Friday, November 30, 2007

40 Lashes

It's, you got it, FRIDAY! WELCOME! C'mon in!

First, real life daredevil, Evil Knievel, died today. He was 69. (I had an Evil Knievel doll, with motorcycle, when I was a boy. I liked it. Mostly the doll. I also like this smashing jumper below with the letter "K" on the cuff...)

Did anyone catch "Oprah" today? I only saw a few minutes of the show but perhaps you were fortunate enough to see the full hour. Anyhoo, Oprah featured some garden variety type country crooners. A cornucopia of has-beens, if you will, (they always come out at the holidays, don't they) one of which was "legend" Kenny Rogers. Oprah looked very uncomfortable - you could tell she was really searching for things to say, i.e., questions to ask. She laughed awkwardly here and there, like when Kenny mentioned his busy tour schedule, which wasn't intended as a joke. You got the sense Oprah has absolutely nothing in common with, or could she care less about, Kenny or his music. It was great. I am certain she was distracted by his botched eye job, which I also found disturbing. She looked startled at times. You could sense her struggle with the voice in her head reminding her to remain calm, act interested and continue hosting the show, etc.. Oprah closed the segment by joining Kenny in a sing along of his "hit," "The Gambler," which was, well, not good.

Okay, who saw Kathy Griffin's Bravo special, "Straight To Hell" last night? You may know that "Kev," "Princess" and "Princess's" wonderful, smart, handsome husband, Scott, were at that show last month! The actual show was about 2 hours long (and included all the "swears"), so I can tell you it was cut significantly for the broadcast. Anyhoo, if you didn't catch it, check your local listings for repeats.

How about the British teacher in Sudan who has been sentenced to 15 days in prison and immediate deportation (after she is released) because she allowed her students to name the class mascot, a friggin' teddy bear, "Muhammad" (I can't spell that and I am not looking it up, so hopefully that's correct or there will be swift punishment for me I suppose, although I wouldn't pass on a gentle spanking). Luckily, she was charged with a lesser offense than originally tried on. She could have faced "40 lashes" (what kind of barbaric animals are these people) and life in prison. Today, protesters were calling for her execution. Now that's (let's say it together) "batshit insane," isn't it? Poor woman.

I think that's IT for today folks. "We" will bring you a "HOT Guy" tomorrow. Until then, have a GR-EAT Friday!

Bon soir,



If you "stopped in" earlier this evening, you saw that today's post contained a pic of yet another "HOT," shirtless guy (a pic I swiped from some other 'mo's blog). Turns out, the guy didn't really "do it" for me PLUS I had a dream last night that I was at a backyard barbecue with Jennifer Aniston, aka, "Friends" "Rachel Green," AND Courtney Cox-Arquette, who we all know as "Monica Geller" (as well as Pamela Anderson and Paula Deen). It was quite fun (I was really enjoying myself, I spoke candidly with Pamela, you know, asked about the boobs and the crabs, and I think they all liked me) so I was very disappointed when the neighbor's door slammed, waking me up, effectively ending the nice time I was having (and I was just about to sample Paula's pulled pork and banana pudding). Anyways, please enjoy the photo above of "HOT" "HOTTIE" "McHOTTERSON," Jennifer Aniston. I love her.

Finally, watch this Kenny Rogers "Punk'd." It's off the chain.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It's HUMP DAY, everyone!

Welcome back (I am not shouting now)! It's a beautiful fall day in Atlanta and "we" hope it is beautiful wherever you are.

Yesterday we shared a couple pictures of actor James Marsden, who has been in a ton of shiz (i.e., movies). His latest, as you know, is "Enchanted," but he also starred as "Corny Collins" in "Hairspray." (Oh, that version was white-washed too - rent the original with Divine. Although it doesn't have Zac or James, it is much better - any gay will tell you that.) Anyhoo, we thought since we shared pictures of James yesterday that we would share a few pictures of Patrick Dempsey today. This guy has grown on me too, although I have yet to catch an episode of "Grey's Anatomy" (I can't commit to hour long shows due to my ADD). So, we hope you enjoy these pictures of Patrick.

I realize I have the musical taste of a 13-year-old girl (I have been told this and am really "okay" with it). The song below, while not new, is playing over and over in my head today so I thought I would share it with you (and perhaps it will annoy you all night too). Here's Michelle Branch and "Breathe."

Well kids, "Kev" is going for a walk in the park now (like I said, it's a beautiful day here).

Come back tomorra'!



Tuesday, November 27, 2007

James Marsden

WUT UP?? How is EVERYONE? Welcome BACK to a very short post...

I hope EVERYONE had a GR-EAT Thanksgiving.

Please enjoy these pictures of uber sexy actor James Marsden. He's dreamy, isn't he? (Go see "Enchanted" - you'll love it!)



Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Welcome back EVERYONE!

Now just WHAT have you been up to? Me, not so much.

"We" hope YOU have a terrific Thanksgiving. "We" will be back, well, when we're back.

Until then, take care, and enjoy this picture of a guy "we" are really thankful for.



Saturday, November 17, 2007



Have a GR-EAT day everyone!



Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday's HOT Guy...

It's FRIDAY y'all! What's up? What's going on? What's happening?

"Kev" feels GR-EAT today. It's a sunny day in the A-T-L, the office closes in about 30 minutes (which is why I am writing this now), I am feeling no side effects from the pinched nerve between my C5 and C6 vertebrae and I have an iced vanilla latte in hand! What more could one want? (Besides the barista who made it - he was sexy!)

I have a confession to make... While once revered as an arch enemy, I have become addicted to Perez Hilton's blog, thanks to the encouragement from Princess, who reads it religiously. I did not like Perez's tactics of "outing" gay celebs who didn't want to be outed, but you know, they aren't fooling anyone anyway, he always gets the "scoop" and is the FIRST to report all of the "goings on" in Hollywood. His stupid doodles and two word captions like, "HELP ME" written across the picture of Britney Spears are even growing on me.

The Spice Girls are launching a tour after a 10-year hiatus. I never really cared for those girls. They are all odd looking to me, especially, and unfortunately, "Posh Spice," aka, Mrs. David Beckham.

Okay, it's FRIDAY and that means it's time to feature another HOT Guy! Does everyone remember the television classic, "Shazam!?" I loved that show, didn't you? Anyways, SHAZAM! is the tale of Billy Baston, a plucky teenager who has been imbued with superpowers and his mentor, Mentor. That's right, his mentor is named Mentor. I don't make this stuff up. Billy and Mentor travel the country in a Winnebago righting wrongs and teaching valuable lessons in 30 minutes or less, or your moral is free.

At the beginning of the episode, Billy is contacted by the Elders, the group of wise immortals who granted him his awesome powers. The Elders are a random grab bag of Greek gods and other historical figures. So we have Zeus, and right next to him we have King Solomon, Hercules, and Atlas. Zeus makes sense. Solomon is a biblical figure, but he's got the whole wisdom thing, so we'll let that slide. Hercules is strong, fine. But Atlas? Atlas holds up the goddamned sky. I don't really think he's qualified to dispense advice.

I should also mention that the Elders are the pinnacle of 1970's special effects. They are just drawings with the mouths animated to move, and for some reason they are out of focus and surrounded by seizure-inducing disco lights. The Elders let Billy know what kind of problem he will help a misguided child with this week and then send him on his way.

Right after this, Billy usually runs into the problem child of the week. This is usually a kid who is lying to impress friends, or hanging out with some bad eggs who like to vandalize the local school. Eventually the stupid child's misguided shenanigans put him into some sort of danger that only SHAZAM! can face. This is where the show goes from "batshit insane" to "Gary Busey" in 60 seconds.

So let's say there's a fire in the school. Billy yells the magic word, SHAZAM!, and one bolt of Zeus's lightning later, he is transformed into a dumpy middle-aged man wearing a costume so heinous that he would get his ass kicked at a gay pride parade.

Now what I am about to tell you is 100 percent true. This actually happened on the show. SHAZAM! walks over to the fence that is chained shut. Rather than flying over the five foot obstacle, he takes about three minutes to break the chain holding the fence shut. He then calls upon the awesome speed of a regular fat guy and runs inside the school like it will be there all day. He encounters the fire, a mighty conflagration that makes a campfire look like a California brushfire. Does he put it out with his ice breath? Does he run around it so fast that the fire is snuffed out? No. He casually grabs the fire extinguisher and puts it out. Now you know why you have never heard of this superhero.

Once the danger subsides, the errant child learns that starting fires at school is decidedly not groovy, and everyone has a good laugh. Then it's back in the Winnebago for more adventure next week. Believe it or not, this show was on for three seasons.

SHAZAM! truly is a television classic that time forgot. Watch it today! You’ll thank me afterwards.

And that's today's HOT Guy...

Bye y'all. Have a good weekend.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sid & Nancy

Wut up you filthy bitches? (Just kidding...)

Am I the only one who thinks that Lance Armstrong dating Ashley Olsen is just plain (what's the word I am looking for)? TMZ reports that Lance's daughter brought Ashley for show n' tell. Sick, sick, sick.

Lindsay Lohan checked in and out of the Lynwood Jail today (the same place Paris Hilton served her time) as part of her plea agreement related to DUI charges. She's simply icky. I don't like this girl.

Britney is failing her court-mandated drug tests... Amy Winehouse is, well, really, really gross.

What else? "Kev" has new neighbors and hates them already. They keep letting their door slam and their dog keeps barking. I plan to speak with them this weekend. I will of course let you all know how that goes... I had hoped for a nice, middle-aged (quiet) gay man to move in, but no such luck. These two are like Sid and Nancy.

Matchbox 20's tour will be stopping in Atlanta at Philip's Arena on January 28th! Tickets for the show go on sale this Saturday, 11/17, at 10:00 a.m.! If you get tickets, take ME!

No one entered our "use all the dope slang you learned here" contest so we are keeping the tee. Our word for today, however, is "ish." "Ish" can be substituted for "fa shizzle" (i.e., shit). Used in a sentence, one might say, "I have to do lots of homework and ish."

Well, that's IT for today friends. I hope you ALL had a GR-EAT Thursday!

Love, hugs and kisses -


Wednesday, November 14, 2007



Yes, today is Princess's BIG DAY. Please help us in wishing her a happy birthday! "We" hope YOU had a GR-EAT day (as well as everyone else).

Love and hugs!


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jean's Day

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEAN from "all" your friends here at the "Corner." It's "Jean's Day!"

Love, hugs and birthday wishes to you!

If you run into Leonardo DiCaprio, spank him. It's his birthday too! He turns 33 today.

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday.



Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday's HOT Guy...

It's fff, fff, FRIDAY! What's up EVERYONE? "We" hope YOU had a GR-EAT week!

Not a lot to report from Hollywood... The writer's are on strike causing shows to cancel production. They want a bigger piece of the residual pie and I say just give it to em. Without them, the shows wouldn't exist in the first place and I think the actors are way overpaid anyway. Britney has missed 8 of 14 court mandated drug/alcohol tests (she's very busy going to Starbucks - she doesn't have time for this non-sense). Nick Hogan, son of pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan, is facing criminal charges stemming from an August auto accident in which his friend/passenger sustained serious injuries (the kid is a vegetable now). Nick will be tried as an adult although he is 17. Nick's blood alcohol level was .055 which is less than the the Florida State .08 limit. Good luck Nick. It's unfortunate... Georgia's Governor Sonny Purdue is holding a prayer vigil in response to the state's drought. (Why didn't anyone tell me I have been misspelling drought...) I hope he has another back up plan.

Okay, today's HOT Guy is Matchbox 20 front man and solo artist, Rob Thomas! I love this guy. I have to say, there are only a few of the guys we feature here that actually get my motor runnin' (if you know what I mean). Rob is one of them (the others being David Beckham, Ricky Martin, and Anderson Cooper). Anyway, please enjoy these pictures of Rob as well as Matchbox 20's video, "How Far We've Come."

On a personal note... Today marks the 7th anniversary of my Grandfather's death and the 3rd anniversary of my "brutal home invasion" in Phoenix. So far, this November 9th has been MUCH better than those in the past, although I am staying inside today.

Finally, our friend "Kitten's" (1) sister Barb is scheduled for heart surgery this coming Monday. "We" are sending big gay hugs to Barb and wish her a quick recovery!

That's IT for today folks.

Love, hugs and kisses to all of you.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Baby Jane

I've been scratching my dome trying to think of what to write about today. I got nothin'.

Last night "Kev" caught the opening of Irving Berling's musical, "A Christmas Story" at the Fox Theatre. In a word - boring. Didn't enjoy it. Anyhoo, I'm not ready for the holidays, how about you? I don't care much for those inane Christmas carols either, so in hindsight, I should have passed on the event. THANKS, though, to the friend who treated. It was special.

I will tell you this... If you are in the Midtown area, try the new restaurant, "Steel" on West Peachtree and some other street. It's eclectic "Indochine" cuisine. No, I don't know what Indochine means, but the matre di, James, is ca-yute and friendly, and really, that's all I look for in a meal.

"Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" will be at the 14th Street Playhouse here in Atlanta next week, November 13, and I, for one, can't WAIT to see it!

Okay, my wrist hurts, I got nothin' else to say and I'm meeting a friend at 'Bucks for coffee, so you all have a GR-EAT night. Be good and send us topics to write about!

Bye bitches!


Please enjoy this clip (although, you can tell the piano player isn't really playing).

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


No post tonight kids. Mama's going out.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


No real post today folks (my wrist/arm is hurtin' something terrible.)

Just a quick thought though...

I think the internet is amazing. You can find just about anything. In a round about way yesterday, I found my 4th grade class picture (above) that I wasn't even looking for. My two "best friends" at the time were Herbie (also in the top row - his head is in the center of the sun poster) and Fitz, the black kid. Both lived in the same neighborhood as me. I remember Herbie's mom - she was slovenly. A real pig. An unbeholdin' sight, if you will. Just gross. Fitz's mom, however, was classy (a professional woman, i.e., she worked) always had Double Stuff Oreos, so I preferred his house. I never forgot this teacher either, although I don't remember her name. This was 1977/1978, and we would spend much time in the classroom lying in the dark on our mats/towels as she would take us on guided imagery tours. (An acid trip for kids. It was the 70's.) Oh, I am in the top row, third from the left in the blue shirt, next to the giant kid. I also have the best tan in the class (aside from Fitz) because I spent most recesses at the Hollywood Tan.

Anyways, I hope you ALL have a GR-EAT Sunday!

Love and hugs -


Friday, November 02, 2007

I Really Like Girls

Our "Friday HOT Guy" will be postponed until tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this picture of David Beckham and let's learn some more slang!

Today's words are "gank" and "duckets" (two words I did not know previously). "Gank" means to steal or take without permission, as in "I'm gonna gank that sophomore's pen." "Duckets" means money, cash, currency, etc.., as in "This initiative will cost the taxpayers mad duckets." Can YOU form a sentence using all of the words we learned yesterday and today? Give it a try! To recap, our new words are: wanksta, boo, shorty, to' up, bangin', act a foo (my personal favorite), gank and duckets. Since we haven't sent out any "Kev's Corner" tees in a long time, we will send one to the person who comes up with the BEST/most creative use of these words. Good luck.

Until then, please enjoy this YouTube video, "I Really Like Girls," from "The Twang Brothers." I will tell you that while "we" really don't like girls (in that way, silly), we like this video because my uncle, Musky Puckers, wrote and performed this song. I think Musky's guitar playing is GR-EAT and he sounds a little like Johnny Cash and Chris Isaak to me. WAY TO GO. (And mad props for incorporating Lance Bass! Yes, I'm 40... hard to believe, I know).

My uncle would also like you to know that he is not really Musky Puckers, nor does he resemble Musky Puckers, although Musky IS accepting bookings through February 12, 2017. Perhaps you'd like Musky for your wedding, Bat/Bar Mitzva, children's birthday party, company picnic, Satanic ritual or daisy chain (he's versatile). For the prospective ladies (no drag queens please), here is my uncle...

See you tomorrow!


Thursday, November 01, 2007


Welcome BACK! Wuz up wankstas?

"Kev" couldn't be MORE excited with his recently purchased set of slang flashcards (volume two). Each day (or each time "we" blog or just when "we" feel like it) we will share a new word. Today's word is "wanksta" which is defined as a person, like "Kev," okay, K-Fed, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, etc., who pretends to be a gangster without having experienced the true challenges of gangter life. A sentence using our new word might be, "Pull up your sagging jeans you WANKSTA!" Anyhoo, we love thug-speak and hope you do too. While it's a virtual vernacular maze, with "our" new flashcards, "we'll" guide you through. You'll be incorporating these words into your everyday life, or your money back. ("We" can't wait until next week when we feature "act a foo," "bangin'" and "to' up.")

Everyone have a GR-EAT Halloween? "We" hope so! Myself, I am simply trying to forget the past weekend. It wasn't pretty. You might say "Kev" was "to' up" although his costume was "bangin'". (As was his "sistah's," who was the BEST "doctor" ever.) Let me just say it took a LOT of gin, wine, vodka, whatever I could drink, etc., to don a Batman costume, ride down 18 floors in my building, which stopped about 5 times, and run around all night. I was going for the irony in the costume, as opposed to showing off my 6-pack abs (I felt more like Stevie Nicks than a crime fighter).

Okay, what's going on in Hollywood? Everyone hear that Lance Armstrong "hooked up" with Ashley Olsen (the less-freaky of the Olsen twins) over the weekend? Yea, shorty (Lance) got down with his boo (Ashley) on Saturday, fo shizzle. ("We're" gettin' in all the slang tonight.) There is only like a 76 year age difference between the two, but then again, who are "we" to judge. Good for you Lance!

Some female tennis star tested positive for cocaine at some important tennis match (isn't it a SHAME I am not a journalist...really got the 5 "W's" with the reporting of this story). Anyways, don't do drugs.

I think that is IT for today. "We" WILL be back tomorrow with another Friday HOT Guy ("we" already know who it is going to be...).

Hugs -


Here's one dope wanksta...

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