CBS Sunday Morning" interview which aired just THIS MORNING (while "Kev" was still in Las Vegas...). There is concert footage from last week at Caesars, so you can see some of what "Kev" saw just last night. ENJOY!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

That Would Be F-U-N, FUN!

Hello you sexy, sexy beast. (We had to make up for calling you a "dirty bitch" yesterday.)

Is it Friday yet? ALMOST!

As we always say, "Welcome back!" and... "We hope you are having a GREAT week!"

The Bradford pear trees are in bloom here in Atlanta and the pollen count is about 1,712,333. (Yes, that means headaches, itchy, watery eyes, runny noses and over all irritable moods throughout the area. Not to mention the green pollen that clings to your car, necessitating a wash every other hour.) They are BEAUTIFUL trees though, aren't they? (Don't sit under them though, unless you're stupid.)

On March 10th, we announced Ricky Martin's upcoming "Black & White" tour. We thought this was "cutting edge journalism" since it wasn't widely circulated at that time. We informed you that tickets for the show here in Atlanta went on sale on March 17th (and then reminded you to "get your tickets" once the 17th rolled around). We told you that "Kev" would be back to announce (i.e., brag) if/when he "secured" tickets for this show. Well boys and girls, "Kev" WILL be attending the show and does in fact have seats in Section 1, Row C, yes, that's the 3rd row (with sexy animal activist friend Elizabeth, of PAWS fame, Lovely Leyla and HOT Pat). (Some might say that this is a "GREAT DAY TO BE GAY," although "Kev" is the only 'mo of the four of us.) I don't know WHY these things excite me so, and I know I am "bragging," but I promise to address this with my therapist, when I get one. (I am, of course, KIDDING. I have no intentions of getting a therapist.) We wish you could ALL join us for the show. That would be f-u-n, fun wouldn't it?

"Kev" has also found, but not yet purchased, tickets for "The Killers," who will be performing here at the Fox Theatre on April 22nd. We'll keep you posted so we can "brag" about that show too.

And, lest we forget our Stevie Nicks tour this summer... "Kev" will be seeing Stevie not once, but twice so far! "Kev" is still working to "trade up" tickets for the show here in Atlanta (which he will be attending with Mr. P.). Remember to get Stevie's "Crystal (Meth, according to "Princess") Visions," which is available TUESDAY! (I can hardly wait!)

Finally, in concert news anyway, another one of "Kev's" favorites, LeAnn Rimes, is touring this summer. YAY! (I love her a ton.) BUT, a date has not yet been scheduled for Atlanta. We will keep you posted.

As I have said over and over and over since the inception of the "Corner," "Kev" is turning 40! In just a little over one month from now, I will have to update my online profile from "28" to "29" (which, in gay time, equals 40). I don't typically obsess about my birthday. I don't like the attention. It is usually very low-key, and since living in Atlanta, has been spent over a quiet dinner with "Kitten" (or in Paris with complete and total strangers, which was the case last year). For some reason, this one is "bothering" me unlike any of the others, which is why I keep writing about it, I suppose. I still remember when I wouldn't date a 30-year-old because that was "too old." Now I won't date a 30-year-old because that is "too young." Anyhoo, I digress...Yes, I am getting old, but am still very, very immature. I admit it. Ask "Princess." I called her this week from the office to inform her I had just plugged up the toilet in the men's room (and didn't report it). We regaled in laughter. I would like to say I am wiser than I was 10 years ago. I'm not. I'd like to say I have aged with grace. I haven't. So far, I haven't discovered anything good about turning 40 EXCEPT that I can afford 3rd row concert tickets!

Sadly, Elizabeth Edwards' breast cancer has spread to her bones, which, from what we understand, is not a good sign. We are HUGE John Edwards supporters here at the "Corner" and news like this makes us, well, sad. John Edwards has announced that he will still pursue the Democratic nomination for President. Best wishes to Elizabeth. So what if she never reads this. We have added the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer web site to our blog here and hope you will consider making a donation. You might wonder why a gay guy would care about breast cancer. It's simple. 99% of the people I hold near and dear to me have BREASTS! Mammograms are IMPORTANT people! And to the fellas in my life (to which there are many), check your balls! You can get cancer too!

Former Arizona Governor, Fife Simington, is claiming the lights that could be seen over the Phoenix skies in 1997 were in fact from an unidentified flying object, yes, a UFO. "Kev" lived in Phoenix during this time. I just thought the stars were "pretty." (Arizona skies are beautiful. Probably the most beautiful I have ever seen. I used to drive to the top of South Mountain with friends simply to look at the sky. But keep your eyes on your property, not the stars. You will get robbed BLIND if you are gazing at the sky instead of keeping an eye on your house, car and any other valuable possessions you might own. That's a fact.)

We would like to wish our friend "Mr. P." "GOOD LUCK" this Sunday as he runs the first-ever ING Georgia Marathon here in Atlanta. The course will bring "Mr. P." right past "Kev's" building, where "Kev" will wave from his balcony with a bottle of gin.

To the rest of you, "Kev" is taking a couple of days off. We trust that is acceptable to you.

We hope you enjoy your weekend. "Kev" will be back on Monday.



Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Welcome back you dirty bitches! It's HUMP day!

How are ya? We here at the "Corner" are fine today. The weather in Atlanta is simply perfect. Couldn't ask for a nicer day.

Again, a lot has happened in the news today, but we are simply too lazy to share it with you. (The staff all went to the beach. Oh, alright. There's no beach here. Can't fool you.)

Instead, we are going to share some videos from YouTube of a guy we think is HOT. As a matter of fact, he is our "first ever" "HUMP DAY HOT Guy!" You saw him last night. Yes, it's American Idol's Chris Richardson (NOT Robertson). Chris has been compared to Justin Timberlake. I say, "that's great!" The world can always use MORE Justins!

Did you ever notice that some Idol contestants hold up their fingers to remind you what their number is for voting purposes? This looks super tacky to me. Keep your hands at your side. We know what number to dial if we want to vote for you.

Anyway, here are some of Chris's Idol performances for your viewing pleasure. He already looks like a star and he doesn't beg for votes by reminding you of his number. Way to go, Chris!

"Kev" may (or may not) be back tomorrow. Have a GREAT Thursday.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Everyone Knows It's Kevie

It's Tooooosday!

Welcome BACK everyone! We hope you are having a FANTASTIC week!

A lot is happening in the news but we just don't feel like bringing it to you today. Check out Those folks are real "pros" and do a bang-up job reporting everything that is happening in our world. They'll tell you all about the boy scout that "went missing," the 6-year-old who brought crack to show-n-tell, the latest in the Anna Nicole Smith babbydaddy (that's a real word) drama and all about Dick Cheney's health scare. Nice job guys!

Did you watch "American Idol" tonight? I have to say, the name Sanjaya sounds like "vagina" to me. No offense, I don't know what this name means, but if I were playing a word association game, that's what comes to mind. Anyway, the "Corner" is endorsing Chris Richardson and Melinda Doolittle. They are our "idols." Chris reminds me of Justin Timberlake and Melinda is just, well, very cute.

I am NOT a Rosie O'Donnell fan. I think she is absolutely horrific. I never "got" her and think she is mildly disgusting. Sorry everybody. I know I am supposed to endorse her since she is lesbian, but I just can't. Tomorrow is her 45th birthday. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSIE!

Finally, for tonight, click HERE to hear a song that, like "Kev," was "born" in 1967 (where it was in the Top 10). It is almost perfect. Instead of "Windy," however, insert "Kevie."

We hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday.

Hugs & Kisses -


Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday's HOT Guy...

Welcome to a new week! It's MONDAY once again...

If you have stopped in over the past few days, you know that we were experiencing "technical difficulties." It was HORRIBLE. A real technological nightmare. On his own, however, "Kev" discovered the root of the problem and was able to correct it. We are HAPPY to report that all is well once again here at the "Corner."

Due to our "technical difficulties," we were not able to feature a "Friday's HOT Guy" last week.

Because we were so disappointed about that, we are bringing you a very special "Monday's HOT Guy."

Today's "HOT Guy" is one of "Kev's" FAVORITES. This man has the life "Kev" was supposed to have. He is the great-great-great grandson of railroad magnet, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and the son of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, today's "HOT Guy" is CNN's Emmy Award winning reporter, and writer, Anderson Cooper!

Anderson, or "Sexy Andy," as I call him, was born on June 3, 1967 (just one month after "Kev"). His academic and professional resumes are impressive. (Basically, way too much for me to write about here, since I am NOT an Emmy Award winning journalist.) If you visit CNN's world headquarters here in Atlanta, you will see many pictures of Anderson on various reporting assignments throughout the world.

We hope you enjoy these pictures of Anderson. You can catch Anderson on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360." You can also catch him currently on "Live With Regis & Kelly," where Anderson is filling in for Regis who is on the mend.

"Kev's Corner" friend "Sar" stopped in Atlanta and we all want to say (again, just me and my mood swings) that it was GREAT to see you "Sar." (She NEVER ages!)

We also want to send warm wishes to our FAVORITE school teacher, Mrs. S., who is having surgery this week. We wish you a speedy recovery!

To the rest of you, have a GREAT week!

"Kev" will be back tomorrow.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blephoritis Kills

It's SUNDAY everybody! Get your ass up and do something! (We mean that in the NICEST way...)

Did everyone enjoy St. Patrick's Day? We certainly hope you did. Here is some INFORMATION you might need today, courtesy of the "Corner." (We are thinking of YOU.)

Unfortunately, the "Corner" is STILL experiencing technical difficulties, although we hope the problems are not evident to you. (Like a house full of alcoholics, we aim to "mask" our problems from the outside world and paint a "rosie" picture for you.) Anyway, we toiled for HOURS on Saturday trying to correct the problem to no avail. We will continue to work tirelessly until the program is functioning properly again, but our posts may not be up to the same fine high quality that you are accustomed to.

We wanted to make sure all of the pet owners who stop in here are aware of a cat & dog food recall. If you have any of these products, DO NOT feed them to your pet (or eat them yourself). (Your pet, or you, will get sick and possibly die and that would be, well, sad.)

Recalled CAT foods -

Americas Choice; Preferred Pets; Authority; Best Choice; Companion; Compliments; Demoulas Market Basket; Fine Feline Cat, Shep Dog; Food Lion; Foodtown; Giant Companion; Good n Meaty; Hannaford; Hill Country Fare; Hy-Vee; Key Food; Laura Lynn; Li'l Red; Loving Meals; Main Choice; Nutriplan; Nutro Max Gourmet Classics; Nutro Natural Choice; Paws; Presidents Choice; Price Chopper; Priority; Save-A-Lot; Schnucks; Sophistacat; Special Kitty; Springfield Pride; Sprout; Total Pet; My True Friend; Wegmans; Western Family; White Rose; and Winn Dixie.

Recalled DOG foods -

America's Choice; Preferred Pets; Authority; Award; Best Choice; Big Bet; Big Red; Bloom; Bruiser; Cadillac; Companion; Demoulas Market Basket; Fine Feline Cat; Shep Dog; Food Lion; Giant Companion; Great Choice; Hannaford; Hill Country Fare; Hy-Vee; Key Food; Laura Lynn; Loving Meals; Main Choice; Mixables; Nutriplan; Nutro Max; Nutro Natural Choice; Nutro; Ol'Roy; Paws; Pet Essentials; Pet Pride; President's Choice; Price Chopper; Priority; Publix; Roche Bros; Save-A-Lot; Schnucks; Springsfield Pride; Sprout; Stater Bros; Total Pet; My True Friend; Western Family; White Rose; Winn Dixie and Your Pet.

You may have noticed that we added some new links (and an advertisement) to the right of the page. We feel these are all worthwhile organizations and hope you will "visit" these sites and give these people your money. Someone has to. It should be you. (We are kidding... Only give if you feel compelled, not because we cajoled you.)

In yesterday's post, "Kev" mentioned that he washes his face with Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo. Someone emailed and asked if he (again, I am talking about myself) really did this and wanted to know the benefits of it. Yes, this is true. "Kev" has blephoritis in his left eye. Blephoritis kills. Seriously. Before you are done reading this post, 210 people in America will have died from Blephoritis. Washing the eye with baby shampoo for two weeks is believed to cure this, along with fish oil. We will let you know if this regimen is successful, or if "Kev" will become a statistic.

In a recent poll conducted by "People Magazine," readers were asked who was more sexy, Matthew McConaughey or David Beckham. Readers voted Matthew "sexier" by 53%. (Can you tell we have nothing to report today?) These people don't know what they are talking about. Becks is WAY hotter.

Dane Cook, Queen Latifah, Vanessa Williams, Peter Graves and Grover Cleveland were all born on this day in March!

Well folks, that's all we have for today. Remember to watch Desperate Housewives, The Amazing Race All-Stars, and Brothers & Sisters tonight!

We will be back on Monday!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

What's The Frequency Kenneth?

Happy St. Patrick's Day, bitches!

As you read yesterday, we are experiencing "technical difficulties" here at the "Corner." Basically, every time we utilize the spell check feature, the entire post is deleted. You can imagine the pressure of having to spell each and every word with 100% accuracy. Also, if we use the back key, the entire post is deleted. To this we say, "What's The Frequency Kenneth," which, according to R.E.M., who wrote this catchy diddy, means "What the $#@!." (We don't like to curse, but "$#@!" = "fuck.")

So, knowing that we can't make ANY changes whatsoever, not even one teenie-tiny backstroke, or we have to start all over again, this post will be very short.

On Wednesday, we reported that March 15th was Sylvester Stallone's birthday. We were wrong. It wasn't. It was Sly Stone's birthday. You can see the confusion, right? We have, however, terminated the lazy bastard who did not check his facts before bringing you that piece of information. We have a zero tolerance policy for shoddy reporting. We are, after all, real journalists (we did take an oath).

Sylvester Stallone did make headlines this past week, however. You may have heard that last month, whilst promoting "Rocky 3007" in Australia, Stallone was detained by customs agents who found 40 vials of human growth hormone (which is illegal stuff) in Sly's (again, we mean Stallone's, not Stone's) luggage. If convicted, Stallone could spend up to 5 years in prison. "Adrianne!"

Angelina Jolie brought her new son, "Pax," home from Vietnam. "Pax," in Vietnamese, means one hell-of-a (that's a word, right) lucky kid.

Taylor Hicks (you know, last year's winner of "American Idol") has lost 22 pounds! (I don't know why this is news, but People Magazine is reporting this, so we are passing it along to you. It must be important if "People" is printing this.)

"Kev" is now taking Nature's Made fish oil to promote a healthy heart and nice skin. (We figure if Taylor Hicks losing 22 pounds is "news," than you might want to know about "Kev's" new health regimen.) He also washes his face ("Kev" that is, not Taylor) with Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo. Let us know YOUR health and beauty tips! We'll publish them here.

Dreams unwind and love's a state of mind. Yes, those are some of the lyrics from Stevie Nicks's "Dreams," which reminds me of the "dreams" I had JUST last night. (You see, I only woke up about 10 minutes ago, am not quite awake and am still "processing" this dream.) Do you ever have dreams that you wished you hadn't woken up from? Sometimes I try to go back to sleep just to see how the dream will end. Anyhoo, last night's dream had a star-studded cast. I dreamt that I was BACK at my 20th high school reunion. All of my friends, "Princess," "Sar," "HOT Guy/Secret Crush Mark C." "B-Rad," "Brian E.," etc., etc., were all there EXCEPT so were Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Daniel Craig (you know, the "new" James Bond) as well as Sarah Michelle Gellar and a HOST of others. It was like the Golden Globes or something. They mingled amongst us as if we were old friends. (To the person who called me "star struck," you may be on to something...) Anyway, "Princess" arrived and looked stunning in a Badgley Mischka gown and up-do, bejeweled in diamonds by Neil Lane (which is what she normally wears, so this wasn't a stretch). She had JUST missed seeing Brad Pitt, who hugged me a LOT, if you know what I mean... (Okay, I don't know what I mean.) I told her, "You just missed Brad Pitt and he hugged me a lot, if you know what I mean. Yes, they adopted another baby. A boy. His name is "Pax." It means one hell-of-a lucky kid in Vietnamese!" The neat part about the dream was that I was more excited to see "Princess" than I was any of the "stars" who made an appearance, so maybe I am not as star struck as one might think. (That's nice, right?)

Well kids, the pressure of not being able to change even one word is starting to get to me, so I will say "good day, bitches" for now!
If you happen to see the "Rejuvenation - 30th Anniversary Resource Guide 2007," our very own "Princess" has a published quote! Spot on Princess! (It only took me an hour to find!)
However you celebrate tonight, be safe! (Drunk driving kills millions of people and animals every day! True statistic!)

Remember to buy your Ricky Martin concert tickets TODAY!

Much love,


Friday, March 16, 2007

Technical Difficulties

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please stop back later. We hope the issue will be resolved soon!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Where have you been? We've been worried about YOU! Alright, we're pulling your leg. But since you're here, how are YOU? What have YOU been up to? We want to know, really.

Here's what's going on today...

Angelina Jolie is now in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where she plans to adopt a 3-year-old boy who was abandoned at birth. Angelina is adopting the child as a single parent because she is not married to Brad Pitt. I wish these two would adopt me. No lie. No word yet on the child's name but we can hardly wait. We're certain it will be "winning."

Borat is available on DVD NOW! (Go buy it! Then lend it to me - I haven't seen it.)

Stevie Nicks will be appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, performing "Rhiannon" & "Stand Back" on April 18th! Who has TiVo? I'm comin' over!

Is everyone watching American Idol this season? We haven't covered it much here at the "Corner" because, frankly, it hasn't been that interesting. Anyway, let us know what YOU think about the show. The bickering between Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell has lost its' "magic." They both bore me.

The gays, including "Kev," are up in arms over General Peter Pace's comment stating homosexuality is immoral. I don't have anything funny or quippy to say BUT this man looks like a latent homosexual if you ask me (and I have seen a LOT of latent homosexuals, trust me). My guess is he's an S&M fella. Wears leather on the weekend. Chaps, harness, hood, the whole ensemble, like the boys above. Okay, I don't know what I'm talking about... I'm just specualatin' (and you know what they say when you speculate, you make an ass out of me and, well, that damn General Pace).

We told you that the "Corner" is going "commercial," and, well, we ARE. We are, however, looking for someone who knows HTML coding! Let us know if YOU can help. (We've accidentally deleted the whole blog TWICE trying to add these damn advertisements. Luckily, "Kev" has learned how to back the "Corner" up and has been able to restore it, again, twice!)

As you ALL know, "Kev" is rounding the corner to 40! I have been asked by a few of you what I want to commemorate this with (i.e., gifts). WELL, since YOU asked (three of you, anyway), I will say that I do not want, expect, or desire, gifts from anyone. Gifts make me uncomfortable. I am not a gift-getting kinda gay. BUT, if you feel inclined... Donating to one of the charities listed to the right, or a charity of YOUR choice, would be really, really cool. One of my "resolutions" for 2007 is to "give back" and it is important to me to think of those less fortunate than myself (including animals) throughout the year. Or, you can write a post for the "Corner" here so "Kev" can take a break.

If you run into Eva Longoria, Fabio, Sylvester Stallone, Judd Hirsch, or former President Andrew Jackson (who is no longer with us) tomorrow, say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BITCH!" They were all born on March 15th.

Well folks, it is 79 degrees and sunny here so "Kev" is going to get outside and enjoy some Daylight Ricky Time.

We hope you all have a GREAT Thursday.

Much love,


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

No Sugar Tonight

What's up with your bad self? Welcome BACK! We hope you are enjoying the week thus far.

The temperatures around this fine country seem to be warming up. Here in Atlanta, the high reached 76 degrees today. I love this time of year, don't you?

"Kev" is taking the night off (he's very tired, alright) but wanted to share another picture of the Carlson twins with YOU.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

For your listening pleasure, click HERE to watch "The Guess Who" perform their 1970 hit, "No Sugar Tonight." (Boy, did these fellas get fat.) What do you suppose this song is about? Any ideas?

Bye bitches.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Jack Kerouac

Hey! You're BACK, and so am I! I am glad we're both here (wherever you are).

"Kev" is back home in HOT-lanta and wanted to say, "wuz up?"

After scouring CNN, Reuters, and the People Magazine sites (yes, that's where we get the "news" we bring to you), we decided there is really nothing of interest today to pass on...

Here are some highlights:

Candy and Tori Spelling are reuniting. So what.

Cheney says Congress undermines troops. Who cares what Cheney says? Not me.

Halliburton (you know, the big Texas oil company Cheney led from 1995 - 2000) is moving their corporate headquarters to Dubai. Well how do you like that? After they bought the White House for Bush, this is the thanks the U.S. gets!

Katie Couric's ratings are "slipping." What does everyone expect from this woman. Give her a break. Oh, by the way... Katie was the "keynote speaker" at a function "Kev" attended once. While he didn't meet her, per se, he did sit awfully close to her. She was adorable and funny.

See the predicament we are in today? The only "exciting" piece of news is that Athens, Georgia-based band, R.E.M., is being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame TONIGHT!

Jack Kerouac and Liza Minnelli were both born on this day.

We hope you enjoy these pictures of some super HOT guys, because they ARE newsworthy.

That's it! We will be back tomorrow.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Get Outta Here & Enjoy Your Day!

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

Did you remember to spring your clock ahead? It is now officially "Daylight Ricky Time!" (I love that, don't you? I made that up!) If not, stop reading this and go change your clocks, you lazy, good for nothin', non-clock changin'... (I am just joshin'.) But hurry. You've lost one hour of your life! (Unless you are reading this in Arizona. Those lucky bastards don't change their clocks thus forfeiting celebrating "Daylight Ricky Time.")

"Kev" is coming to you LIVE from beautiful downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. It's so beautiful that I am here, wasting my time with YOU!

Actually, it is beautiful here and I gotta go soon, but we just wanted to remind everyone to watch "The Amazing Race All-Stars" and "Desperate Housewives" tonight. "Kev" won't be able to catch either show, so I would like a complete recap, with pictures, from all of you tomorrow!

You know we are VERY concerned about the environment and global warming here at the "Corner..." Click HERE to read the latest as reported by CNN, which is, of course, "Kev's" favorite cable network news station (these people tell the truth, dag nab it).

Finally, we wanted to give you (i.e., brag about) a "Kev's Concert Update!" We did secure tickets to see Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaak here in Atlanta! "Kev" is CLOSE to securing second row tickets for "The Killers" AND we WILL be getting Ricky Martin tickets, good ones (if I have to donate a lung, I'll do it)! This is all very "super exciting" for "Kev" because these are all of his "favorite" artists! We will, of course, brag about, I mean, write about, each show and share pictures! (By the way, I am sorry, but the 16-year-old girl I befriended at the Pink/Justin Timberlake concert never did send me copies of her pictures.)

That's it for today.

Now get outta here and go enjoy your day!

"Kev" will be back home on Tuesday!

Oh, about the picture... These are the friends I am staying with in Charlotte. Nice. Oh, alright, I don't know these guys... A fella can dream though, right?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Daylight RICKY Time

Hey, YOU'RE BACK! GOOD FOR YOU (because you aren't gonna wanna miss this news)!

We have a LOT to cover today, so no time to dilly-dally.

First, BREAKING NEWS, that we are happy to bring you...

We told you we would keep you "in-the-know" regarding Ricky Martin's upcoming "Black & White" tour. Official North American tour dates were released TODAY!

Here you go...

4/17/07 - SAN JOSE, CA - HP PAVILION (On sale now)
4/18/07 - FRESNO, CA - SAVE MART CENTER (On sale now)
4/20/07 - LOS ANGELES, CA - STAPLES CENTER (On sale now)
4/21/07 - LAS VEGAS, NV - MANDALAY BAY RESORT (On sale 3/10)
4/22/07 - SAN DIEGO, CA - IPAY ONE CENTER - (On sale now)
4/25/07 - ROSEMONT, IL - ALLSTATE ARENA (On sale 3/10)
4/28/07 - UNCASVILLE, CT - MOHEGAN SUN ARENA (On sale 3/10)
4/30/07 - TORONTO, ON - AIR CANADA CENTRE (On sale 3/9)
05/01/07 - MONTREAL, QC - BELL CENTRE (On sale 3/10)
05/04/07 - DULUTH, GA - GWINNETT CENTER (On sale 3/17)
05/07/07 - HIDALGO, TX - DODGE ARENA (On sale 3/23)
05/10/07 - CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - AMR BANK CTR (On sale 3/17)
05/11/07 - LAREDO, TX - LAREDO ENT CTR (On sale 3/23)
05/14/07 - El PASO, TX - EL PASO COUNTY COLISEUM (On sale 3/23)
05/15/07 - GLENDALE, AZ - JOBING.COM ARENA (On sale 3/16)
05/19/07 - MIAMI, FL - AMERICAN AIRLINES ARENA (On sale 3/17)
05/20/07 - ORLANDO, FL - AMWAY ARENA (On sale 3/17)

"Kev" is SUPER excited and hopes to make the show here in the Atlanta or Chicago area. Lovely Leyla, get out your leather! If "Kev" attends this show, he will have seen ALL of his very favorite performers in the very same year! What a way to celebrate turning 40, since "Kev" is going to celebrate all year! (Start sending presents.)

Melissa Dumas, former nanny for Madonna's children, Lourdes and Rocco, is pitching a "tell-all" book of her experiences whilst in Madonna's employ... I wonder if Ricky would read that book?

Dirty bastard Newt Gingrich admitted to having an affair while actively pursuing perjury charges against "Kev's" favorite President, William Jefferson Clinton. These hypocrites never shock me. Now I know you won't believe this, but "Kev" (sort of) met House Speaker Newt Gingrich... While living in San Francisco, "Kev" and "Kev's" then boss were walking in the Financial District en route to a customer appointment. Right in front of us was none other than that fat ugly bastard, Newt Gingrich. "Kev" shouted, "Hey Newt!" To which he politely responded with a wave. "Kev's" boss said, "I didn't think you liked him?" "Kev" replied, "I don't." I love Ricky.

A recent audit into the use of the "Patriot Act" revealed that the government has misused its' authority to obtain personal information about U.S. citizens. Is Ricky a U.S. citizen? I wonder if they could get me his number? "Hello, Ricky? It's "Kev!"

The fatal bus crash in Atlanta one week ago last Friday claimed its' 7th victim yesterday. The bus, carrying a baseball team from somewhere going to somewhere else, exited Interstate 75 via an up ramp and went off the other side, falling back on to the Interstate below. This is close to "Kev's" house. Very sad story. I hope Ricky's tour bus driver pays more attention than the driver of that bus did.

Salma Hayek is engaged and pregnant. Who cares. I wonder if she knows Ricky?

Daylight Ricky Time begins this weekend. Remember to "spring forward" or you will be late for whatever it is you "do" on Sunday. As everyone knows, Daylight Ricky Time normally occurs in April, so your computer may be, excuse me, fucked up because of this. Isn't Ricky HOT?

Anna Nicole Smith's death remains a mystery (ooops, we said we wouldn't write about her anymore). Nevermind. (I still miss Anna and would venture to guess that she, too, LOVED Ricky!)

That's it for today! We hope you have a TERRIFIC Saturday...

"Kev" is heading out of town, so please keep yourself busy for a few days...

"Kev" will be BACK on Tuesday. Until then,

Shake your bon-bons, bitches!

Click HERE to see RICKY!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday's HOT Guy...


Today marks our 180th post here at the "Corner" and we are reaching 5,000 visits (HOOT and HOLLA)!

Did everyone watch American Idol last night? I have to say, again, I LOVE Carrie Underwood. She's pretty. A consummate entertainer, I would say. You know what I never got about the show though? When someone is kicked, excuse me, "voted," off, they ask them to sing. "Sorry (insert loser's name), you gotta get your ass outta here, but, uh, before you leave, could you sing that horrific song no one liked one more time?"

Lance Bass has been asked to pen his memoirs, a candid autobiography about his life in the spotlight. "Out of Sync" will hit bookshelves, well, when Lance is done writing it. We will, of course, keep you posted AND if Lance visits Atlanta, we will have him sign a copy of the book just to YOU, as his ex-BF, Reichen did (see January 2007 archives).

Okay, there is more entertainment news to "report," (Eddie Van Halen went to rehab, David Beckham is on the mend, Johnny Depp's daughter is very ill, etc., etc.) but I am scraping it all so we can get right to this week's "HOT Guy..."

Today's "HOT Guy" is actor Seann William Scott. I like this guy. He reminds me of Christian Slater. Seann William was born in Cottage Grove, Minnesota on October 3, 1976. He is best known for his role as "Steve Stifler" in the "American Pie" trilogy. If you want to learn more about him, GOOGLE him, bitch!

We hope you have a FANTASTIC Friday!

"Kev" will be back on Saturday!

Until then, enjoy these pictures of Seann William and click HERE to hear one of "Kev's" favorite songs (he has a LOT of "favorite" songs..). You know how a song can take you back to a certain time and place in your life, or remind you of a "special" person? This song is all of that to me...

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