Wednesday, April 30, 2008

King Burger

Hey EVERYONE! Welcome back. "We" hope YOU are having a GR-EAT week. It's... HUMP DAY!

What does everyone make of the Miley Cyrus photo-flap? (You know, the Annie Leibovitz Vanity Fair photo of Miley wrapped in a sheet.) I say, "what's the big deal?" It's not like she made a sex tape. I tried to super-impose my head on that picture but it didn't turn out so well. (I have always wanted to sit for Annie - she's phenomenal.)

Where's Britney? (I miss her.)

Former "Queer As Folk" actor (and Atlanta native) Gale Harold (pictured above) will be joining the cast of "Desperate Housewives." That's great. He's hot.

Here is a clip that made us/me (there's no more staff) laugh...

Have a good day everyone!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Welcome BACK! Did "we" share this picture already? (I can't remember?)

Anyhoo, I/we hope you are all having a great day!

Hugs -


Monday, April 28, 2008


Hey EVERYONE! Have a GR-EAT week!

If you are in Atlanta and want to adopt the cutest dog EVER, let me know... (No, this is not my dog, although I am very tempted.)

Kisses -


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I've been laughing about this song for months... I don't think I will ever grow up. (Don't play this at the office.)

THANKS to "Princess" for letting us know the video is now available.

Hope you are ALL having a GR-EAT week!

Luv -


Monday, April 21, 2008


Hello everyone. "We" hope YOU had a good day today.

Since this is really just my online diary (where I house all of my deepest thoughts and secret, or not-so-secret crushes), I feel compelled to document the passing of a friend (since "we"/I do that here)...

On Friday, April 18th, our friend Chuck passed away (from a heart attack). He was 48 years old. The news was somewhat shocking, as most deaths are. While I did not know Chuck very well, I do know that he was a kind spirit and a gentle soul. He will be missed and "our" thoughts are with his partner, my friend, Brent.

Do you remember the David Beckham mug I was so proud to acquire (from London)? Chuck is the only person to have used that mug and I think, in honor of Chuck, it will remain that way.

I hope you all have a good week.

Love -


Sunday, April 20, 2008


Happy SUNDAY everyone!


Saturday, April 19, 2008


Welcome back y'all! It's SATURDAY! Get up! Get outta bed! Times a wastin'!

YES, I am delirious. You see, "Kev" (and friend) were in attendance at Stevie Nicks' concert in beautiful Reading, Pennsylvania at the Sovereign Center and "we" (me) are already back to tell you about it! (I have had about three hours of sleep...)

The show was, as always, GR-EAT. Vanessa Carlton opened (which was a nice surprise since I didn't know she would be performing prior to arriving last night). While she forgot some of her lyrics, she was still darling and I love her. I clapped and waved/basically showed her that her gay fans appreciate her (we do).

Stevie opened her set with my favorite song, "Stand Back," and continued to perform the set list from last year's "Crystal Visions" tour. (Which is what I expected.) All of the pictures you see here were NOT taken by me (since I don't own a camera) but are from the show. (My birthday is around the corner and I'd really like one, a camera that is... Just something for you all, even the strangers who read this, to think about...) "Kev" chose NOT to participate in last night's "edge walk" where Stevie shakes hands with fans in the first couple of rows (who all descend at the foot of the stage) while "Edge of Seventeen" plays. The "edge walk" sometimes takes away from enjoying the show for me (because I am wondering throughout the show if I am going to be able to shake her hand at the end and who I will have to push and shove to do so - I usually scout out the weakest link to the stage, i.e., the old people who are high, and take that route). By CHOOSING not to participate, I don't have to worry about all of that and can enjoy the show. I WILL however, shake her hand in Boston when I am front/center (that's a guaranteed hand shake). Anyhoo, Stevie has added MORE shows to her summer line up, including CHICAGO. I hope you ALL attend a show.

Okay, one of the goals of last evening was to find "shapeshifterX" (sounds like a crazy cartoon character with super powers, right? We couldn't be that lucky.) "ShapeshifterX" is a very, very SERIOUS, i.e., crazy and unattractive, Stevie-wanna-be woman who performs all of Stevie's songs, equipped with her own guitar, tambourine, cow bell and backing track (none of which she has mastered) in the comfort of her mystical/enchanted living room, mystical/enchanted backyard, or local lodge, which is also mystical and enchanting (it's true). Shapeshifter then places these clips/gems on YouTube (hence her YouTube user name) for all the world to enjoy. Take a look (not responsible for vomiting or bleeding ears)...

Can you handle another one? (I think this was taped a child's birthday party.)

I have commented on her videos/written to her many times asking her to please, in the name of Stevie, STOP making these God-awful videos. Cease and desist. She keeps deleting my comments though and ignoring my email. Anyhoo, we saw about a dozen women (and a couple men) who could have been ShapeshifterX but we could not locate her specifically. I had a "sense" she was with us last evening though.

Finally, I DID NOT know country cuties Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood covered Stevie's hit, "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around." It will never be as good as Stevie's version, but here it is for you to enjoy... (Stevie did not sing this last night.)

That's it friends. Enjoy your Saturday!


Friday, April 18, 2008

Third Row. Need I Say More?

And now for a song (my favorite...)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good Times

Hey bitches! It's Thursday! Welcome BACK!

I have a problem. The theme from "Good Times" is playing in my head, for real (and it won't stop). You know it. "Temporary lay offs. - Good Times. Easy credit rip offs. - Good Times. Scratchin’ and surviving. - Good Times. Hangin in a chow line - Good Times. Ain’t we lucky we got ‘em - (no way, I say) Good Times." I hated that show. Back when I was young, I did not like watching programs that brought me to places I didn't want to be, like a housing project in a Chicago ghetto, for example. It didn't look like "Good Times" to me. (Especially because I grew up in a Chicago suburb where ghetto shootings seemed like a nightly news topic.) James was always being let go from a job, Florida had to work three, J.J. walked around shouting "Dyn-o-mite" - you know, you've seen it. The shows only saving grace was Willona (the neighbor across the hall) who actually looked like the laugh of the party (she was probably very noisy like my neighbors though). Anyhoo, I was walking to the CVS this evening when no less than 3 people asked "can you spare some change?" Sad? Yes. Unfortunate? For sure. Could I spare some change? No (I only had my debit card). However, this is when the theme started playing in my head. I couldn't watch "The Honeymooners" or "Star Trek" when I was a kid either for the same reason - I didn't want to be where they were taking me. (Ralph was always yelling and space exploration in other galaxies was never my thing. I did think Cpt. Kirk was hot though.) (The guy above looks like a good time though, doesn't he?)

IF you are a Stevie Nicks fan, like me, than go to and pre-order Stevie's new DVD/CD Soundstage performance filmed in Chicago last October. As you know, Stevie kicks off her summer tour tomorrow and I will be there! (I hadn't mentioned that yet, right?) This summer concert series (and when I say that, I mean MY summer concert series) is off to a GREAT start! In addition to the Stevie Nicks concerts, "Kev" will be seeing The Eagles (front row) and Dolly Parton! (You're all jealous, right?) (As an aside, I was given FREE tickets to see Avril Lavigne tomorrow here in Atlanta, and I would have gone (even though I don't like her) BUT I won't be here! If you are in town, perhaps you can catch Avril's free show. (That's very sad too, isn't it? Course, it's probably like the readership of our blog here. Only our close friends show up.)

Okay, that's IT. I hope you ALL have a GR-EAT weekend! "Kev" will be back Saturday night to tell you all about the show.

David Beckham Hugs (again, I don't know what I mean by that, but it has to be good) -

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

11th Hour

Hey EVERYONE! Welcome back! "We" hope you are having a GR-EAT week.

People Magazine is reporting that 80's pop sensation Debbie (Debra) Gibson (whom I saw in concert last year - she rocked) has a stalker! Apparently, some 40-something year old man (with not much else going on in his life) attends ALL of Debbie's (damn it, Debra's) concerts, writes to her constantly via email and the U.S. mail, is a member of her fan club, has pictures of her throughout his home and now has shown up at her front door. What kind of crazy lunatic does all of those things? He has been ordered to stay at least 100 feet away. Anyhoo, good luck Debbie.

Now onto some "fun" news... Stevie Nicks kicks off her summer tour in Reading, Pennsylvania THIS Friday and "Kev" (and friend) will be there in the 3rd row (which is approximately 100 feet away, right?). Although she hasn't answered any of my letters, calls or emails, the shrine in my home is coming along nicely. My fan club membership has been upgraded to honorary "Gold Dust Woman" status and this summer "we" (OK, me) are taking a road trip to L.A. to see Stevie's new home... (Of course I am teasing, although I used to drive by her Phoenix home when I was bored, which was quite often.) Honestly, I don't understand the crazed fans that show up at the homes of the stars. As you know, "Kev" has met Stevie officially 5, that's FIVE, times and I never know what to say. I sure wouldn't know what to say if I knocked on her door (and she answered).

What else? What else? Things aren't looking good for presidential hopeful, Senator Clinton. "We" were hoping for the first woman president.

The Pope (Ben 16) is touring the U.S.. Welcome Pope! Ashlee Simpson is pregnant and engaged to Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz. Britney has managed to stay out of the news (where is she)? Perez Hilton is losing weight. Kathy Griffin will be performing here in Atlanta in September. (That's all I have.)

Leonardo DiCaprio's "11th Hour" (Leo's version of "An Inconvenient Truth") is now out on DVD ("Kev" bought it). Some of you know that "we" worry about this planet of ours - I know many of you share the same concern. Watching clips of a polar bear drowning in the artic is very moving (OH, I saw a lady on a bike get hit by a car tonight! That was moving too - freaked me out, although that's not what I am writing about right now. I am sure when she set out tonight, she was only anticipating a nice ride in the spring evening. Wear a helmet when you ride your bike. She wasn't and I would have to say, she looked dead. A real mess.) Anyhoo, some of you have said to me "It's a BIG problem. What can I do (throwing your hands up in the air) to help the environment?" If you'll come back TOMORROW, "we'll" tell you. (Seriously folks, it's late here, I'm still shook up over the bike lady, and you should know these things already. "We" feel it's important to revisit all of the simple things that each and everyone of us can do to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we humans generate though, so "we" will share those tips with you tomorrow.

OKAY, I have to go to bed now. I, we, me, you ALL hope you have a GREAT Thursday.

Much love -


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Busy Being Fabulous

What's UP everyone? How are YOU? Welcome BACK! It's Sunday.

Just a quick "hey there" because I am sure you are too busy being fabulous to think about us. Okay, that was "our" veiled attempt of telling YOU that "we" now have tickets to see "The Eagles" here in Alpharetta, GA on May 15th. The Eagles will be promoting their "Long Road Out Of Eden" CD (which includes the hit "Busy Being Fabulous"). When we say we have tickets, we mean TICKETS... GOOD ONES. Front row. I may be their only gay fan (I don't care), but they are rock royalty I think. Again, I really enjoy Don Henley's voice. He's also a staunch environmentalist and donates his time and money to causes like M.S., which we think is admirable!

If you haven't heard it, click BUSY BEING FABULOUS now (unless you're busy doing something else).

Okay, I have to get outta here now. Have a GR-EAT day.

Hugs -


More fabulous people -

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Angst & Hottness

Hi bitches. How are you? TODAY marks our 452nd post! "We" are tired (it's been a long week) but wanted to say "HEY" and "WHAT'S UP?"

For those of you interested, HERE are Stevie Nicks' upcoming tour dates (I am going broke here...) More dates are being added every day!

Stevie Nicks Upcoming Tour Dates

- April 20 - Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT
- April 18 - Sovereign Center in Reading, PA ("Kev" and friend - 3rd Row)
- June 5 - Biloxi, MS at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
- June 7 in Hollywood, FL at Hard Rock Cafe Seminole
- June 10 - Alpharetta, GA at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park ("Kev" and friends - 4th Row)
- June 13 in St. Louis, MO at Chaifetz Arena
- June 15 in Clarkston, MI at the DTE Energy Music Center:
- June 18 - Orillia, Ontario, Canada at Casino Rama
- June 20 at Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ.
- June 21 at Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ.:
- June 22 - Boston, MA at Bank of America Pavilion ("Kev" - FRONT ROW/CENTER!)
- June 25 in Toledo, OH at Toledo Zoo Amph.

"We" already have our Friday HOT Guy lined up - so please don't flood us with nominations...

If you're a big 'mo like me (or even if you're not), than go see "Shelter." It's a homo blockbuster (starring super hot straight guys who don't even look or act gay, except for the gay sex they have). These two play (again - gay) California surfers who surf, fall in love, surf, have sex, surf some more, fight, surf, break up, surf, have more sex, surf, get back together, surf and raise a son (who looks like a surfer). (Most gays I know won't even swim in the ocean, so it's a very unrealistic movie but it's being touted as the new "Brokeback Mountain.") It's full of angst and hottness and surfing. Here are some pics -

Here's the official "synopsis" (I wrote mine before finding this - I like mine better PLUS these people don't even mention the surfing, or the sex, which is paramount to the movie.)

"Forced to give up his dreams of art school in order to take care of his family, Zach (Trevor Wright) has become accustomed to a life where he neglects his own needs in favor of taking care of his older sister, Jeanne (Tina Holmes) and his nephew, Cody. When his best friend’s older brother, Shaun (Brad Rowe), returns home to cure a case of writer’s block, Shaun and Zach develop a friendship that develops into a true, intimate relationship. Shaun presses Zach to take control of his life, and to take ownership of his artwork. He also develops a strong bond with Cody, and Zach happily notices the positive effect Shaun’s attention has on him. As time progresses, however, a host of new issues come up. Zach struggles with his identity, his family, and friends, while trying to understand the new emotions Shaun has brought into his life. When the cat is let out of the bag, Jeanne threatens to take Cody away. Wanting nothing but the best for him, Zach is forced to decide between his pattern of always putting others’ desires first or fighting for what is really most important and appropriate for both his and Cody’s future.

“With an outstanding script expertly brought to life through stellar performances and striking cinematography, Shelter is a gorgeous, captivating film that is, at its heart, a story about family."

Here's the web site...


THAT'S it for today!

Much love (bitches),


Want to know what I was listening to whilst creating this post? Click below.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

My New Watch (Bitches)

Welcome BACK everyone! "We" hope YOU are enjoying your weekend...

I am too tired to write (and am going to bed) but wanted to share this. Bragging? Perhaps. (Brad, unfortunately, was not included.)

Make a difference this week, would ya?

(I have to tell you... my dear friend, "Princess," always asks me if I made the world a better place today. Usually my response is "Not so much." She cracks me up! I wrote that for her. She is BACK from her Mexican vacaciones and "we" can't wait to share her pictures with YOU. "We" missed her!



Other products I have courtesy of some slick advertising (i.e., Brad endorsed) -

David Yurman Rope Chain

Penguin Shirt (I love these...)

Here he is sporting BOTH products... This is what I look like when I wear these things (right?).

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mea Culpa

Sometimes things out of our control happen, right? Yesterday was a case of mistaken HOT Guy identity. Our friend P meant to share THIS HOT Guy...

But instead forwarded the pic you may have seen in yesterday's post (which we have now removed). "We" put it up because P thought he was really "HOT." "We" thought he must have been extra HOT on the inside (like me) because "we" weren't seeing it based on the wrapper. A lesson we have learned here kids is that HOTTNESS comes in all forms, shapes and sizes and is unique to all of us. Far be it for us to judge. (Have "we" recovered/made "ourselves" sound less shallow?)

Okay, now we would like you to stand up and shout because our dear friend Mrs. S. is celebrating her birthday. (And she is a HOTTIE in my book!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. S.! You are in our thoughts today. This song is for you...

That's IT for today (we got things to do).

Love and hugs to all of you.


Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday's HOT Guy...

HELLLO you dirty bastards! How are YOU? It's FRIDAY and that means it's time for another "HOT Guy." "We" actually had a "HOT Guy" lined up for today, however, two of our readers sent us the following. The first "HOT Guy" is some anonymous fella nominated by our friend P. Here he is...


(We're really scraping the bottom of the barrel, don't you think?) Okay, we don't know who this nerd is, but we are certain he is a fine/upstanding/kind nerd nonetheless. (Sorry if this is you/your picture. We're really NOT about making fun of people, but this picture makes me laugh. At least he has all of his hair, albeit cut poorly.)

Now here are some other "HOT Guys" brought to us by our friend, A-Town Kitty...

We would also like to bid Kitty a fond farewell as she heads BACK to Bosnia/Croatia (somewhere that doesn't sound fun to me) to help those less fortunate than ourselves (like the guy above I think). She has promised to bring me a Starbucks Bosnia mug (or a boyfriend), so I am super excited.

The Stevie Nicks photo above was sent to "us" by our friend, Alicia. Alicia is helping "Kev" with his "shrine" to Stevie Nicks. (WAIT till you see the "40 X "60 canvas going over my bed! It's off the hook!) Stevie announced MORE concert dates today. Check out her official web site, The Nicks Fix, at "Kev" will be attending shows in the following cities - Reading, Alpharetta, and Boston! (It's all I can think about right now.)

Okay, "we" have nothing left to say today BUT we hope YOU have a GR-EAT weekend.

Just like the sea, I still rock a little -


Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Greetings FRIENDS (and strangers!)

How are YOU today? Just a quick note to say "hey" and "what's up" to all of you! It's Wednesday and it was a beautiful day here in Atlanta. "Kev" enjoyed a sunset with friends and a pomegranate martini (which has given me a slight dull headache).

Several of you are celebrating birthdays this month, so to you, we say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Among our special friends turning another year older is our dear friend and former teacher, Mrs. S.. As you know, she was/is the coolest, hippest, kindest teacher a kid could have ever wished for. "We" will be thinking of YOU on April 5th. "Kev's" "sistah" (i.e., silliest gay friend) will be celebrating his big day on April 18th AND "Kev" will be hosting his big birthday bash. (I love parties.)

Did anyone catch "American Idol" or "Big Brother" tonight? "Kev" missed both (due to that pomegranate martini I described above). Who was sent packing (on both shows)?

Okay, I know you were just getting settled, but it's late and I am tired. I hope you ALL have a GR-EAT Thursday! Send your "HOT Guy" nominations!

Love, hugs and David Beckham kisses!


I LOVE this kid...

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