Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sup Bitches?

What's up bitches? ("We" never, ever, never get tired of referring to you in that manner. Let's face it, "we're" immature. "We're" sure if "we" are still blogging when "we" are 70, that we will still be calling you this.)

Isn't the picture above the c-u-t-e-s-t, cutest? I "swiped" this from "moody musings," my friend "Kitten's" blog and this is, of course, my "niece," "L'il Kitty," whom we also call "Rosie" (well, because Rosie is her name). Anyhoo, L'il Rosie turned 7, that's right, I said it - 7, and I completely forgot to send her a card/gift, etc... I was so disappointed that I overlooked her day that my eyes welled with tears (yes, I'm emotional, I get it). I can't believe Rosie is already 7! I remember when her parents were trying to start a family, so this is another reminder of how quickly time passes. L'il Rosie, I PROMISE I will make forgetting YOUR day up to you! (Okay, she does not read this but I trust her mom will let her know.)

Fleetwood Mac's "Unleashed" tour begins THIS Sunday! Thrilled? Of course!

Britney Spears will be here in Atlanta one week from tonight promoting "Circus," her latest CD, which, again, I like a lot. I am super excited about seeing Britney live!

Okay, you may have noticed a slight change here... "We" have decided to modify the name of the blog to simply, "The Corner." Why? I don't know. I (I mean, "we") have really never liked being called "Kev" (it isn't what people in my real life call me, although I won't name this blog "Baldielocks," and please stop calling me that!) Anyhoo, what do YOU think of the name change? As you know, I am quite fickle and can revert back at any moment.

Alrighty, it is Thursday night which means I need to get outta here (and go drink).

I hope YOU have a GR-EAT Friday!

Hugs -

Kev (Hhhmmm, can I still sign the posts this way since I changed the name?)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


It's SUNDAY (bitches)! I hope this post finds YOU well (well, not you, just you) (Okay, I am just kidding... I hope you are ALL well!)

The picture above is of U2's Bono, Brandon Flowers of "The Killers" (who I love - he's the cutest) and Lady Gaga.

I really don't have much to write about (I'm tired) so here are just some thoughts I had today...

Does the term "stimulus package" excite anyone else? Sounds dirty to me. I like saying it.

Do any of you watch Nancy Grace? I have to say, I have had my fill of little Cayley Anthony. Sad? Most certainly - her mother should be shot. However... I am starting to think Nancy Grace/her producers are behind these child abductions (now we have "Haleigh"). I just can't take another minute of the coverage. It's unfortunate the television sets in my building are set to this God-awful show. I can't get away from it, ever.

How about Rihanna? I admit, I haven't followed the story but did see pictures of her today... Very sad. I like Rihanna a lot. I love her songs because they are "pop" but include nice piano pieces.

That's ALL for today folks! Have a GREAT week!

Much love -


Monday, February 16, 2009

Are We Human?

WUZ UP EVERYONE? (I'm shouting that at you.)


So I'm back to the velvet underground. (Okay, I don't know what that means but it is a Stevie Nicks' lyric and I like it!) Many of you predicted that "The Corner" would be back. You know me (errr, "us") too well - you were right. "We" (fictitious staff here) needed some time away. I doubt this will be the last break "we" take, as "we" will probably leave the blog from time to time. It's what "we" do to regroup and recharge...

Anyhoo, I hope YOU have been s-w-e-l-l ('fo shizzle).

So what brought "us" back? THIS song/video (that I like, although I think I posted it before which would negate the reason for returning since you have already seen it).

I have no idea what the song is about but it "speaks" to me (albeit in a foreign language that I never took in high school). I can't even create my own meaning for the song because I have absolutely NO clue what he is singing about BUT I like his voice and, well, the way he looks. (The feather eppelettes don't even bother me much and I love the desert the video was shot in.) This is also my ring tone for my BFF, #1, (also known as "Princess" or "The Queen"). You see, I did not know who The Killers were until #1 introduced me to them so I think of her when I hear them. (Same with the "Scissor Sisters.)

Okay, a few people have asked about the book... Thanks for asking. It has a title, dedication and theme (I just need help with the rest). To this end, I have enrolled in a class to teach me how to write a book... I will keep YOU posted.

That's IT for today! (You gotta ease back into blogging, like not swimming for 30 minutes after you eat your lunch. You can get a cramp. Just a theory. I don't know. Oh, alright, I gotta get to the mall and don't have any more time for this tonight.)

Much love -

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