Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday, Monday

Hello! Monday, Monday. What else can we say?

What's up everyone? I hope you are all s-w-e-l-l! Can't write too much still, although the latest medical update is that I do not have CT but a pinched nerve in my C5 vertebrae which produces CT-like symptoms. (I had this a couple of years ago and it was not fun...) SO, until I am fully recuperated, the "Corner" may be, well, pretty lame. (You all have permission to read Perez Hilton's blog. While certainly "up" on the latest in Hollywood, he lacks a little heart though.)

Have a GR-EAT week.

Love and hugs,


Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday's HOT Guy...

It is FINALLY Friday! Wut up everyone?

Before we get to today's "HOT Guy," I wanted to share this clip from Kathy Griffin's performance last Saturday night in Chicago. While the quality isn't the best (it's YouTube, what do you expect), at least forward to my favorite part, which starts at about 8:10. Very funny... (raaa ra raaa) Also, I did not know this BUT Kathy's tee's, "Everyone Can Suck It" and "Main Gay" were debuted at THIS show! (Never been sold before until this night!) I am proudly wearing mine right now. Being proclaimed someones "main gay" is HUGE. Flattering and huge. I was touched. It was like winning an Emmy. "We" know "Princess" has other gays to choose from, so "we" appreciate it. (The shirt itself is very comfortable too, much more so than our own, "Kev's Corner" tees.)

As you may know, "Kev's" friend, FUN Jimmy, relocated to Southern California in August. Jimmy has "checked in" and reported that he (and Kylie) are fine. While he could see the fire in the distance, his home was not affected.

Okay, today's "HOT Guy" is "Trading Spaces" carpenter, Carter Oosterhouse (pronounced O-Ster-house). Carter was voted one of People Magazine's "sexiest men alive" as well as one of the "sexiest men on TV." Carter reigns from Michigan and is a former model. (Although "we" have had a really hard time finding lots of pictures of him.) Personally, I stopped watching "Trading Spaces" about 7 years ago, but would agree with my aunt (who nominated him) that Carter is certainly sexy. Carter has not one, but TWO shows premiering this Fall (perhaps they are already on? I don't know...). One is "Carter Can" (love that "can-do" spirit) and "we" are not certain what the second is titled. Anyhoo, please enjoy these (two) pictures of Carter Oosterhouse, today's "HOT Guy." (That's all I could find!!)

The gays (as I suppose many of the straights) celebrate Halloween tomorrow night. Have fun, be safe and all of that other stuff. "Kev" will be with his "sistah," et al, so I need to rest up and say goodbye now.

Hugs -


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mele Kalikimaka

Mele Kalikimaka everyone! (It's NOT Christmas?)

How is EVERYONE today? "We" hope you are well.

FIRST, I have to say HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to my friend, Donna, who you all know as "Kitten" (#1). "Kitten" celebrated her "special day" on Monday, and, well, "our" heads were up our asses and we forgot. "Kitten" shares her birthday (same year and everything) with gay ice skater, Brian Boitano!

Guess who met LANCE BASS this evening? Guess. Okay, it was (not) ME. Lance signed his autobiography, "Out of Sync," at the Outwrite Bookstore, but "Kev," although back in Atlanta in time, decided not to attend. (I called to assess the crowd and was told no one was there/the #1 ticket was still available and while I wanted to meet him just for you (okay, mostly for me), I just couldn't get it together in time to attend. If YOU met Lance, tell us all about it. ("We" hear is a lovely young man, very gracious to his fans, etc., but I don't feel like reading an autobiography of a 28-year-old, gay, ex-boybander - I could probably write that story myself).

The fires in Southern California seem to be under control, although 1,000's remain displaced/homeless. (I don't know what else to write about this?) I have to say, Anderson Cooper looks GR-EAT. It looks like loads of fun at the Qualcomm Center, despite the tragedy.

Lindsay Lohan's mother is set to begin filming her own reality show on October 30th. Unfortunately, this is true. (This world has gone mad.)

Okay, I am going to bed now.

Send us your "HOT Guy" nominations (except Carter Ooster-someone-or another - I can't find any decent pictures of that guy...).

Hugs -


Monday, October 22, 2007

Hopelessly Enchanted

WUT UP? Welcome BACK!

Everyone have a GR-EAT Monday? "We" hope so. This is our 360th post!

So much to talk about and so little time... The weekend's Stevie Nicks concert, Kathy Griffin, "Kev's" "Main Gay" tee, straight guys in a garage, "Princess" presiding over the PTA (she rules with an iron fist), fires in Southern California, Kid Rock arrested at an Atlanta area Waffle House, Britney's new lips (she looks even MORE awful), the Dhali Lama in Atlanta's Centennial Park (I don't know what he wanted), the draught, the crazy lady I sat next to on the plane coming home (she had gas AND made horrible noises clearing her sinuses repeatedly)... it just goes on and on and on. "We" don't know where to start? Since we don't have much time, let's talk about...

The Stevie Nicks concert was, in a word, GR-EAT! FABULOUS. Wonderful. I remain simply mesmerized by her. Some might say "hopelessly enchanted." Stevie really switched things up this time. She opened with "Stand Back" ("Kev's" favorite and the one "Princess" committed to memory) in cool rock star, black, animal skin-like PANTS (which are usually reserved for the end), she sang "Sara" (which she rarely ever does), wore a salmon shawl instead of gold when she performed "Gold Dust Woman," (a song about a rock and roll woman with a bit of a cocaine addiction), covered the Dave Matthews Band's "Crash Into Me," which I hope you all saw/listened to yesterday. It was like I didn't know where I was. Different, yet the same. And, of course, the boots are BACK (which you would only understand if you knew the boots were missing, replaced by platform Reebok's for several years). This is VERY exciting for fans (why, I am not sure) but is also commemorated on a concert tee, which, you may know, I own. We did not get to shake Stevie's hand this time, which was, well, sad.

My "date," "Princess," looked, as always, stunning. I would venture to say the most attractive and best dressed woman in the audience. "Princess," however, will tell you that this was not a difficult feat since many of the others wore their capes, shawls, lace, trinkets and charms - you know, gypsy gear, even if that meant wrapping a Zarape around their shoulders and casting spells on other audience members WHILST drinking their potions (i.e., vodka, gin, boxed wine). You get the point. The garden varieties in the crowd were NOT pretty. (It reminded me of Ohio, although I don't feel like "going there" tonight so you can use your imagination. We mean no offense to the state as a whole - we're certain it is beautiful.)

Anyway, Friday night marked "Kev's" 46th Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac concert. I never, ever get tired of seeing Stevie (it's very exciting) and for me there is no one else like her. Stevie is performing THIS Thursday at the WTTW studios in Chicago, taping a DVD for "Soundstage" and I WILL let everyone know when it is available.

Kathy Griffin performed at the Chicago Theatre, a simply gorgeous venue, and was also a ton of fun. "Princess" spotted another gay we went to high school with at the show as well. Did you know Kathy has merchandise (tee shirts) now that say "Main Gay" and "Everyone Can Suck It?" "Princess" bought me a "Main Gay" tee and I will "cherish" it.
Okay, I don't feel like writing anything else tonight. I am tired, crabby and my wrist hurts (just keeping it real).

I hope EVERYONE has a GR-EAT week. The pics you see (courtesy of "Princess") are from Friday's show. I will post more later this week.

Just like the white-winged dove ('cept different),


OH! Ask "Princess" to tell you about her encounter with famed, legendary guitar player and Stevie Nicks' musical director Waddy Wachtel...

Sunday, October 21, 2007


It's... (what day is it?) SUNDAY! "Kev," Kevin (all of my personalities) are now home! As nice as it is to go away, I also enjoy coming home. Too tired to write right now BUT please enjoy these videos from Friday's Stevie Nicks concert. (The quality is poor, but rest assured our view was much better than this.) (More videos to follow...)

The concert, Kathy Griffin (I have to tell you about my new shirt), etc., was all good (and I will tell you about it later this week). Thanks, as usual, to the "W's" for having me.

I hope you ALL have a good week!



A Dave Matthews Band cover... (loved it)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


You all know "WE" reported it first, but that damn, fat sonofabrother, Perez Hilton, got the picture. Above is Ricky Martin with his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame taken earlier today (that fatty also wrote "likes boys" on my husband's picture. That's so not nice.) Anyhoo, doesn't Ricky look great? I think he is super sexy.

How is EVERYONE today? I hope you are all f-i-n-e, fine. It was a perfect day in A-Town.

Thanks to those of you who have asked about my arm/wrist (you know, carpal tunnel). I am feeling MUCH better than last week (although I was told to stay off the computer...Yikes.)

I have to tell you... I am SO frustrated... I spent the last hour explaining the origin of yesterday's post title, you know, all about "half way to Hinchcliffe," and the blog program shut down, deleting everything I wrote (it was good too - the first post I have liked in a LONG time)! And, like a pop song, I know the posts that are good and the ones that aren't, so I was disappointed. I can't stay up tonight to recreate it, and am not sure I could anyway, BUT we will tell you what it means the NEXT time we post.

Did anyone watch TLC's "Little People, Big World," a show I endorsed in yesterday's post? I have to say, season two, not so good. Too much bickering, less inspiration. Too much reality. I want "reality" that is more of a facade. I had to change the channel.

Before "we" head out of town, we would like to say BON VOYAGE to our friend, and former "HOT Guy," Patrick (that sounds bad/wrong - he's still hot, actually hotter with the last haircut I saw him sporting. What we mean is he is just not featured this week). Patrick will be participating again this year in The Dublin Marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training (if his knee holds out). (I believe he even mentored others.) Anyways (that's a real mid-western segway), good luck Patrick.

Okay, that's IT for today (and most likely for about a week). I am not sure I mentioned that Stevie Nicks is performing this Friday and "Kev" and "Princess," along with "HOT Guy," "Dave," will be in the FRONT ROW (I never get tired of writing, i.e., bragging, about that.) AND, "we" will also be catching Kathy Griffin's performance at the Chicago Theatre (or whatever they call it now).

I hope you all have a GR-EAT week and we will be back as soon as we can!

Hugs, kisses, and love -


Monday, October 15, 2007

Half Way To Hinchcliffe

BENVENUTI bitches! (That's Italian. We'd like to think you are learning something when you stop in here.)

For those of us who like to count.. 3 days 'til Chicago, 4 days 'til Stevie Nicks, 5 days 'til Kathy Griffin.

"Kev's" CT is still acting up/out, so this post will be short. (Although I am thinking the vitamin B6, which I am taking, is helping!)

Today is former Jockey underwear model and former Baltimore Orioles pitcher, Jim Palmer's, 62nd birthday. I think Jim, also known as "Cakes," was my first celebrity crush when I was a young gay, followed by Rick Springfield, who is like 70 now. (I am sure he would be ELATED to know that...) Anyhoo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jim Palmer.

The season premier of one of "Kev's" favorite shows, "Little People, Big World" is tonight on TLC. I love this show. It is a nice change from other reality shows that accentuate and celebrate negative behavior. You know which ones I am talking about, right? (Although I LOVE MTV's "Parental Control." Anyone seen that? It's a show where the parents get to choose two dates for their son/daughter because their current son/daughter's current girlfriend/boyfriend is a real asshole. The show usually entails the current boyfriend/girlfriend calling the mom a biatch (much like we do here) and other hi jinx juvenile delinquent shenanigans.) "Kev's" other favorite show (the only show I make a point to watch), "How I Met Your Mother," is also on tonight. (I like "The Office" a lot too...)

For those of you outside of Georgia, you may have heard that we are experiencing one of the worst draughts in Georgia's history. Rain fall in the area at this time of year has normally reached 43 inches. We have had only 23. Lake Lanier, a lake that is a significant water source for the Atlanta-metro area, is 14 feet below its normal level (it's scary). For those of you IN Georgia, do what you can to conserve water. Replace your shower head with one of those that barely lets any water out at all, take shorter showers, shower together, perhaps with a neighbor, turn the water off when you brush your teeth, don't brush your teeth, don't wash clothes until you have a full load or just don't wash your clothes (same with the dishwasher). You can even consider not flushing the toilet every time you use it. (I do that anyway.) You get the point...

I normally title a post AFTER I write it (makes sense, right?). I am in a conundrum this evening because I titled the post FIRST, but don't feel like changing it or explaining the meaning (my wrist hurts). It is, after all, what's on my mind... Maybe it will be our own urban legend or myth. You can create your own meaning for "Hinchcliffe." I'd like it on a tee-shirt or bumper sticker. Oh, alright, I will explain it in tomorrow's post, when I have free time at the office.

Until then, I hope you ALL have a GR-EAT week!

Molto amore (more Italian for you),


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hey Ricky!

Happy SUNDAY everyone!

You won't read this in People and you won't read this on Perez Hilton, London Calling Luv or even that Towleroad blog (although I did not check that site). This is a "Kev's Corner" exclusive (I think...).

Ricky Martin will receive the 2,351st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame THIS Tuesday, October 16th at 6901 Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Virgin Mega Store! (I knew my fan club membership would be well worth the $59.99 annual fee!) If you are in the area (FUN Jimmy), stop by and say "HEY RICKY" (then slap his ass, snap a picture of him, his star, you know, enjoy the experience).

Also, Ricky's "Black & White" tour (the one "Kev," et al, caught here in Atlanta on May 4th, when (remember this) Ricky gave an unprovoked "thumbs up" and "wink" to "Kev" (no lie - I am not even making that up) will be released on DVD! You can pre-order your copy from (okay, I am assuming that part - I don't know where you can pre-order it, but know it CAN be pre-ordered.)

OH, I forgot to tell everyone this (and "Princess" knows I am not making this up either...). "Kev" met someone last weekend who works out at the same gym (and takes classes with) LEANN RIMES (as well as LeAnn's gay husband, Dean, who is very cute)! It's TRUE! It's "Princess's" cousin! I told her how much I l-o-v-e, love LeAnn Rimes and she regaled me with all of her LeAnn and Dean stories. She told me how limber Dean is. I replied, "of course he is." I told her that LeAnn waved to me from the stage (mostly to stop me from shouting "I love you" from the audience. Okay, I didn't shout anything that night but waved incessantly.) Anyhoo, she said she may be able to work out a meeting (you know, bring me to this gym). I'm working on my "I just met LeAnn Rimes speech" right now! I would remind her that I am the Atlanta fan she waved at back in August. I am sure it will come back to her.

Okay, I HATE to tell you this, but my CT is still out of control so I won't be writing anything more today. I (I mean, "we") hope you have a WONDERFUL Sunday.



Watch this video. It's hot... (Again, "Kev" saw this live!)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sometimes It's A Bitch

Okay, it "pains" me to be writing to you (really) but there is just SO much to say.

First, how are you? (We can't forget manners, right?)

On Tuesday, my arm/wrist/hand hurt so bad, I could barely type. Today is a little better (no shooting pain up my arm and my fingers aren't the size of swollen sausage links), so I'm coming back to tell you...

7 days until Stevie Nicks! YAY! One week from tonight, "Kev" and "Princess" will be in the FRONT ROW at the Rosemont Theatre. That's ROW A, baby!

HOT (gay) Guy LANCE BASS will be in Atlanta on October 25th signing his book, "Out of Sync." Unfortunately, "Kev" will be "Out of Town" and unable to attend the signing. He is very, very disappointed. (What I wouldn't give for a picture with Lance...) If you are here in Atlanta, GO! (It's at Outwrite, 8 p.m.) Smack his ass and say "hey!" for me. (The gays like that.)

Al Gore, along with the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, won a Nobel Peace Prize today for his/their work related to global warming. This is awesome. Congrats Al!

Vanessa Carlton's latest CD, "Heroes & Thieves" hit stores on Tuesday. Stevie joins Vanessa on one track titled, "The One." (It's on YouTube if you want to hear it.)

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day (did anyone come out?) as well as "Kev's" B ex BFF, Steve's, 42nd birthday. Steve is also recovering from foot surgery (while on vacation in the wine country). God speed Steve (and HAPPY BIRTHDAY)! (We're getting old...)

Remember me telling you about "spaghetti or a spanking" - a true quote I heard a father say to his daughter last week? Yesterday, I was waiting for MARTA (you know what that is, right? It's our train system here in A-town) and I overheard another father (on his cell phone, or mobile, if you wish) telling his kid, "When I get home, I am going to strangle you. Now put your mother on the phone." I had flash backs of that Alec Baldwin voice message to his daughter. (What's her name? Iceland?) Anyway, I purposely never wanted children, mostly because I don't like vagigi (I can't spell that) and would never want to bring someone in the world only to mess them up, but I am starting to think I wouldn't have been so bad.

On a (very) personal note, I have an appointment with the Bosley hair people. You know them, right? They make you pretty again when you don't have any hair. I learned that I am a "Class 6" (most severe, lacking much donor hair) but we'll see what they can do for me. Bald is NOT beautiful and I just hate it. Which reminds me, when I was a young gay, with just a receding hairline, I started getting brochures in the mail from HCM (Hair Club for Men), of which I later became a member, not because I requested the material, but because our very own "Princess" thought it would be amusing to order the brochure on my behalf. She was a "card" even back then, wasn't she?

OH, speaking of "Princess," she has a GR-EAT 15th anniversary story to share... You'll shit.

Finally, we would like to send warm thoughts to our friend Barb, who is "Kitten's" sister, in Phoenix. Barb doesn't read this, but she is my favorite of all of "Kitten's" family members (just please don't tell the others). They are all cute, fun, smart, interesting, etc. (like "Kitten," of course) but I just "clicked" with Barb. Anyway, this isn't about my fondness for Barb, BUT about the fact that Barb will be having heart surgery in November. "We" will be thinking about her and send "BIG HUGS" her way.

That's about all my wrist can handle for today folks. I hope you ALL have a GR-EAT weekend.

The Stevie Nicks song/video below, "Sometimes It's A Bitch," written for Stevie by Jon Bon Jovi, debuted on this very day back in 1991 (at #56 on Billboard's Top 100). Stevie did not want to sing the word "bitch" and needed some coercing to record this. (Please, bitch. We say bitch here every day. I guess back in 1991 it was still taboo and wasn't the badge of honor it is today.)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Hey Hey! You're back! How are YOU? "We" hope YOU are fine.

Our dear friend June is BACK from Croatia (and she did in fact take pictures of some pretty hot guys). To June, "we" missed you! Welcome home!

Our friends "Princess" and "Hottie" are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary THIS week! Happy anniversary you two crazy kids!

Only 9 days until Stevie! YAY!

Okay, "we" are not reporting on anything in the news today because "we" have some news of our own...

First, we reached a milestone today... 10,000 visits to the site! YAY! (I like the word, "YAY." It's so uplifting. "YAY!")

Second, (the bad news) "Kev" is going to be taking a hiatus from the blog for several weeks. I know, it's sad... You see, "Kev" now has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and for those of you who have had it, it's a real son of a bitch, isn't it? My right arm, wrist and hand are super sore (and numb) and I need to take a break (and possibly have surgery). I have had the "symptoms" for about two weeks now, hoping it would go away, but it is only getting worse. I will be going to the neurologist, but until it is better, I need to stop typing/stay away from the computer as much as I can. (This is when "we" wished we had a back up blogger to take over the reigns...)

"We" are leaving you with pictures of Rusty Joiner, one of our favorite hot guys. "We" hope you check back in a few weeks when "we" will hopefully be recovered.

Until then,


Monday, October 08, 2007


Hey everyone!

No post today (my wrist hurts, for real).

Today, however, is Sharon Osbourne's 54th birthday. SHARON! (I miss the Osbournes. The whole family is a hot mess.)

Enjoy this clip...




SHOOT, it is not Sharon Osbourne's birthday today (it is tomorrow and she will be 55.) It IS, however, Matt Damon's 37th birthday today.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

19 Something Or Another

It's...SATURDAY (okay, it's still really Friday, but we are blogging in advance because, as we said previously, "we're" very busy...).

What's up peeps? Everyone good? Good.

We are counting down the days until "our" (me and all my personalities) visit to Chicago. I am super excited about seeing everyone and, believe it or not, have already packed for the trip (something I never do - pack in advance). The unfortunate part is that I/"Kev" (all of us) will only be in town for four days which is hardly enough time to visit everyone I would like to visit. The good news is, I will be BACK in Chicago next month for an extended period.

As mentioned yesterday (okay, really just earlier today), "Kev" is super excited because "Princess's" parents are in town (which is why I am getting the blog "out of the way" - so I can spend more time with them)! They, as well as the rest of the family, are lovely people and I just love them. I do, however, wish Princess was able to join them this weekend.

Oh, I have been meaning to tell all of you people "we" have given names to... Feel free to "switch it up." You know, call yourself whatever you like. Far be it for me to name you... (We meant to mention that about one year ago when we started this blog but it slipped our minds.)

Today we would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our friend Deborah. Deborah was born on this day in 19 something or another... (Who am I to tell someones age?) "We" hope you have a GR-EAT birthday, m'dear. THANKS for your friendship.

Vanessa Carlton's new CD, "Heroes & Thieves," hits stores THIS Tuesday! Stevie (do I need to use her last name? You know which Stevie I am talking about) sings one song on Vanessa's CD, titled, "One." (I haven't heard it yet but will post it here once it is available. I know you bitches are excited about that.)

Another group I like a lot is Matchbox 20. They also have a new CD out called "Exile On Mainstream." Enjoy these Matchbox 20 videos...

That's ALL for today folks. Have a GR-EAT weekend. Be good.



Friday, October 05, 2007

Spaghetti Or A Spanking

Welcome BACK! THANKS for reading "our" blog (instead of working)!

"Kev" has been super, super busy this week (not that YOU haven't... Far be it for us to "one up" you). Work - crazy. Home life - crazy. "Kev" - crazy. Everything - just crazy. As you might recall, "Kev" is house/pet sitting for our dear friend June WHILST she travels the globe in search of hot Croatian guys (okay, she isn't doing that) so "he" (that's me) has been spending a lot of time out of my comfort zone (a.k.a, Midtown). Suburbia really isn't my thing, I have to say. I start to shake when I am "outside the perimeter" (that's what they call it here) too long. I am still thinking about last night. I stopped at a pizza place in Marietta, near June's home, that was FULL of families. Minivans and sippy cups. Kids running here. Kids running there. Moms yelling at kids, etc. (you know - you've been there). "Ansley" (which is also a mall here - and not a nice one) could not decide what she wanted for dinner. This was quite stressful for the rest of the family, especially "Dad," who was ready to order. "Dad" told "Ansley" her choices... "Spaghetti or a spanking." I thought "damn." (BTW, don't name your child Ansley. That's not right. Consider what will sound cute when you're shrieking their name out across a crowded restaurant.) Anyhoo, my order was ready and I had to leave, but I thought about that today and wondered what "Ansley" opted for?

Okay, I am running out of time here people. "We" have some very important folks arriving in a matter of hours and "Kev" hasn't even showered today (that's the upside of working in an office by yourself... (Oh, everyone knows the (un) assistant got let go, right?)

We will feature a HOT Guy this weekend. Until then, please enjoy this picture of my nephew, who I just adore. Today was "nomad" day at school. Yes, this is "Princess's" son, who is the smartest, most considerate kid I have ever met.

Our friend, Mr. P., attended the Foo Fighters show last night here at Atlanta's "Tabernacle" (he is always doing f-u-n, things..). Please enjoy this Foo Fighter's video...

I hope you ALL have a GR-EAT weekend.



A few of you have asked for pictures of the new condo. My place looks suspiciously similar to my "nieces" homework assignment, which was to create an immigrant tenement. Spot on! Slap a Stevie Nicks poster on one of the walls, douse it with some gay cologne (CKIn2U) and we're good to go!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Okay, we know for certain that a few of you are reading that damn Perez Hilton blog (you can't hide it when you correct "us" about references to it, you know). Apparently, Perez refers to Britney's children as "Tater Tot" (which we reported correctly) and "French Fry" (not "Spud" as we had indicated). Enough said.

The big news of the day was that Britney was a "no show" in court today (and that sink hole in La Jolla - everyone see that?). "Kev" was at the dentist, getting a filling, when all of the news broke. I have to say, it's a lot of fun discussing Britney with my dental hygienist, who "saw this coming."

Does everyone remember Casper Van Dien (some say "Van Damn" because he is attractive)? WELL, my friend and real estate agent, whom we'll call "Pom Pom" showed Casper and his wife a home today. A home that "Kev" has been to as well! (Isn't that exciting?) Casper bears a striking resemblance to famed porn star Jeff Stryker, don't you think?

Only 15 more days until "Kev," "Princess" and "Dave" are front row (almost center) for Stevie's BIG show in Chicago. All of this Stevie talk has over shadowed the fact that 16 days from now, "Kev," "Princess" and "Hottie" will be (nowhere near) front row (loge) for KATHY GRIFFIN! YAY!

This weekend, "Kev's" "parents" will be in town (YAY!). Okay, they are not my parents, but "Princess's" parents, (who I always wished were my parents because, well, they are great) and "we" cannot wait to spend time with them. Love them!

That's IT you dirty bastards. I hope you ALL have a GR-EAT Thursday!
Come back!


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

This Post Has No Title

Alright... This was "swiped" from that other blog I read. ("We" are out of pictures - can you believe it?)

How is EVERYONE today? "We" hope you are s-w-e-l-l.

Honestly, I don't feel like writing tonight. You understand, I am certain.

I hope you ALL have a GR-EAT hump day tomorrow.



Monday, October 01, 2007

Kitty & Corbin

Welcome back you sonsofbitches! How are YOU today? "We" (yes, of course, still just ME) hope you had a GR-EAT day.

"Kev" received no less than three phone calls tonight asking, "So, that's "something" about Britney, huh?" (Like I know her, or really care.) Actually, I hadn't even heard the news until my phone started ringing. Anyhoo, Brit-Brit (isn't that what she's called) lost primary custody of her sons, "Spud" and "Tater-Tot." You know what we say here, don't you? Toe the line. Think outside the box. The answer has been within you all along. Good for you! It's probably for the best. (This is why we "we" don't dole out advice here.) I hope Chris Crocker does another "Leave Britney Alone" video because, let's face it, that was hysterical (and tragic). (I hope Britney gets some help - the girl's a mess.)

Is anyone watching "Dancing With The Stars?" I like "Cameron" (I don't know his last name) from "All My Children." He is hot but has a defeatist outlook. Too many, "I cant's." (Words of a loser. I've heard them.)

OKAY, the most exciting "news" "we" want to share is that our very own "L'il Kitty" (who is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen) attended a sold out star-studded event in Phoenix over the weekend. The "Kristi Yamaguchi's Friends & Family With The Cheetah Girls And Corbin Bleu" tour rolled through Phoenix last weekend and "L'il Kitty" was on hand to take in the show as well as a VIP meet-n-greet with the cast. Our very own "L'il Kitty" is photographed above with "High School Musical" star Corbin Bleu, talking about their upcoming "project" together. I have to say, when I look at the picture, I don't even see Corbin. "L'il Kitty" outshines him by far. "We" were also very excited (and "we" shouldn't admit this) because "we" think Zac Efron is super cute. This is like 6-degrees of Zac Efron (who, as you know, was the real star of "High School Musical," I & II, in my opinion). I know "L'il Kitty," therefore I have met Zac Efron... To our budding starlet, "we" hope you had a GR-EAT time at the show. THANKS for sharing the picture. It made "us" smile.

Nite everyone!


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